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  1. Living here in the"D" the scuttlebutt is a combo of Golladay & TE Fells will kick either Tate or Ebron into the slot depending on matchup / formation. Not much reporting that Abracadabra is going to factor in much. Janis must be a real cheese block head to not have gotten a run by now.
  2. I don't think it was the annual amount but the added years supposedly requested by Olsen camp in extension that is the hangup. How many more elite years do you expect him to have ?
  3. No, if anyone it's Prosisse...precisely ! Never Not gonna happen Maybe the best bet of all, Shady gets dinged up all the time and team may just overhaul the whole shebang if they get off to a slow start in preparation for next year and beyond Never a fan of having the Patriots RB but Rex Burkhead could be a triple threat as banger despite limited size, has flashed open field skills and is good at catching the ball and solid pass protection guy. After saying that we all know he won't get the time.
  4. Ain't Enunwa's Business
  5. G. Kittle in SF
  6. I like R. Davis of Wash if he's still available. You get to see him for a year and get a read on what they think of him before next year. If Pryor walks or Doctson stumbles/ gets injured again. Only other thing here I might do is take a project QB with a decent chance at being starter in a year or two. Dobbs, C. Kelly types unless one of the better ones are still around. Fourth rd picks are crap shoots so if I can grab one now that I really like for their upside I'm grabbing them. Next year I have no clue what will be available that late. If there's absolutely no one that intrigues you pull the trigger on the trade.
  7. Hard to say without knowing your roster or what players are left. There are a lot of sleeper picks I like in this draft. Might trade a player you already have and a pick to upgrade a position from a team that is still looking to fill spots.
  8. Well done, a win/win trade as I'm sure the other owner is happy with that haul.
  9. So do you guys think A. Rob would go higher than 1.04 in a rookie draft ? I think it's a toss up long term between him and C. Davis. I'd have Fournette, Mixon, C.Davis all ahead of him with a toss up between C.McCaffrey and D.Cook and A. Rob . Just not a fan of Bortles and Marrone is a more conservative coach than Titans when it comes to running the ball. Not a fan of either WR landing spots. I don't see either as a top 12 WR in the next 2-3 years. I shoot for the stars in rebuild mode. Would rather send a package deal and shoot for Mixon or Fournette since I have a couple of years to add pieces around them. Next that brings us to to Ajayi if I believed he could stay healthy for 4-5 years I'd go with him here. Has a similar knee issue as to what ended MJD prematurely. Still I'd bet you could get quite a haul in draft picks for him if he has another great year. More than a Cook or McCaffrey in '17 as I see them be held back a little by the veterans on their teams . McKinnon & Latavius and J. Stew will steal some touches and TD's from both rookies. Jay will get all he can handle a la D.Johnson as Gase has already talked him up for more usage in the passing attack. If he can catch 40-50 and add 2-3 TD's as a receiver then he is a hot commodity for a contending team. Hold out for mega picks or just keep him as he is still young. You might get a better offer next time around. See if any owners are hot for A. Rodgers if you can sign & trade him to a contender for multiple picks. Not likely but there is usually one owner that loves to grab Aaron or Brady because they can win you a title, even in fantasy ! Next year add a Barkley or Guice, pick a mahomes or Watson to develop this year plus a rookie TE somewhere in draft.Plenty of upside young WR's to add in middle rds to hope one hits. By 2019 you might be in the running.
  10. I disagree with most here. I think Mariota & Cousins are close but give a slight nod to Cousins. Julio for Alshon,Baldwin and Doctson is fair as you say that the team was thin at WR so getting two above average starters and a shot in the dark for a great but injury prone superstar makes sense to me. If the Julio receiving was stacked and could afford the 3 for 1 to get a better starting group then it makes sense that way too. Then it leaves us with Dalvin for J. Williams. That is not even close in my book. Short or long term. So overall it looks like a slight win @ QB, a push @ WR but probably went from starting Baldwin or Jeffrey to Julio and a landslide victory @ RB for team A . Nothing I would veto or raise a major fuss about but one team gets a substantial upgrade while the other gains some depth at risk of losing at every position in the deal. If Julio gets injured they will look like a genius maybe but it's not like Alshon isn't the same risk. Cousins I could see throwing 35 TD's upside but not so much for Mariota even with the improved WR corps. Titans are a run based offense while Redskins are more likely to go Air Coryell offense , especially in a division where I see a lot of shootouts. AFC South is a bunch of grinders games except for Indy. Jac and Texans bring it on "D" . Everybody seems to love J. Williams cuz Shanny supposedly stumped for him. That does mean something but he hasn't beaten out Hyde yet whereas Zimmer is already calling Dalvin a special player. As Judge & Jury I award the verdict hands down to the firm Cousins, Cook & Jones !!!
  11. I like Beast Mode if you're a contender and he upgrades your potential starting RB situation. Not so much if you're on the outside of the playoffs fringe. Then I just keep CJA and hope he stays healthy.
  12. Agreed, it also only takes 1-2 rogue owners in love with the upper guys to drive certain players beyond value. Plus you may be able to play on their preference to run them out of $$$. My favorite leagues by far are the auction redrafts. Set your values and don't waiver too far off early in draft. If you see a pattern developing after a dozen or so players you may have to throw your pre-game strategy out the window. I've seen WR heavy teams win, RB heavy ones and overall balanced ones. Sometimes you see a team starting to build a powerhouse and you have to resort to screwing them even if it costs you more than you wanted to pay, that's what makes it the best !
  13. Why, has Marshall "allegedly" murdered anyone ? Orenthal could be an example for Mixon to realize that he too could throw it all away if he doesn't change his attitude. Not that I am for employing the Juice ever. Marshall is still in the delusional stage like T.O. was in thinking people look up to and respect him. They tolerated him when his talent warranted it. The big BM movement across town only helps on the field as a big bodied WR to move the chains and red zone upgrade which was needed. As a locker room lawyer & spiritual guru he's always been a failure. Marshall is only good when things are going good for him. I don't expect anything less from him this time around either. I'd be more worried about Pac man gobbling him up and taking him under wing. Maybe the visual of O.J.might do HE (Mixon) and Mrs Jones some good before they get a thing going on.
  14. Thank you ! ... exactly my point Predictors take into account the changing landscape. Not snapshots of the past as if that is the way things are trending. You can be right about Bortles exceeding his current value which on average now I guess is around QB #22-25 area in re draft which is where I think he'd finish. So then I guess you can congratulate yourself when he finishes in the #15-18 range but he won't win you anything . If he fails to do even that sure you will cut him and say nothing lost. But what we all are trying to do is pick the guy with the best likelihood of hitting it big if called upon. Personally I would rather stream from a few of the QB'S rated behind Bortles based on matchup which is what I feel you'll end up doing anyway. If forced to pick one as my 2nd or 3rd I'm going elsewhere in '17 . If your contention is that Bortles is a throwaway candidate @ QB then I agree with you.
  15. Brock will do what he does best & most often, he either hits the dirt or the other team. Plus I don't believe that A.) Brock will be starting unless injury dictates so B.) Browns will be playing from behind near as much this year. Brownies will surprise all with far more time of possession in '18