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  1. Same thing happened in my league. I burned my #2 waiver on him. 100% worth picking up for free at this point if you have the bench space.
  2. Jimmy G 100% because I think last year was a glimpse into what he can produce. After that its hard. For me its a toss up between Fuller and Engram. Just think Fuller has the better QB now.
  3. RB's are great. I'd trade Barkley for a WR if you could swing it.
  4. Had 11th Pick. Know I need some receiver depth but hoping to trade away a RB for a WR after the season starts. 12 Team Yahoo 1PPR (QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, Flex, K, Def)Redraft QB Deshaun Watson, Alex Smith RB Dalvin Cook, Royce Freeman, Carlos Hyde, Isaiah Crowell, Cj Anderson, Rex Burkhead WR Deandre Hopkins, Tyreek Hill, Julian Edelman, Jordy Nelson, Keelan Cole PK Jake Ellliot TD Panthers
  5. I had first choice this year of where to pick and chose 11 out of a 12 teamer which netted me Hopkins and Cook on the turn. Of all my mocks the last 5 picks have given me the teams I liked the most.
  6. Great looking team in that format. Definitely stacked at the skilled positions. Hopefully this is Jameis breakout year.
  7. I wouldnt trade for Hunt. I would either do the pending off you have or for Fournette.
  8. Solid team! Good RB depth. Only slight weakness is your receiver, but they have good upside..
  9. Please rate my team. Will help in return. I drafted from the 7th spot, and players are in the draft order. 12 Team Yahoo PPR QB, WR, WR, WR, Rb, RB, Flex, DST, K 1. Mike Evans WR 2. DeMarco Murray RB 3. Demaryius Thomas WR 4. Dalvin Cook RB 5. Larry Fitzgerald WR 6. Brandon Marshall WR 7. Doug Martin RB 8. Jeremy Maclin WR 9. Cam Newton QB 10. Eddie Lacy RB 11. Jimmy Graham TE 12. Rex Burkhead RB 13. New England DEF 14. Blair Walsh K