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  1. Not excited about TYs ROS schedule was offered this deal my team is here 12 team standard QB - Brees WR - Julio Jones, Marvin jones, TY, Kirk, DJ Moore RB - Michel, Mack, Breida, Riddick, Thompson TE - Gronk, Doyle
  2. Breida and MVS... Thompson is banged up and hasn't done anything recently .
  3. 12 Team Standard - 5 - 3 QB - Rivers RB - Mack, Michel, Breida, J. Adams, C. Thompson WR - Brown, Hilton, M. Jones, Kirk, C. Davis, D. Moore (Car) TE - Gronkowski Would you make this deal???
  4. Currently 5-3. @Falcoholic I was also offered... Brees/Julio for AB/Rivers
  5. Marvin Jones... Rhodes will likely play Golloday or be coming off injury.
  6. To be honest since its PPR i wouldn't trade CMC in that deal. Your team is good as is and possibly taking a chance with Mack hopefully staying healthy.
  7. Do i make this deal 12 Team Standard My team Qb- Rivers WR - A. Brown, TY Hilton, M. Jones, C. Kirk, DJ Moore, Corey Davis RB - Michel, Mack, Breida, C. Thompson TE- Gronk
  8. Take it and hope they don't veto lol
  9. Only because you have PPR... I would say yes to White and Alshon, Ingram loses some value in PPR and Davis isn't consistent enough IMO to warrant off one good week.
  10. I think option 2 is your best bet.
  11. Jones this week... Might be a run heavy GB week with all the injuries.
  12. 2 Rbs to start - Ajayi, C. Thompson or Matt Breida 1 WR - Agholor or Crowder Standard scoring. Non PPR
  13. Enunwa has the highest floor so i'd go for the safe bet.