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  1. Yeah, pitcherlist.com currently has Nola ranked 20th, right behind James Paxton and right ahead of Tanaka, so I'm not surprised by that reaction. They clearly think he's going to be very good this year.
  2. Very interesting tout given his first two starts. I see the Vegas line has NY as a slight favorite and I'm assuming the thinking is that both Sabathia (1.47 era) and Glasnow (12.15 era and 2.55 whip) are due for a correction. I've been impressed by your last couple of touts. If this one pans out, you can sign me up for your daily email!
  3. Yeah, I think yesterday was more worrisome if we're going to focus on just one game. He has mashed Rick Porcello, hitting 16-38 with four homeruns and a slugging percentage of .737 going into last night, and he once again looked horrific and went 0 for 4 with 2 Ks. He was dropped in my 10-team points league that starts only 3 OF and has short benches. Seems about right to me given the OF talent on the wire in that sort of league.
  4. Puffin worked for me. Thanks!!
  5. I have the ESPN app which is useful in a lot of ways but it is awful when you are trying to research players that you might want to pick up. The problem is that on my smart phone I can't open the web version of my league. Every time I try to get to it through Chrome or Safari, I am redirected to the ESPN app. Any idea how I can access my league on my smart phone separately from using the app?
  6. I don't think any sane owner of Strasburg can be anything more than cautiously optimistic. During his starts, I usually munch on Tums like they're popcorn.
  7. Sano has only 20 at bats against lefties so far this year. But now he gets three mediocre lefties in a row starting tomorrow - Surkamp, Manaea, and Matt Moore. Giddyup!
  8. Plus it's an afternoon getaway day game, which often leads to great pitching performances.
  9. Thanks for helping with my Harvey question and yeah, I'd do that. At the very least it gives you a different pitcher to be frustrated over! And Harvey's upside is definitely much higher.
  10. Appreciate the feedback so far. Does it change anyone's mind to know that given it's a 10 teamer with small benches, lots of decent pitching is on the wire. I just picked up Teheran this morning. Alex Wood is a FA. Pomeranz was one a few weeks ago. A big key to this league is having the most high end talent. Is Pomeranz a top 20 guy ROS? Harvey would be easily if he gets back on track, right? Struggling with this one...
  11. Care to elaborate? So far I've got a hell no, a probably, and yes. Interested in why you are dead against it.
  12. I've been offered Matt Harvey for Drew Pomeranz. Team in sig. 10-team, cumulative points league, so I'm not worried about H2H playoffs or anything. And if Pomeranz gets shut down, I'll just add the hot SP pickup at that point. This really comes down to whether I want to use up a roster spot while Harvey (hopefully) rights the ship. My team is in 1st place by a huge margin so my gut says there's no point in messing with what I've got. On the other hand, I've got such a lead, that I could afford to sit on Harvey to see if he straightens things out, and if so, I've got yet another stud SP on my hands. I'm drooling at the thought of having Kershaw, Arrieta, Strasburg, Carrasco, and Harvey rolling in the 2nd half. But Pomeranz has been pretty nasty in his own right.
  13. My biggest frustration with Posey so far this year is that he isn't getting the at bats he had been getting in previous years. He sits as often as most other catchers because he isn't getting those regular starts at 1B that he was getting previously. That hurts the counting stats that made him so valuable as the far and away best catcher. I'd still put a lot of money on him ending the year as the #1 catcher overall but I don't know if the gap is going to be as large between him and the field as it has been in recent years. And a part of me worries that it might be interrupting his rhythm at the plate.