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  1. Lost the playoffs 3-6. Held 1st place all throughout the year, but lost to the 8th seed with KD and AD on the opponent roster. Was leading 5-4, with .506 FG coming in today. J. richardson murdered it to .470 and had to play catch up since. This also meant extra turnovers which i eventually lost. I had 45/117 fg among my active starters tonight. Disappointed.
  2. Entered god mode. Wow, I wonder what the best 9 cat statline there is. This is definitely one of the best I've seen.
  3. Drafted this guy at 105. Massive opportunity at this spot.
  4. Who would you pick to pair with Jokic and PG? 9 Cat H2H.
  5. Took him at 9th overall and paired him with PG. I had a choice of Butler-PG-Gobert-CP3 at the turn.