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  1. This was insane. 19 and sooo clutch. Never seen this before.
  2. And he's not just playing gor stats. The Mavs are winning
  3. Says a lot about him as a player when his thread does't catch fire after such a performance and a win against current champions. We're used to it by now and it's been 15 games of his NBA carreer only
  4. He started hot and was 6-3-2 in 7 minutes, when he picked up the 2nd foul and was benched. He got his 3rd quickly when he returned and never got it going againg. It feels he would have had a fantastic game if it wasn't for foul trouble. He ran the show for Mavs in the first including an alley oop and a behind the back assists for Jordan. They looked better when he was the point guard.
  5. I loved the good old days when this forum had an assistant coach section where random people could ask for help regarding random teams in random leagues.
  6. Carlisle on Luka: Luka Doncic is already working out in Dallas and Carlisle is impressed. “Off of what I’ve seen over the last two days,” Carlisle told Eddie Sefko of Dallas Morning News “anybody who doesn’t jump on season tickets now is going to sorely regret it later, that’s all I’ll say.”
  7. Probably the most NBA ready player of his draft class. He's been a pro for a few years and basically carried Real Madrid to 2 titles this season, while also significantly contributing for Slovenia to win the Eurobasket title. All while still 18/19 year old. 6'8", about 230 pounds, can cover all positions from 1 to 4, but is best as PG. Great ball handler/passer. Superb PnR passer. His passing game is flawless, especially considering his age. He's also a great rebounder and a solid scorer. If used right, he's a constant triple double threat. His PER-36 in Euroleague and ACB combined: 21/7.5/6.6(a). But keep in mind assist are much harder to come by in Europe because of different stat rule. He also played a full NBA season as far as number of games go and it was visible he declined a bit at the end of the season. Carlisle already made it clear that Doncic/Smith/Barnes is the core and that Luka's best position is on the court, so the minutes will be there and will be one of the focal points of offense. Dallas is a great fit for him and I see clear ROY potential there. Looking just as his PER36, I think he could keep those numbers or improve them a bit. His percentages (.596 for 2P and .309 for 3P) should be higher, especially the 3P. He went from about 40 % two seasons ago to about 30 % this season, which is mainly because he became the focal point of offense, was often double teamed and his usage rate rised in general. He'll have more support in Dallas so I can see his % somewhere around 38 % for 3 and 58 % for 2. His FTs are somewhere in the 80 % range.
  8. It's free. There are 11 very active users already signed up, we're looking for one more. Hopefully an active one too
  9. Goran just ended the Eurobasket winning gold and MVP honours. Slovenia beat France, Latvia (with Porzingis), destroyed Spain (with both Gasol and Hernangomez brothers, Rodriguez and Rubio) and Serbia. Dragic played an amazing tournament, scored 26 in the 1st half of the finals, etc. He might be tired for the beginning of the season, but winning gold with the national team took a huge burden off his back, so I expect him to be even better this season. There are tons of his highlight videos from Eurobasket, but I think this one says a lot about him. Most of you won't understand the interview, because it's in Slovene, but his face says it all. He broke to tears as he received a Drazen Petrovic jersey gifted by Drazen's mother herself. A fairy tale for him and our country. I expect big things from him this season.
  10. Anyone interested in a Premier League draft game? 6 hardcore players looking for a couple more. Draft tonight at 22.00 CET. https://draft.premierleague.comCode to join this league: 522011-122903