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  1. IF you can do a 1 for 1 for Allen I like it as dude is money in the bank. I don't like the idea of trading away 2 RBs
  2. Honestly you have a really good roster. Don't know if I'd tinker here. Evans will get his, dude had the flu week 1 and Winston missed him on a TD in week 2
  3. I think the lack of responses is due to the length of the post. I personally like them quick and easy to read. That being said, I like the 1st option for you. You're getting 2 quality players for 2 guys you picked up off waivers.
  4. I'd be dropping Jones here and looking to get Samuels or D Rob honestly. You might not have to start either but you don't want to have to face them either.
  5. I'd probably drop Hockenson or Fuller for Sanders. You're not going to be playing either. Just have to ask yourself who'd get picked up off waivers.
  6. I went WR with 1st 3 picks in 12 team PPR league and my RBs are Breida, Montgomery, L Murray, J Hill, J Jackson, A Mattison Peyton Barber and Frank Gore are available on waivers and I have top priority. Are either one worth the #1 waiver claim? I'll have top priority until I use for a claim.
  7. Re watching the MNF game and wow, the difference between the 2 backs is stark. Kamara looks shot out of cannon and Murray looks shot in the leg. I know it's only 1 game but would like to see him catch the ball and used at the goal line in the future. And can we please stop trying to make Taysum Hill a thing coach Payton??
  8. And Josh Gordon put up 1600 yards with Weeden, Hoyer and Campbell at QB. Bottom line, talent wins out. Claiming Eli made OBJ is a gross overstatement.
  9. Hawks cleared up some cap space. Coincidence? Maybe, but Seattle has acquired a big name RB in the past. See Lynch, Marshawn
  10. Yup and LT Okung is out for at least the first 6 games now, possibly longer.
  11. Well they traded an OG that they were about to cut for Hyde so can't exactly say they're super invested in him