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  1. With long reliever Brad Peacock starting tonight's game and Devenski not having pitched in 5 days, I'm guessing Devenski could end up pitching 3-4 innings and could put himself in the position to get the win, depending on circumstances and how he pitches, of course. I'm calling 4 innings, 2 hits, 1BB, 6 Ks, and the W!
  2. Sure, that's why I was willing to make the move. I'm just taking issue with the "no downside" and "you lose nothing" part of your argument.
  3. It's not that simple, of course. You do have to drop someone to pick up Happ, so there could be downside if you drop someone who ends up blowing up. I grabbed him in my 10-team league with shallow benches, but I did so recognizing the potential downside of that move. I had to drop a former stud OF who is currently underperforming but has shown signs of bouncing back. He may get scooped up while I roster Happ. And I may regret that move if Happ goes back down or underperforms.
  4. His calf was cramping. He was sweating like a pig (he often does during muggy games) and he got a cramp. He was pissed that he couldn't get through the 6th and get that QS for us. I imagine he'll be fine moving forward. There is something in the demeanor of this year's Strasburg that's different from past years. He seems tougher, angrier when things don't go well, but also more focused and in control in those situations. (Nats fan here, so I've watched most of his starts in his career.) I feel like Scherzer's intensity might finally be rubbing off on him. He's still maddening at times but I think this could be the year he finally puts it all together.
  5. We feeling ok about his start tonight? FWIW, Vegas has the Royals as big favorites tonight, behind only the Dodgers (Kershaw) and Houston (McCullers). The line jumped from KC -155 to -186 after the lineups were announced. No Avisail Garcia for White Sox.
  6. Hooray! Encarnacion is going to start hitting and stop striking out so much now that it's May! 6-6 with 3 HRs and 11 RBIs for him today? Too conservative?
  7. From everything I'm reading, Desmond's playing time shouldn't be in danger due to Reynolds' success The Rockies love Desmond already. He may not play 1B every day but he should be a full time starter. I think playing time for Parra and Dahl (when he's healthy) will be what suffers if Reynolds continues to rake and stays in the lineup, since that will result in Desmond shifting to OF more often.
  8. Update: http://www.denverpost.com/2017/04/27/ian-desmond-ready-for-game-action-as-rockies-set-his-rehab-schedule/ Note the bolded. The video embedded in the article suggests that Desmond could end up being used as a super utility guy who plays all over the field which would allow Reynolds to keep getting regular at-bats.
  9. Double switch on a pitching change. Down 4-0 and with the 2nd game tonight, I'm guessing he was just getting a bit of rest. Grichuk came on and ended up tying game in the bottom of the 9th.
  10. The guy you quoted wrote that two days ago when Peralta was about 28% owned in ESPN leagues. Today he's up to a whopping 33% ownership rate.
  11. The next week seems like a good stretch for Piscotty and the Cardinals offense to get going. They get a double header today against a couple of bums and then Cincinnati and their underwhelming pitching staff come to town. Then they get the Brewers for 4 in a row next week. That's 9 home games in 8 days without facing much top-level pitching. I'll be worried if Piscotty doesn't produce much during this stretch.
  12. I'd go for Archer as well.
  13. Oh man, I'm crying.
  14. May want to stay away from recommending Buccos for a bit. Two rough ones in a row.
  15. Yep, Nola is an easy drop in a 10-teamer. I'd get Zimm in there if you can use him in Colorado this week.