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  1. I'm saying that's an anomaly that's going to rectified. I 'll bet on it. Biggest problem for Donte is that often Andrew only has eyes for T.Y. and will force feed the ball. Barring extensive injury look for the 'Crief to rise !
  2. Or more likely a Ty injury ... although I don't think Aaron could take a season of C. Mike's missing assignments
  3. I will bet anyone that Moncrief has at least two 65 yd or more games if they think that this is his expectations based on the past 14 or whatever games he's played.
  4. The Viking bellow was put out to pasture. I haven't heard any ringing since Peterson was given the open gate
  5. Maybe he joins Johnny down in Nawh Lins
  6. That's why they have a new GM
  7. As sad as the Lions have been it's kinda cool that our Superstars ended their career as Lions. How many remember OJ ending as a washed up 49 'er or Jerry Rice in Seattle ? Emmit as a Cardinal was an embarrassment for him and the Cowboys. You notice he is not as revered as Aikman or Irvin even though Emmit was the better player. Favre lost some of his luster going out like he did. Elway and Kelly are still icons in their towns and on the national level. There's something nostalgic about playing your whole career in one uniform. Being a mercenary in pursuit of rings or padding your portfolio chips away at your legacy. By all means it's their life and they should do whatever they choose. But just know what comes with the territory. I'm sure if Emmit had it to do all over again he would've done it differently. He should be like Jim Brown and Walter ... the face of the his franchise for decades later but that isn't the case. For that I'm thankful Calvin & Barry will forever be Ours Alone ... Champs to us , rings or no rings !
  8. Barnett maybe but if the D-lineman isn't worthy of that high a pick then either trade down or take another player that will impact your team greater. Maybe a DB or O-line but definitely a RB like Cook or McCaffrey would add serious juice to the lineup. McDowell can probably be had in the second round and comes with questions anyhow. Taking an already questionable player just because of position increases the chance of setting the team back long term should your 1st rd pick turn out to be a bust. Offensive lineman are the most needed as protecting Luck better is crucial to the Colts future chances. Unfortunately there probably isn't a single player worthy of that high of a pick. If they could pass block better then Moncrief could run the deep dig routes that require a 7 step drop or double moves that use his speed to get behind the defense. Right now they don't dare call for those plays too often as Luck takes vicious hits most times when they do. Now maybe a bigger running threat can buy time on play action and freeze the pass rush & draw safeties up into the box better than adding a mediocre blocker. There's more than one way to skin a cat was the old non PC expression. My theory is you want an impact player when you are picking in the upper half of the first rd. Even if it's not the most pressing position of need.
  9. While I agree with all you said you still have to factor in injury risk. Especially when spending that high of a pick. So you have to factor in possible downside .
  10. Dynasty league or just 2017 ??? Ju Ju & TE's will be better with time. Could develop into number one options like Kelce ,Eifert or back in the day Eric Moulds. If I need immediate dividends I'm looking elsewhere
  11. Matt Jones is far more talented... and far more frustrating More explosion, faster,better receiver ... and gets less done with all of that
  12. Way past Deux The C. Mike Train has left the station 5-6 times. Somehow ,someway some conductor keeps punching his ticket for another ride. Well I'm gonna hop on board again and ride him till he runs outta tracks...or off the rails ! Ty has a propensity to getting dinged up which I'm sure the Pack is aware of. Still if they don't address the situation (bring in AP or spend a high draft pick) C. Mike once again is in a prime spot. ( i.e. Sea twice, Dallas,Washington and GB last year) Will this time be the charm ?
  13. Gore = No ... Crow = all day YES
  14. Exhibit A : Julio is getting another surgery on his foot. Not to say he won't have another great season but the risk of further issues when it is your feet failing you is greatly enhanced. Career curtailers , ask Bill Walton & others. Big strong athletes putting tremendous torque on brittle little bones.
  15. It's about passion for the game... It would appear he has lost it to a degree. I'm sure he's got enough money at this point. Showing up out of shape,especially when you know as you get older your skills are slipping tells me he isn't that dedicated. Or it could bother him to admit he's becoming average so he uses being out of shape as a built-in excuse. Hard to accept the reality when you know you once were the best. Ditto for AP , although his was more due to injury