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  1. George Kittle 2018 Outlook

    As for an injury update all we've been told was Kittle's in bits. Nothing lengthy. Basically day to day.
  2. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    DeMarco Murray is the better fit for Washington offense. Better pass blocker, better receiver. Sets up the play action to get Smith room to throw his check down game.
  3. Chad Kelly 2018 Outlook

    This is actually what you said
  4. Ameer Abdullah 2018 Outlook

    1.Weird, I did cut & paste quote but it attributed to you cuz it was in your response. 2. New regime usually brings in old familiar faces (Blount, Cassel ) and picks "their" new guy (Kerryon). Pretty sure Ameer's a Quinn pick so he's not going to totally admit that Abdullah is a total bust. (I don't think he is either) It's a numbers thing with defined roles for Blount and Riddick. Abdullah being useful on special teams shouldn't be worried about being cut. Washington & Zenner are battling for the fifth spot. AA is the best backup in case Kerryon isn't ready for the NFL pace or gets hurt. Actually if I was Ameer and didn't get a fair shot in camp I'd push for my release or a trade. Maybe the Lions would oblige him.
  5. Ameer Abdullah 2018 Outlook

    You just described Abdullah vs the Raiders first unit. He did every one of those things other than show long speed . Not saying anything against Kerryon but it will be interesting to see if they give them equal run throughout the preseason.
  6. Ameer Abdullah 2018 Outlook

    We've had this discussion before. Take out two games or so and Zenner is no better, maybe worse. You care to check and see how many of the coaches , the linemen ,etc... are the same as in any of those other years you hold up as being any relevance ? Stafford is the only guy around still. Again reading is fundamental although comprehension does come into play. I'm not bothering to waste my time comparing the line to the 0-16 2008 Lions. They have no bearing on Ameer's career. I stated rather plainly (or so I thought) that this year's will be better than any since he's been in the league. No one has run good for the Lions in his brief career. Ya think it might have something to do with the scheme,line , opponents ...SOMETHING! Or every back on the team was just sub par nfl talents. I'm betting on the changes will make Ameer's (and everyone else) talent have a chance to shine. Getting hit consistently behind the line we can't tell.
  7. Ameer Abdullah 2018 Outlook

    You do understand quickness & agility aren't the same as the forty.In a short burst Ameer's times were probably better than most everyone's @ the combine. He finished first in several. Also he knocked a tenth off of his forty time @ his pro day. So he is plenty quick and explosive enough to get around the corner or cut back. Just might not Sprint or out run them for a sixty yard TD.
  8. Ameer Abdullah 2018 Outlook

    Artfully you avoided the fact that the offensive line (in every meaning) has been terrible run blocking unit for Ameer's whole pro career. Even your beloved Zach Zenner has spent most of his time below 4.0 you (along with everyone else in Lions backfield) Quoting Kevin Smith's stats from a bygone era have absolutely nothing to do with how bad the Lions running game has been the past few years. New line coach, New super rookie road grader , return to health by Taylor Decker as well as the two big FA additions from year...all adds up to the best looking run game in years. I expect whomever runs behind this line to avg much better than in the recent past. Ameer is better off in space (of which there rarely ever was any) this group might actually give him some.
  9. Ameer Abdullah 2018 Outlook

    Easy , because he has talent and can do most anything but power / GL role. Can help out still and we've never seen him run behind a good o-line yet in his career.
  10. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    It's called "setting it up " ... as in it was long ago. I was referencing your assertion that Patricia had to match it or he was worse than Caldwell. Then Caldwell hasn't matched up to your expectations since then either. The team Caldwell took over was leading the division @ 7-5 until they mailed it in and lost 4 consecutive games to take them out of the playoffs. The team had talent. Two years previous had won ten games. Schwartz got fired because he couldn't win games they needed to be considered a playoffs contender. Caldwell's record of (4-25 against teams that finished with winning records), but no playoff wins, in four seasons might have something to do with his dismissal. If Pistachio does no better he will be gone in 3,4 years too. If you can't win a playoffs game in 4 years you are likely gone anywhere (except Cincy)
  11. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    Tate is the go to guy / target hog on the team. Should he go down it opens up the chance for Golladay to become the clutch 3rd down / move the chains guy. Marvin rarely ever does anything but run routes from the outside. Kinda like what Dez always griped about in the other "D" . Golladay could get moved around or just become a much bigger priority in the offense if Tate leaves town(contract year ) or gets hurt.
  12. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    Back in '14 , so he went downhill since then so maybe he wasn't trending in the right direction is why he got let go. Also he was inheriting someone else's team in 2014. The Great Schwartz's that stood @ 7-5 only to lose the last 4 and miss out on the playoffs. But enough of Caldwell v. Pistachio ... not to blow his horn but Kenny G. is probably the best bet for a dominant #1 WR on the roster but will have to bide his time . Tate & Marvin are just too talented for him to dominate the looks. I expect a WRBC making it hard to get a top 15 finish in PPR by any of them without an injury to one of them for a significant amount of time. Might have to wait for the breakout by Golladay until Tate leaves town. Hopefully he gets the old Anquain & Ebron looks while Tate & Jones, Jr draw the defense focus. Perhaps a top 50 finish this year is all I'd expect.
  13. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    Oh , only 11-5 not asking much are you. What year did the vaunted Caldwell go 11-5 with the Lions? I musta' missed it
  14. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    And if they do improve statistically & win 9 or more games you will acknowledge that Caldwell wasn't the reason for their limited success, or was he what limited the Lions success ?
  15. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    Actually a losing team is better for the prospects of a WR so I'm fine with Lions playing from behind. Honolulu, you must be my brother from another mother. I agree 1000% ! Now that doesn't guarantee a better record as each season has it's own way of playing out. Schedule could produce tougher competition which could produce losses while playing much better. But if the Lions can't beat the Bears or similar level teams that are middling at best then i will give Caldwell more credit. Last year with the playoffs on the line they got taken to the woodshed by Baltimore & Cincinnati. You can't tell me that those both weren't winnable games.