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  1. Anyone know how Sanchez is with TE's?Does he check down a lot to TEs? I dont really have any other choices but to play Reed, not sure if someone like Ian Thomas would be favoured over him.
  2. I think the Skins offense puts the DEF in a bad spot. I would roll with the Lions
  3. I like your lineup how it is, I say drop Godwin or Ridley for a kicker
  4. Playing in Seattle is always tough Id go Mayfield
  5. I like Davis as I dont think Ware does that much
  6. Gordon and Golladay for me
  7. Id sit Davis or Sutton, tossup for me
  8. Hey guys 2 part question (PPR) Corey Davis tonight vs Jags or J. Reynolds @ Bears Gronk @ Mia or Cook vs Steelers Im not sure that I trust Davis tonight and Gronk at all this season. Any opinions? Leave a link if you want any advice
  9. What do we think of Ware in keeper/dynasty? Last weeks of the season have relevance on if hes KC RB1 next year?
  10. This guys been bust lately, debating starting Corey Davis for the boom/bust
  11. My Robert Woods and 33.7 point lead to not lose to Gurley, Hunt, and Zuerlein
  12. What kind of RBs are we starting Fournette over this week? Or majority taking a wait and see approach?