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  1. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    In da' Zona all day Super fast defense that will have Colts dog tired chasing them in the heat. Looked really impressive vs the run against Detroit. #1 play of the week on "D" Ravens no slouch either. Division rivals that always play each other tough. Ravens dominated clock on offense to set up the defense last week. Don't expect them to have as much success today. Browns are better on both sides of the ball @ line than the Bungles... m
  2. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    Titans too fundamental, hard to get multiple sacks/turnovers. Game pace conducive to low score so could see a shutout or low points bonus.
  3. Axe the Elf, Week 2 Edition

    Axe me no questions... I'll tell you no lies
  4. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    I'm suing him for stealing my nickname
  5. Sam Bradford 2017 Season Outlook

    Ahhh, but it would be a glorious two games
  6. Isaiah Crowell 2017 Season Outlook

    Need Kizer to show some consistency or at least hit a couple of big plays early to back off safeties filling in the box . Till that happens there won't be great opportunity for The Crow to fly high.
  7. Sam Bradford 2017 Season Outlook

    Only Goff would I consider as much of an improvement over Case Keenum. Now Tony Romo in the purple ...:-)
  8. Kenny Golladay 2017 Outlook

    I said this when he was drafted: "Has the size & skills to takeover Boldin role as 3rd down/red zone specialist. What he will lack in experience he will make up in athleticism . Once he learns the game he has WR#1 potential. Poor man's Corey Davis in this rookie class" My main concern was would Stafford and coaching staff develop the trust in him to be a factor this year. So far so good. I feel he will match Anquain's totals from last with a good chance to exceed the yardage. But NFL teams will adjust to take his strengths away if he continues to have success. That's when we will see if he can adapt. Rookies normally struggle at some point early in their careers.
  9. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    I don't see him avg over 5.0 per carry every week so maybe 30-40 ish running with a base of 4-5 catches @ 50ish yds. TD's Will be hard to come by but 6-8 over the season. Hard part is guessing when they will come. So that's 8pts standard with an occasional TD or bigger game. PPR we're looking at 12-13 avg with more frequent bigger games as I could see 7-8 catches in catchup mode which may happen most games.
  10. Sam Bradford 2017 Season Outlook

    Doubt that's an option at this point
  11. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    What's the cap hit to release him ? Don't know if trading him helps at all other than you get something in return. Still think he was brought in to intentionally take away snaps from Ingram. It would be hard to argue if a Hall of Fame back took carries away and kept Ingram from achieving his escape clause in contract.Now if management/ Payton gave away playing time to a rookie or retread I'm guessing the Players Association would be filing charges to void contract with good grounds. Hard to argue if the back in question is AP that Ingram was clearly the better RB. Not off to a good so maybe Peterson forces his way out if this continues.
  12. Dwayne Washington 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm one of the two or three and I'd say you're close. Maybe I'd give D Dubs a 3% chance to displace Double A's but then he'd give it back the first fumble or missed block. Caldwell has zero patience with Washington. The ill fated kickoff return alone shoulda got him parked on the bench. Only injury can set up DW as starting RB this year. Needs more experience and coaching but I'm holding him as a cuff in case said injury occurs.
  13. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    Ahhh, gotcha :-) Yea, not quite ready to put him in the conversation as the best RB ever. Sure he has similar traits with his quickness and change of directions but Barry was demonstrably stronger shedding tackles. Although Tarik is already far superior as a receiver compared to Barry. I've been all in on the next great Jewish RB in Cohen ;-) He's a bargain even at retail prices , just glad I got him wholesale in two of my 3 leagues. The last one I took him 28th overall in rookie/FA draft over labor day weekend.