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  1. You mean when King Rex gets picked up to replace BB at the helm
  2. In Brock Osweiler kinda way of being on point
  3. That's what I'm talking about. As GM trying to gauge the value for Devonta and holding the #6 overall pick in a dynasty basically all rookies draft I want to get Mixon. Only the #5 owner has bit at all on Freeman.Do I really need or want to trade Freeman for that? That team however needs RB's in the worst way. The #3 owner needs WR but doesn't like Freeman for that pick. Doesn't think M.Williams will make it to #6 if we swap either. (of course I'd have to add extra to the #6) It's looking like the big 3 RB's(4 being Mixon) plus Williams & Davis at WR in the top six picks. I'm loaded up everywhere but QB (Eli & Wentz) so it's not the end of the world but Mixon is the one I want. Right landing spot I'd take him #1
  4. You'd take him in a dynasty standard scoring over all the rookies?
  5. What would be fair value in a rookie draft for Devonta ?... 1.0 ?
  6. I was just talking about this scenario yesterday. Some team can hedge their bet if they already have a safe starting RB. If they get Mixon they don't have to trot him out right away into the spotlight. Mixon will have to wait for his break and be a good soldier. If he does then team can say they held him to a higher standard and he earned the opportunity. Minimizes the pr hit and blowback from the public. On the other hand if you bring him in and give him the keys to the car you know you're going to have a major distraction on your hands. Sorry Joe, you're in the doghouse and will have a ways to go before you get to plop on the couch in front of the TV again. After what you did you're lucky they let you back in the house at all
  7. I believe my reference was to last year in general and in particular the first half of the season when the Packers were one of the worst defenses in the league. They were at 4-6 ten games in. They had the easiest schedule in the league according to opponents previous year records. Credit them for righting the ship but it was pretty predictable going in that they should win around ten games. Minnesota was 23rd in points(thanks to defense scoring multiple times) and 28th in yardage. The Vikes averaged 3.2 ypc ...dead last ! Granted it was mostly due to devastating injuries but after they started off 5-0 they went 3-8 thereafter. Bears... 3-13...need I say anymore ??? They finished a strong 1-7 to finish the year. Lions took advantage of schedule to jump out to the division lead in large part due to having the 4th easiest schedule going into the 2016 season. The Lions beat only one team all year that finished with a winning record. (Washington 20-17 week 7) If not for Stafford's penchant for fantastic finishes they wouldn't have been in the running at all. Oh , and they lost their last 4 games to finish the season. All in all that's a pretty ugly bunch.
  8. I like especially the I-amba-about-to guy outta the 'cuse
  9. Great call on Charone Peake...that's what I'd call exceptional insight. Most of these are given at least a decent chance and are covered by every scouting report. Now if he comes through and becomes a starter for the Jets my hat's off to jmausen. As for C. Samuel I feel he got an unfortunate break at OSU. He very well could've been an even better stud RB than J. Charles. There was this guy that got all the carries for the Buckeyes that necessitated a position change and role in the offense. Can't remember his name... Zeke or Ezekiel something Why Urbane chose to keep Samuel in that role instead of making him the focal point of the offense I don't get. But whenever push came to shove Meyer got the ball in his hands. Being a Michigan fan we knew he was going to get it somehow in overtime and had the play defensed well. Samuel's talent took over and made the biggest play of year ending the Wolverines playoffs hopes. Not sure he has the runner instincts necessary for the NFL but he never averaged less than 6.6 per carry in college. Could be another Brian Westbrook or Danny Woodhead weapon if team chooses to use him in a similar fashion. Too bad Meyer didn't see fit to feature him last year as lead RB. Definitely a better runner than Theo Riddick who continues to work out of the backfield. Not as polished as McCaffrey but much stronger. Going to take the right situation but if given the chance I like his odds to succeed as more RB than receiver. Hell, if Dexter McCluster kept getting opportunities I don't see why Samuel shouldn't.
  10. What I said And she has how many playoffs wins ??? Division was a dumpster fire, even GB sucked til the "run the table" thing happened. Did Detroit capitalize on it by claiming the division and securing a home field in the first rd of the playoffs? I musta missed it. And I believe my comment was you haven't watched "alot of Lions games the past three years", not that you don't watch games. I couldn't comment with much knowledge about Gus Bradley's in game coaching as we don't see much if any Jaguar games here in Detroit. But nice try at repositioning what I said
  11. I don't give up my golden nuggets for free the world will have to wait Jk, but in the past my favorite was probably Brian Westbrook whom I dubbed as "Barry lite that can actually catch a pass" when he was 3rd string in Philly. Next was Jimmy Graham after seeing him in his rookie year. Came off the bench late one game and I said WOW...Snatched him at the end of the draft following season. Last one was T.Y. Hilton. Saw him vs Lions in preseason game and he constantly kept getting open but dropped the ball. Did some research and saw how many passes he caught in college and had a reputation for decent hands. Told my son we need to get him as he was probably pressing but there was no denying his quicks and ability to find openings in the defense. Having Luck to grow up with definitely factored into it. Had no idea he'd be as good as he's been but definitely thought he had a future.
  12. Yes , I have something to add. If you have preconceived notions that there are outside reasons for Caldwell getting criticism just state them. Let's start the discussion there. People are entitled to give opinions why they think players,coaches,GMs and owners have done well or underperformed. Whether they earned credit or were beneficiaries of luck & fortunate circumstances. That doesn't mean they automatically have a bias to fit your agenda. Obviously you have not watched the Lions alot the past 3 years. I'll just give you the most glaring mistake . AND when given the chance to explain his bizarre decision he steadfastly defended his coaching choice. On the Hail Mary game with Green Bay not only did they allow Rodgers all day by rushing (if that's what you'd call it) three but they didn't even try to steer him to his left. Caldwell didn't rush Ziggy Ansah who was amongst league leaders in sacks. Maybe you'd think, well he's a tall strong athletic guy let's put him in the end zone to knock down the ball or receivers. Not my first choice but okay, it makes some sense. No, Caldwell does neither. Instead he takes his best defensive player and positions him 15-30 yds downfield to guard against the hook & ladder lateral play. Basically ends up guarding no one as a bystander watching the play. And Caldwell defended it for days in the Detroit media. That's just one of many bad in game coaching decisions. Maybe that's my bias, terrible game management and play calling decisions. In my opinion the Lions schedule was one of the easiest last year. Combine that with Minn,Chicago and Green Bay having down years the division was practically begging to be won. So acting like his coaching was the reason they did as well record wise is giving him entirely too much credit. I'm not saying he's the worst, just that he's not amongst the best. That's all I got time for now but there's more if you need further evidence. But I don't think there's much to read into here. Pretty plain and simple, that's the stuff that gets coaches fired. He's done enough to make a case to stick around . Also he's done enough to make a case for dismissal. Personally I would have taken away or behind the scenes had a showdown about in game coaching authority. Either it gets better or someone else will take over those duties. At that point I'd expect Caldwell to walk. And I'd respect that but thank him for the steady hand and job he's done in keeping the team competitive. Just need to improve in that area if we are going to advance to our ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl. Blowing even one game much less two can ultimately be the difference in making the playoffs every year.
  13. In a total redraft standard LG around the 5th rd. In a ppr move him down 2-3 rds. In a rookie/FA draft keeper lg widely varies on the the strength of my team and likelihood of winning it all. As a contender I'd go early 2nd rd behind that Raiders line. I wouldn't miss out on the consensus top 7-8 to grab him as they could produce in year one and for many thereafter.
  14. Take Tyreek Hill out of KC last they make the playoffs? Likely not Is Hill a dominant #1 WR? No, probably not even a #2. Did he turn around 2 or 3 games and influence the outcomes in a positive way ? Absolutely, even without touching the ball he forced teams to kick short and give up field position. He froze safeties deep which was a benefit in helping Kelce have extra space over the middle. These things don't show up in the box score but coaches appreciate them. Philly having a head coach that has been trained as off-co-ordinator would be a GREAT fit. Now the Bears and John Fox would be a waste. They'd have no clue how to utilize him. All a moot point though as unless Philly trades down the fans would kill them worse than when they drafted Donovan if they don't go defense at 14
  15. That would be a good pickup but an incremental one. I don't think that everyone is giving enough credence to how many ways having the threat of the fastest football player ever changes the opposing team's focus in ways that even a great WR doesn't. Ross played DB early in his career @ Washington. In limited action he picked off passes because he is a playmaker & football player. Not a track star just running around. In the return game he improves your team. Like DeSean he singlehandedly can turn a game around. M. Williams & C. Davis won't help you there. If Ross even fakes an end around the defense will freeze on it's pursuit or slow the end rush because of the threat he brings. Bubble screens will bring the opposition screaming up which opens up the fake there and TE down the middle of the field. Even Taylor doesn't dictate the defense's coverage in the way Ross does. Look what Tyreek Hill did for KC ...and he's not as fast as Ross. Maybe 14 is a bit high of a pick but like Neon Deion it's extremely rare for a combination of that athleticism and football intuition to come along. Injuries scare me more about him than him finding a role. I expect him to be better than Cooks. Doesn't mean he will have gaudier stats but more impact than his numbers which I know doesn't help us for fantasy purposes. Unless you you have Wentz or an Eagles RB /TE