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  1. Agreed, Coach Pistachio is molding team in his image to show what a defensive genius he is. Protecting his precious image by dumbing down the offense worked at times but in today's games to beat the elite teams you have to be able to put points on the board. Look at thee teams that consistently win they have to have very good if not great play from their qb come playoffs. Pistachio probably thinks he was integral in the Patriots championships when actually his defenses got torched Bevell seems content to try and win games 17-14 or less but not holding out much hope that will be the case in Detroit. Boring game plans vs Vikes & Bears will get the leos playing from behind which turns loose the pass rush & pressure on Stafford. Not a recipe for success.
  2. Said that a long time ago that rb position isn't where the Chiefs are going to invest much capital with the production they've been getting from cheaper options. So there is a REAL GOOD chance the job is DW's to lose
  3. Goes back to Favre days but as a hometown Lions fan what kind of offensive should we expect from a D.B. / Patricia union ?
  4. Once again you grossly miss the point, Things change , not their age was the point. Fits had 2-3 bad years then got moved almost exclusively to a slot receiver under Arians with Palmer. It was like Larry found the fountain of youth No, his surroundings changed to his benefit. Like Larry when Stefanski took over (and under Zimmer's edict I'm guessing) they went in a different direction. Thielen got less targets on the outside and they were longer throws as he wasn't running majority of the slot routes. Cousins isn't a strong armed sidelines kinda guy. Likes the easier throws in middle where he is more confident. If Adam stays mostly on the outside I'm not expecting top ten finish in '19. I could be wrong
  5. Wasn't comparing totals, referring to style. Spreading out the formation is trusting Trubisky to read blitzes & coverage which he's still learning . Maybe he just never will. agree that Nagy is like the current wave of coaches trying too hard to be a genius and be confounding to the other team . Usually just end up out smarting themselves. Guess they want it to be more about them.
  6. My biggest concern is the development of Trubisky to manipulate the defense with his eyes. Stares down his receivers and it rarely seems to me that the games I watched he audibles into advantageous mismatches pre-snap. Of course that's just my opinion but I haven't heard much praise about his cerebral part of the game. Relies on his athletic ability to get him out of bad situations . Hit or miss results with that approach so far. Made some big plays but threw a lot of questionable balls killing drives. Giving him the benefit of the doubt because he hasn't gotten the game experience even in college so he is still learning on the fly. 2nd offense in two years so as he gets more comfortable I'd expect the game to slow down for him now that he's seen a lot more looks from the defenses and watched his mistakes in film sessions. How does that relate to Cohen ? Nagy can open up the playbook once he has more trust. Cohen can be utilized in more ways a la Tyreek who also spends time dancing around behind the line on his runs looking for the home run. Cohen proved to be a capable runner but his value is in creating mismatches in space. Also I wonder if the Bears defense falls back a notch or two with the departure of Fangio. Might have to rely on the offense to put up more points.
  7. Please don't tell me the rumors are true that the Hackett nut job in Jacksonville is going to be the Lions new offensive coordinator. Never thought that so quickly I'd be leading the charge to bring back Jim Bob Cooter (and I thought he was horrible).What is it with these retreads getting opportunity after opportunity when sucking at their previous place(s) of employment. Same for Loggains & Gase to the Jets.
  8. Yea, ask Larry Fitz owners how that works out. Couple of years ago he had a couple of great seasons but what we need to do is project. Not give a history lesson and assume nothing ever changes. Not calling for as precipitous fall for the Vikings offense but also don't see Thielen being the focus of offense or the passing game as he has been the last two years. Do you think he will get 143 or 153 targets again next season ? I'd peg him in the 125 or so range, 85-90 catches , just over 1,000 yards, 7-8 TD's . Somewhere around 230-240 in full PPR . That would put you in the mid teens over the last 3 years. Definitely not top 5 !
  9. Worse yet rumor has it Darrell Loggains is coming with him as O-coordinator
  10. Easily Eight After week 10 Thielin was #26 in our 1.0 PPR format. Several aren't better but i'd put AT @ about #15 talent wise. A few like Golladay, Sutton, Landry, Woods arguably may pass him as thiey hone their craft which puts him around 20. Not so sure he is a lock @ a WR1
  11. Diggs owner here, best explanation is less slot routes run which coincided with Diggs increase in targets. Shorter throws for the dump down queen Cousins and poor offensive line play. Also relatable to switching of offensive coordinator mid season to Stefanski who was rehired replacing DeFillipo. Third Zimmer is a conservative ,protect his defense first Head Coach who will want a more run friendly game planning with a healthy Dalvin Cook. Palying with a lead also diminished the number of targets overall when Vikes got on a run. First glance I would expect more of the 2nd half type usage next with the rehire of Stefanski.looking for Zimmer to institute a run first philosophy. Diggs about the same overall (hopefully another year with Cousins provides a slight uptick) with Thielin fallling somewhere in between first/second half splits. Top 20 ish
  12. Which is more likely to be repeated.. Mahomes 50ish TD's Or R. Wilson 8-1 ration ???
  13. A score here and it is Super Joe Flacco time !
  14. If only Chad hadn't went awol the Broncos would be resting awaiting next week's opponents