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  1. Pull up Boston's schedule and see how few save opportunities they've had for the past three weeks.
  2. The Red Sox aren't going to play inferior talent out of loyalty if they are sitting at 4th in their division.
  3. he isn't getting another start after that chitshow
  4. I believe he is 28th among catchers in plate appearances coming into today.
  5. He was also scheduled to sit for the game where Puig first started serving his suspension. Is 8 games started out of 12 team games played a full time everyday player? No, it isn't. Could he become an every day starter? Sure, but we can only go on what we've seen so far, which clearly shows Winker in a timeshare. Also if you are so confident in the player leading the league in runs scored you might want to let his team know that they should start producing some, because they are currently bottom 5 in overall runs scored.
  6. I'm not absolutely wrong. He has zero chance of leading the NL in runs. Worry more about him securing a role as an everyday starter first.
  7. The more likely scenario is that the agents know something or several somethings that the public currently does not know. And this is the only scenario that makes sense regarding all of these recent contract extensions.
  8. He was scheduled to sit on Tuesday before it was confirmed that Puig was going to start serving his suspension.
  9. I would like to believe that someone in the AL somewhere has been calling about him looking for a full-time DH who can rotate over to catcher late in games. Based on his usage the Twins obviously don't think much of him in terms of value.
  10. This can't be real. The money, not the stats.
  11. I hope this becomes a season long meme
  12. Sitting is sitting, you can rationalize it all you want, doesn't change the fact that he isn't playing. He is not the type of player most fantasy teams can carry if he finds himself in any sort of significant platoon.
  13. Probably time to revoke that nickname.
  14. Your complaint should be with the franchise that wants to maximize profits, not the player signing the contract.
  15. They have him listed as the SP4 on roster resource.
  16. open the link with an incognito tab in chrome.
  17. You can sort by ADP on ESPN in the draft room. ADP is the last column in the stats window, it is located all the way to the right, you have to scroll over as far to the right as possible in the stats window to view it.
  18. Contrary to what many have posted this strategy actually dominates h2h leagues, so much so that any decent league will quickly pivot to innings pitched minimums or start minimums the following season to rid itself of the tactic. You aren't necessarily looking to win saves each week, you are just looking for a clean inning early in the week so that you can win ratios. You aren't drafting closers early, you might take one - the entire point is to overload your hitting to the point where it cannot be matched.