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  1. Leg going to outscore everyone else combined tonight!! The Leg!
  2. He is not exactly a lottery ticket at this point, going to have to pay up. I bid 11% in 12 leagues and only won him in 9.
  3. Is TRich making a comeback out there?
  4. Everytime the yellow downmarker logo graphic changes I think there is a flag!
  5. Is it me or is NE much worse when then try and force feed Sony?
  6. I watched the game. I am not sure if he will be a WR 1, but he is going to help get Brady another ring.
  7. Looks like he is going to help the Pats quite a bit
  8. This hype train speeding a bit too fast. I loved him in the 9th. Fair value in the 8th. No value in the 5th/6th.
  9. If playoffs start Week 14, how worried should be be about Jax D. They have destroyed nearly every QB they have faced, but I can't say they have faced any good QB competition this year (Savage/Watson, Mariotta, Flacco, McCown, Big Ben, Goff, Brissett, Dalton, Rivers, Kizer). Rivers and Mariotta only ones above 15 points. I am pretty worried about the matchup. Would be sad to see a good year wasted with unlucky scheduling.
  10. He's not soft and he doesnt suck. But something is off.