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  1. Please packers or saints please packers or saints !!!
  2. Possibly, I’ve been reading Julio got hurt missed 2 weeks came back. Then in playoffs against Seahawks he reinsure d it and was forced out early but came back for the super bowl. This is injury is tricky, wish I could trade him lol
  3. Julio played a whole season with turf toe and still put up 88 catches 1,444 yards 3tds. This guy on the other hand.... so frustrating. Signed, irritated, unforgiving, unreasonable owner
  4. He gets a weekly 8 or so targets, the volume is there. He’s just not capitalizing on his opportunities these past few weeks. I think after the bye he’s back to regularly scheduled programming and blow up games coming. Plus TE’s are very thin this year.
  5. I did, I was holding out hope for an O.J. Howard trade but that doesn’t look like it’s happening. There’s been reports from that la corfona cat and a few others, I’ve seen articles on BR, and a few others reporting that multiple teams are interested in signing him. As crappy a person he is, talent wins out. He’s still a top caliber wr and I don’t doubt a team takes a chance on him. Why not if you have the space.
  6. So in the event of a Gurley injury whose the back to own ros
  7. The chances of him being a startable fantasy football TE are much higher for him in a new system than they are in TB and honestly that's all that matters.
  8. This him getting traded is losing traction after each hour passes. No updates or anything lol I was hopeful but man it’s looking dry
  9. Agreed and noted for the future.
  10. I don’t think sanders should be the bell cow, although that’d be awesome. But I definitely don’t think the way the carries have been split the past two weeks is a recipe for success in the future. The split needs to be fixed. In sanders favor 70/30
  11. Malcom brown should know if he sits this week his job is lost. Add Darrell now
  12. This will be sanders backfield in a few weeks
  13. Cam would do the Denver Broncos wonders.
  14. Malcom brown should know if he sits this week his job is lost. Add Darrell now
  15. He needs a qb who has some balls. Insert cam newton
  16. With the way the TE market is this year I definitely got Howard as my stash right now. An owner rage dropped him last week so I was able to get him off waivers for free. Bucs can say they’re not trading him all they want, I’m not buying it. Classic negotiating 101, just like how Jaguars said they weren’t trading Ramsey and how Giants weren’t trading OBJ....
  17. All I’m trying to get at is, if the rushing yards are similar when given same amount of carries why not go with the back who checks off the other two boxes(pass protection and pass catching) as well?
  18. Yes it’s absolutely a rhythm thing, he gets going and they take him out. It’s not like Howard has been blowing sanders out the water, outside of that fluke game few weeks back. When Howard and Sanders are given around the same amount of carries the rushing numbers results are relatively the same. This is their numbers strictly rushing. Sanders rushing numbers Howard’s rushing numbers week 1 11 rush 25 yards Week 1 6 rush 44 yards week 2 10 rush 28 yards Week 2 8 rush 18 yards week 3 13 rush 53 yards Week 3 11 rush 37 yards week 4 11 rush 72 yards Week 4 15 rush 87 yards week 5 9 rush 15 yards Week 5 13 rush 62 yards week 6 3 rush 6 yards Week 6 13 rush 49 yards As you can see when touches are close the output isn’t far from one another, Howard has a few decent games but not much better. First few weeks sanders wasn’t t rushing well and that was expected for a rookie getting his feet wet. As a coach how do you justify putting the lower ceiling back out there? Not only are the rushing numbers similar but add the fact that Sanders is a better pass protector and on top of that add the fact that Sanders is a far superior pass catcher. I just don’t see how you keep Sanders off the field he’s growing into a complete back each week, by giving Howard the touches you’re hampering Sanders growth. Sanders will give you chunk yardage rushing and pass catching while Howard is a proven plodder. All I’m saying is Sanders development is key for the teams success, not Howard.
  19. Thats the thing he doesn’t really get a chance to gain a rhythm running the ball. Outside of that fluky game Howard had the other week when they’ve had the same amount of carries sanders output has been very close if not better. So if you give him the carries he’ll put the same output PLUS the pass catching ability that equals a much more complete back. They want to win games? Sanders Needs to be featured much more. Howard gives you no upside. When he’s in they know it’s a run, he’s so one dimensional like a Blount
  20. When Howard flunks out this week they’ll turn to sanders and give him carries to get him going!
  21. I agree if they give the reins back to cam and he doesn’t perform well/they start to lose after a few bad showings, it’s justified to pull the plug and give it back to Kyle. But cam def deserves a shot to show he’s back healthy and ready to roll. A healthy cam is a much better option than Kyle. His ceiling is tremendous with this offense if he’s back to full strength. The defense has been bailing out Kyle they can do the same for cam. Imagine trying to stop a cam that can run and cmc. Best backfield
  22. Exactly my sentiments, no real updates were left in the dark. He doesn’t even seem to be progressing at all just no practice standing on sidelines like a dumdum, no timetable no nothing. Beyond frustrating
  23. Allen hasn’t been all that great.... def and cmc saving his tail. Panthers should give Cam the opportunity he deserves it, then after a few games proceed accordingly.
  24. Any truth to this.......where’d you get this from?