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  1. Are we on the same team...needed 9 for the win in standard
  2. That's why I'm a Cleveland Browns fan
  3. Quit throwing the ball to Baldwin all the time
  4. When he drove through Medina outside Seattle to check out Bill Gates home
  5. Julio got five targets in 1st half / would be ten on game ...maybe some more time in practice and they could connect once in awhile on deep balls
  6. That's like throwing a pass @the one with Beast Mode in the backfield and the game, no the season, no the FRICKIN' SUPER BOWL on the line...Who does that ???
  7. RIP Terry Glenn

    I was thinking of this, but then I thought better under the circumstances.
  8. Mark Ingram 2017 Season Outlook

    Better hope for Saints fans is that none of the offensive line have the same clauses in their contracts
  9. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    Come on now, look at the bright side. AP's production is up over 50% from last week. Got that from the Dept. of Labor numbers crunchers / spin doctors.
  10. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    First analogy ever to compare AP to an iT computer programmer. From what I've heard Peterson is only good for flicking a switch... Too Soon ? ...Too late ?
  11. Robert Woods 2017 Season Outlook

    Tavon Austin gets his twelfth opportunity to be relevant ... and gets same results. I bet he spends vacations and holidays with Jeff Fischer.
  12. Denver Broncos 2017 Season Outlook

    Sorry for all the Elway apologists but he blew it consistently on the one position he should know better than almost anyone. When all could see Peyton was done for at least a year & a half he stuck by Osweiler who has proven to be less than average NFL QB . Even in that debacle of not getting him signed early enough to prevent the Brock Lobster from leaving he left the franchise with piss poor options. Then when he had another gift staring him in the face, a 2nd Hall of Fame QB to guide team to Super Bowl contender he played hardball with the Cowboys. That never works well with Jer-ah Jones. So for what was reportedly a 5th rd pick he decided to go with his latest "finds". Even trading up losing draft capital to get d'Artagnan Lynch. So let's ponder the wisdom of this. Elway sacrificed a 3rd rd pick to move up 5 spots to get Lynch but wouldn't give up a 5th rd for Tony Romo . Which one do you think would execute the offense and utilize their weapons to a greater extent? OC hands are tied when he can't call a significant amount of the playbook due to the inability of his QB's. Not to mention the offensive line is a work in progress with revolving door changes from last year to this one. An experienced veteran QB would've been an enormous help there also.