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  1. This front office is only in 2nd year. Dak was the perfect storm. No Romo injury, No Dak Yak.
  2. Now son, son... I say son... Now THAT'S an a** whoopin'
  3. How do we sign up for this league And I agree it gives everyone an equal chance
  4. Whom would you have them go after as their "franchise" QB ? And how much would you give up to get them ? I think they are doing a fine job showing restraint. Garropolo could be another Osweiler, and they already have one of those. De Kizer came at the right price. See what he looks like at the end of the year before going all in on a QB next year. At the very least he is solid competition with a huge upside as a young guy. The only bona fide QB that was available was Romo , and he ain't comin'to Cleveland. I guess Wentz or Goff but I'm pretty sure they are happy they made the moves they did
  5. I stand corrected... sometimes the text doesn't convey the intent. I wrongly took it to mean you were going with your Giants "my team". Now I understand Not sure if your bet is a good one... definitely a choice between the lesser of two evils
  6. Like Moe used to say in the 3 stooges ... "Pick two" I believe both can be true. Especially in PPR leagues people weren't ready to anoint Ezekiel in May. Plus it was purportedly the year of zero RB. After the pre-season most were all in. I think a lot of that will go on this year too. Dalvin could run away with the 3down job if he blows away the coaching staff. Not to mention an injury or trade happening. But right now probably no rookie goes first rd. Come the end of August maybe 2-3 are flirting with late first rd status.
  7. No, I am a word reader That would indicate you taking the Jets That would be you changing the terms / teams which I am giving you credit for reading comprehension. Maybe I am reading too much into your mind. So I apologize and will ask instead ; Did you not see he clearly stated "your jets" ? Accept my humble apologies if I put words in your mouth. I just assumed that when you said; " ( BTW my team is the Giants, not Jets) you must have read it. p.s. : I copied and pasted from joshua18 what psygolf originally proposed to clarify
  8. You're deal is not the deal proposed. It's a total new & different deal. Nice try though. To answer his question I take it your response would be "No thanks" ... And I don't blame you. You won't catch me betting on the Jets to beat anybody. Likewise for the Bears. But I will bet against them on a number
  9. Why would I even care ??? They're equally bad enough to fall short of five wins would be my guess. For betting purposes I would set the bar at 5 wins. If you want to show you've got a pair then bet Da Bears to go over the five wins total. I'm in on that...As for the Jets it would be betting on the lesser of two evils. No thanks, I will vote third party if that's my only two crappy options. Both are losers "bigly" this year.
  10. First off I highly doubt that either would pay off the bet.. Secondly, I don't see what the bet proves either way. Easily one or both teams could suffer key injuries in which case you guys would likely use as an out. Or at some point the Bears and or Jets start tanking by playing young inexperienced QB's and rookies. Thus negating the points you guys point to as reasons why they will win more games. Thirdly, they don't play even remotely the same schedule. I know you somewhat take that into account but end outcomes are directly effected by the factors that opposing teams are facing when they play the Bears or Jets. If you play a team when key players are injured or suspended then it's not the same as looking at it now when we are basing it on them having their full roster. I wouldn't expect either to win more than 4-5 games but I haven't looked that deeply into the schedules. As for Ameer Abdullah, remember that guy ... I'd expect him to contribute to a couple of Bear losses. While the Chicago defense gets back some key front seven guys the Lions improved line and a Stafford without the finger issue should be able to put up some good points totals. They don't play each other until week 11 & 15 so who knows if either team will be playing for much of anything
  11. This trade is taking his garbage and sleeper picks for an albeit aging but highly productive top ten RB. No brainer to decline. If he's fishing for a RB 2 then for what was offered the most I'd give off your roster would be Hyde... and I wouldn't do that either! Tell him to replace Siemien with Wentz and you'll throw in Jimmy G as you need a quality QB 2 for the Hyde deal. He will probably reject it saying Wentz is his future but so could Jimmy G be the one. Make him up his offer to something realistic or go elsewhere. Agreed if he adds Murray to his roster you won't be getting a top half of the 1st rd pick in 2018. Unless Julio or one of his top RB's miss a bunch of time. It could happen but not a good bet as we are sitting here today.
  12. Also that on looks alone it is easy to be seduced by Mr(s) Robinson but this I fear is the year that Mr(s) Robinson's looks begin to fade. There's a new kid in town stealing all the attention. So my friends over at the RT scouting combine opinion on whether to trust A. Rob with Blake Bortles this season was a simple one word answer ... NYET !
  13. Axe was colluding with the Russian trainers to gain access to highly classified scouting reports not available to regular rotoworld viewers. Glad to see him back , by the way : How was Ecuador ? My news sources told me that if you are counting on Jordan reed to be your lead TE all season you need to get your head examined. Plus you must have more faith in the Washington connection than I do. Too much in fighting and drama . Look for the D.C. bubble to burst amid defection rumors swirling around the QB. If it doesn't start off well look for Cousins to be sent packin' to some Siberian outpost (like Cleveland or SF)
  14. I'd move Ameer Abdullah up about to the 20 range.
  15. I don't do video / board games. I will wait for the reality tv series that will be shown on CBS / NFL Network this fall.