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  1. LeSean McCoy 2018 Season Outlook

    Buffalo had probably the worst passing game in the league the majority of the Year (Although John Fox & Darrell Loggains tried hard to claim the title with the Bears) so defenses just loaded up to stop the run. J. Matthews, Zay"it ain't so "Jones & Charles "made of" Clay offered no threat. Then the genius use of the Peterman experiment. It's a wonder Shady finished where he did (top ten again). Kelvin "can't count on yer " Benjamin's injury plagued and unproductive year left Deonte Thompson as your biggest threat. Are you kidding me ??? Can't get worse
  2. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    Non-actions speak louder than your words Np, didn't think you really believed in what you were saying but had dug yourself in too deep to back down now. Suffice to say you don't like Chad Kelly's chances to be a factor ever. That may be the way it works out. My stance is he has enough talent to get a long look in this league looking anywhere & everywhere for QB talent. ( as long you don't take a knee or something) Only thing left is to come back later and see who gets to say ; "I TOLD YOU SO !!! "
  3. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    Do tell, name them ! 12 teams/ 28 man roster with IR doesn't leave much. No IDP or K's either. Have use up a late pick to acquire both Gordon and Kelly. Already can get double the value of Gordon (2nd vs 4th) , expecting the same IF Kelly shows well in OTA's which could lead to Denver not drafting a QB early. You probably would've done the same thing with Brady. Late 6th rd pick, didn't get starting job first year so he was a used lotto ticket. Drop him immediately for a part time player before he ever shows if he can play.Brady went 1-3 passing. Proved he was a total bust right ? Nothing to wait and see there ? Johnny Unitas got cut from his first camp. If the Steelers cut him Johnny U. had to be garbage, right ? Warner ... Need we list more that didn't wow anybody in their first year. And they were healthy & playing yet Kelly who couldn't practice you know for a fact is a bust. Time will tell if he succeeds but that won't change whether there is enough talent. Discipline is the issue. You can have the last word. We will have to come back in the next year or two before we can settle the argument. But it is telling you didn't take me up on the bet he will be on a 53 man roster come week three barring injury
  4. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    And you're still here so there's your proof (sorry, couldn't resist) I'm one of those fools who stashed him ALL last year. Took him in a draft in May. Luckily Kelly got put on the IR so it didn't require tying up an active roster spot. Going to keep him till he proves he can't play at this level or goes to jail. Might be the second ACL injury zapped him of his mobility and leg drive to push the ball downfield consistently like before. But like Josh Gordon you don't see his arm,ability & anticipation for throwing the ball very often. Playing in deep lgs I was forced to choose between keeping Kelly or the likes of Krishawn Hogan or Zamora. All crap shoots at the end of the rookies draft. Now we have to use an actual roster slot and I will over the Kamar "Clay" Aikens and broken down J. Charles types. And yes I have been holding Josh Gordon throughout too. Panning waiting for a gold nugget or two to sift their way to the top.
  5. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    I think most likely it will be in Denver. Osweiler and either Paxton or Sieman are gone. Broncos sign or draft a guy. Leaning towards signing a vet. Then it's Kelly vs Paxton / Sieman for #2 job with the other holding the clipboard on game days.
  6. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    That would be why i went in detail to say by week three. Totally could see Denver trying to stash him there if they sign or draft a new QB . The other teams will force them to keep him on the 53 man roster or lose him is my bet. If another team signs him he will have to go on their 53 man roster.
  7. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    You don't think he will make a 53 man roster in the NFL starving for QB's ? Yea I will bet that. Denver may try to sneak him on the practice squad but some team will sign him off of it real quick. That's a testament to his potential. Only thing that will cancel out the bet is if he gets injured again. By week 3 he will be on a 53-man roster. I could see Denver holding him till last cutdown date then trying to stash him on the practice squad. Contracts are guaranteed for the year if on the team roster week one so teams might wait until after that to sign him off the Broncos practice squad. See , I pay attention to this stuff. I'll bet that he is one of the top 96 QB's in the league. ( 3 per 32 teams ) You can set the wager
  8. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    Want to place a wager on that ?
  9. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    As usual like talking politics people use weasel tactics to change the context of what was said to make themselves look better. Usually trying to recover from saying something that has been debunked or shown as being unfounded or ridiculous. For all you guys who are trying to say I compared Kelly to A. Rodgers the actual context was South Carolina mockingly asked to see the tape of C. Kelly as a pro . As if that proved he was a no talent. My response was I'd love to see all the tape of Rodgers in his first year. The comparison being that neither played so by that logic then A. Rodgers was a no talent. Never said he was the next A-a-ron so learn to do some research or keep doing lazy commentary. Easier to make yourself feel smarter-er. Just saying that being on the IR or held out your rookie doesn't prove you can't play. Playing and sucking at it does. If you were talking about Hackenburg or Heno good Smith then you'd have a valid point. Kelly may be a dud but he's shown at the highest level in college he was pretty good. His physical talents are very good. If he picks up the mental side of his game he can be a good NFL QB . That's all. Doesn't make him A-a-ron good but even that isn't beyond his skillset. Go watch his tape instead of piling on repeating an out of context half as* quote.
  10. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    Kurt Warner was bagging groceries & stocking shelves after college. Tyreek had off the field issues as did Mixon which knocked them down. Kelly had two injuries and off the field issues. Getting drafted at all was an achievement (and likely favor) Kelly couldn't even go through a pro day workout. If healthy he has as much talent as anyone besides probably Rosen @ the QB position in this draft. I think he almost would've been better to just take the year off and get fully healthy then hold an open workout. Not sure if Denver did him any favors.
  11. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    Thinking it's more along the lines of 50/50 with Elway's recent track record evaluating QB's. Might sign a veteran instead , especially if he sees good things about Kelly. There's not much difference between Josh Allen and Kelly. A lil size but arm strength, running ability are in the same ballpark. Only one is cheaper than hell and doesn't come with high expectations. Could sit behind a vet like Tyrod or Bradford and learn. Could be a wildcard if pressed into action. Use the high pick on lineman or Taliban replacement.
  12. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    Bill Polian who might know a thing or two said before camp that Kelly was the most talented of all the Broncos QB's. Just before the season ended a Denver reporter said he watched Kelly working out after team practice throwing the ball 70 yds pretty casually without an extreme effort. Combine all that with tape he has versus Alabama, LSU & Auburn (all with big time athletes on defense) there's gotta be something worth at least looking at. Could be another Johnny Football flameout due to immaturity but nfl calibre talent no doubt.
  13. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    No but I'd sure like to see the tape you have of A. Rodgers first season as a pro ? Got any ? Do I need to make a list of others for you to show how clever your comeback was ?
  14. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    Sounds like a jealous Gamecocks fan. Educate yourself and go watch his highlights vs your SEC brethren. Beat Alabama twice.
  15. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    We took him last year and held on our IR (got lucky he stayed there all year) so we're hoping no one signs long term in Denver. Ideal world Slingin Sammy Bradford comes in on a two year deal (we have him too) and Kelly gets his feet wet if/when Bradford goes out with an injury. Then if he shows out Kelly takes over in either '19 or '20 . Really think he has the tools to be an above average QB in the league. Good ball placement for the receivers, can get the ball downfield out in front of his WR's and compact quick release. Reminds me of Joe Willie back when he could still run . Both are football players that just happened to be able to sling it. Tough to the point of being stupid for their own health. Hell, if no one comes in C. Kelly MIGHT be starting QB this year.