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  1. This. He's still heavily involved and he's still incredibly talented. He got narrowly missed in the end-zone 2-3 times. He's going to be fine. Steelers D is also looking like junk so far so there's a lot of 40+ attempt games for Ben coming.
  2. Lol to the people in the Game Thread already cursing the fantasy gods before we had any news at all. It's a 4 TD game in the 4th Q and he was laughing jogging off.
  3. Jogged off under his own power up 4 TDs. I wouldn't worry much about it unless we hear otherwise.
  4. Looks like 100 catches is well within reach, but 6-8 TDs is also looking more than likely.
  5. Going to be an annoying year as a CMC owner when 2-3 guys could take it in from inside the 5 on any given drive.
  6. Just wanted to stop by to pay my respects. What a season. Thought I was getting a reliable but un-sexy 3B/SS. Instead he's looking to possibly crack the over on 30 HRs, 100 RBI, 100 Rs, 50 2Bs, 10 SBs, and a .300 average. Wow.
  7. He's like the MLB version of Anthony Davis -- when he plays you know his production is going to be next-level but you always expect some type of weird, minor, nagging injury to crop up. Luckily he can provide a week's worth of production in 4-5 games with regularity.
  8. 200 innings would be incredible, not that I'm holding my breath. What do we think his K floor is if he pitched 200 innings? 250? 260?
  9. Place your Betts, my friends. Looking locked in at the top of a dangerous lineup.
  10. When Darvish, Quintana, and McCullers combine for 0.67 points in a week, you know you are in trouble. EDIT: And now Godley with 5 walks through 2.1 when he had 1 walk through 12 IP coming in...