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  1. An owner disappeared from our league and needs to be immediately replaced. His team has potential but probably won't make the playoffs. Just looking for someone to finish the season and if they want, to stay for next year. We won't charge any fees unless you trade 2019-2020 picks. Email me at if you want to see the roster! Seth
  2. Would probably do this one on ESPN even if CBS is my favorite site so that we don't pay commish fees for a simple redraft. Would be H2H points, weekly lineups and am thinking $75/year. Would use LeagueSafe. I have commished a lot of (redraft and dynasty) leagues and don't really want to do it anymore but I would do i for a league like this. If I can find a co-commish that would be great. I am on vacation March 16-30 so would draft sometime the week of March 11. Hit me up if interested at I would also join a league like this if you need players.
  3. Anyone have a spot in a redraft league? On vacation between March 16-30 so looking for one that will draft beforehand. I could also be potentially interested in a dynasty start up. As long as it is not on FanTrax or something like that (I prefer CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo in that order). Email me at Only interested if you use LeagueSafe.
  4. Hi there, We are entering our 9th year and I need one replacement owner for a team who finished 4th last year. You keep five guys each year for as long as you want but you lose the round they were drafted originally (free agents are 16th round keepers). This team has several good keeper options including Rizzo, Judge, Scherzer, and Buehler. If you are interested, let me know and I can send you an invite to see the Constitution, your full roster to chose keepers from and the round value they will cost you. It's a very competitive league so I hope you are interested. Email me at
  5. Hey guys, I am running a 7th year dynasty H2H points league with daily roster moves and we lost an owner in the pre-season because he never paid his dues. At this point, I am selling the team that would normally cost $68 for only $35 for this year. It's a team that didn't make the playoffs but it has some talent to build on. They had the 3rd overall pick this year and took Marvin Bageley. Send me an e-mail if interested and I can send you the roster to look at it. Seth Tuengel (
  6. The league is on CBS and costs $68/year but I will give the team for $50 for the first year. Team just drafted Marvin Bagley Jr. and has some other talented players but will need a few years before they can compete. You have a four man developmental squad where you can roster project players before activating them after 3 years. It's 16 teams and is pretty competitive. The former owner didn't pay his dues so that is why we need an owner. Email me at if you want to see the roster.
  7. Hey everyone, We need two owners for our highly competitive 7th year H2H dynasty points league on CBS. It's a full dynasty with a practice squad of 3-4 players where you can roster developmental players for a 3 years. I will send you an invite so you can see the rosters if you would like and to read the Constitution. Here are players from the two open squads. 1. Cincinnati Royals: Karl-Anthony Towns, Otto Porter, CJ McCollum, Jordan Clarkson, Kentavius Caldwell-Pope, Kevin Love, Steph Curry (7th pick in the draft) 2. San Antonio Spurs: Julius Randall, Markell Fultz, Greg Monroe, Darren Collison, Kenneth Faried (2nd pick in the draft) Clearly, the 2nd team has a much worse roster so I will be giving this team a supplemental pick that will be made right at the end of Round 1. This team will be able to have 4 practice squad players as they didn't make the playoffs last year. The Royals owner left for personal reasons but left behind a solid core as you can see. Let me know if you are interested in a challenge!
  8. I would prefer if it was on CBS but the most important thing is that it's not a league that is going to die after one year. Would definitely want it to be PPR but am flexible on the other roster settings. Nothing too expensive, $75 max. Let me know if you have a spot! Don't want to join any existing leagues.
  9. I would be able to do any of those days but I would prefer the 8th, 9th, 12th, 10th in that order.
  10. I would join a league like this (not too expensive, 12 team, PPR, everything I like) if it is not on August 11th when I am busy. Traveling on August 18th so would be before that hopefully...
  11. This team is dead as the owner seems to have disappeared and is not making any moves. The rest of the season is free as it is already paid for, I only ask for a 2019 committment. It's $60 and is on CBS. You keep 40 players, any combination of major and minor league players (32 minor leaguer farm system). I will send you an invite to check out the league if you are interested and it is yours once you pay for 2019. Team has talent (Kershaw, Bellinger, Ozuna) and some good prospects. Email if interested.