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  1. 4/17 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I clicked on it three times this morning and it said he went premium and asked me to sign up for a 7-day trial. Now it’s back to normal. I’m glad to be wrong!
  2. 4/17 - GAME DAY THREAD

    The weather guy has gone premium now.
  3. Charlie Blackmon 2018 Outlook

    From MLBDailyLineups: “#Rockies Rockies manager Bud Black and head athletic trainer Keith Dugger both said Thursday that Charlie Blackmon (quad) is much approved and not expected to need a disabled list stint.” I approve of this very much. Hopefully that means he’ll be in the lineup tonight and not sitting out all weekend!
  4. 4/11 - GAME DAY THREAD

    He’s all over the place. Painful to watch.
  5. 4/11 - GAME DAY THREAD

    He had two or three very close pitches that he didn’t get called for strikes. Been blowing on his hands between every pitch. Might not have a good feel for his curve today.
  6. James Paxton 2018 Outlook

    He had a buttload of swinging strikes as well.
  7. Buy Low/Sell High 2018

    I think I know what you were getting at though. Guys like Nomar Mazara and Robinson Cano aren’t getting many counting stats and aren’t exactly setting a points league on fire but their batting averages are looking really good. These guys likely won’t be hitting empty singles all season long. I agree that points leaguers can tend to overlook batting average or on base percentage and focus on just points. I think these types of guys could be good buy lows early on in points leagues.
  8. Gregory Polanco 2017 Outlook

    Yep, and his upcoming schedule looks promising. Obviously he's got Coors Field this weekend, then @SF he'll face Matt Cain and HR-prone Samardzija, and then he heads to SD to face their mediocre pitching, then a homestand against CIN and then SD again.
  9. Anthony Rendon 2017 Outlook

    No, I'm sure Dusty has a super good reason for hitting Ryan F'ing Raburn second against lefty starters.
  10. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    He is about to play at Cincinnati with three righties scheduled to start for the Reds, including a rookie and pitcher named Homer. We should expect a barrage of offense from Mr. Thames, correct?
  11. 6 19 2017 Game day Thread

    It was your word choice. Postponed means cancelled. I think you meant delayed until 7:30.
  12. 6/14 Game Day Thread

    Does anyone know why Dusty Baker bats his pitchers when he knows he's going to be pulling them the next inning? Roark was clearly done but he still hit and then was replaced the next half inning. Dusty just likes to give away outs?
  13. Jose Pirela 2017 Outlook

    I think the Rotographs section of their site has really gone downhill over the last year or two. The actual Fangraphs articles and chats (particularly the Eno Sarris and Paul Sporer chats) are very good.
  14. Jonathan Lucroy 2017 Outlook

    This was my plan until I recently noticed Wilson Ramos on the wire in my league. The Buffalo sits patiently on my DL now and if he starts off looking good (and possibly gets to DH when he isn't catching), I think I might have to drop Lucroy, particularly if it's just more of the same from him over the next couple of weeks.
  15. June Closer Thread 2017

    I think facing 2-3-4 or 3-4-5 or 4-5-6 or 5-6-7 could still be considered high leverage depending on the lineup and where the lineup stands at that point in the game once you factor that it's the National League and you've got pinch hitters and double switches which creates all sorts of unpredictable lineup scenarios. I think a manager (in the NL especially) could get too cute trying to play that game and end up in a situation where he's throwing Rivero against Trea Turner, Wilmer Difo, and Bryce Harper (1-2-3), but then letting Nicasio face Ryan Zimmerman, Daniel Murphy, Anthony Rendon (4-5-6) and maybe Adam Lind pinch hitting if a guy gets on, for example. I think the more likely scenario for a Nicasio save is that Rivero could get brought into the 7th when there are men on base and PIT has a small lead and needs him to put out the fire. That's when Nicasio would likely be lined up to take the 9th. But trying to line up your relievers based on where in the order things are just seems a little too messy and unrealistic to me, particularly in the NL.