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  1. If you aren't starting Diggs when he plays at home against the Philly secondary he shouldn't be on your roster. Someone else in your league has to value him more than you do.
  2. Kitchens is a career TE and RB coach who got an opportunity to be the offensive coordinator after Jackson and Haley got the boot and turned that into the head coaching gig after less than a year as the OC. There is a very good chance that he is in way over his head as there is absolutely no reason for Baker to be as bad as what he has shown since the season started.
  3. Getting this guy for free yesterday looking better and better.
  4. you should probably stop consuming whatever it is that you are currently consuming.
  5. What haters are you talking about exactly? The issues people have had with Jones are the Packer's refusal to give him the majority of the work and their refusal to actually target him in the passing game. Literally no one playing fantasy thinks he is bad at football.
  6. It might, just might, have something to do with the players on the field that are wearing the Bengal uniforms.
  7. Nobody knows what Samuels' ceiling is if he is given the opportunity. Nobody knows how much opportunity Samuels is going to get. Quit making it sound like Samuels is a known quantity.
  8. I know they are playing the Bengals but how goddamn stupid does this organization look not having used Samuels until today? Absolutely infuriating.
  9. You play in a league where you can drop a player who has already played his game for the week? What nonsense.
  10. In the short term he gets the Steelers this week and the Cardinals next week. For those who play dynasty, Green is a free agent next year. We have no way of knowing when Green will be 100% healthy or if the Bengals sign him to a new contract. Theoretically Tate could be Green's replacement.
  11. Picking him up now for free instead of waiting a week or two and burning a waiver or faab with no guarantee of landing him is the point of the exercise.
  12. The GM is also the head coach, so...
  13. Haskins is totally immobile. You put him out there and he doesn't make it through the game. He. Cannot. Move.
  14. LMAO. Have you seen Haskins play football? He is a goddamn statue.
  15. It's almost like there are different sized leagues. Leagues where owners control players for the entirety of their careers even.
  16. Anytime you got an RB who has rushed 7 times for 14 yards you gotta use him in the red zone. Using him over Breida or Mostert is pathetic.
  17. This statement probably applies to any player currently available in free agency. And owners chase these players who are attached to far worse QBs than Mahomes in far worse offenses, so...
  18. nothing wrong with that, the issue is taking the ball out of the QB's hands and running it up the gut with Fournette.