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  1. How is drafting 2 injury-prone players a great strategy? 😂 Will Green or Fuller reach out to the other to make sure at least one of them is healthy for you?
  2. I have Bears DEF in all 5 leagues... snatched up the following for next week in each league: Texans (vs Dal), Panthers (vs NYG) x2, Rams (drafted them and picked up Bears after week1), hoping to pick up either Browns (vs Bal) or Panthers again.
  3. Everyone is threatening to drop but who are you guys dropping him for? The TEs on the waiver wire are even more unreliable. It sucks to be stuck on this train but the remaining TE's are not even part of the game plan...
  4. That gut feeling is just a DJ owner hoping his first round pick returns something close to his ADP...
  5. conservatively? sounds overly optimistic. 80 yards and a TD, 2-20 is a solid line from an RB1.
  6. A lot of people here don't know what they're talking about.
  7. Patriots defense is just really bad. Bortles looked like a playmaker too. 200 yds and 3 TD in the first half....
  8. I don't think he watches football, if he does, doesn't have a full grasp of what is going on
  9. down 17-0, knee injury, season just started. yeah, why risk Rodgers on the field...
  10. @77georgec Well? Still concerned about Bortles or any QB for that matter?
  11. Who were his QBs when he went bananas that one year?
  12. I guess that's Cam's fault too for not knowing where to line up. What a joke Benjamin is... Feel sorry for Bills fans. I couldn't imagine showing up to a game where Peterman is the starting QB and Benjamin is the WR1.
  13. This guy gets it. Everyone else, not so much.