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  1. Lots of sites are saying he's pitching this Sunday at HOU. I'd take Texas again over that matchup.
  2. That ball is out of Hiura! (Again.)
  3. In my points league, which has pretty standard scoring, he has the 6th most PPG for all hitters: Yelich - 6.3 Trout - 6.1 Bellinger - 6.1 Rendon - 5.8 Springer - 5.6 Y Alvarez - 5.5 Devers - 5.4 Betts - 5.3 Bogaerts - 5.2 F Freeman - 5.2 I doubt he can keep up that pace ROS but that’s some elite company.
  4. Some sites had Patrick Sandoval (a lefty) as the starter for the Angels today. My player note on the ESPN fantasy app says Cole will be the opener for an inning or two but Sandoval will pitch the bulk of the game. That's probably why Winker is heating leadoff (to face Cole) and then hitters 3-9 are all righties. All of this stuff is madness. Openers, bulk pitchers, extreme platoons for every lineup every day.
  5. This guy could be a difference maker down the stretch, particularly in points leagues. Rarely strikes out, can take a walk, hits for power, and has multi-position eligibility in most formats. Trades of Puig and Scooter have cleared the way for plenty of playing time. If he starts regularly against lefties the rest of the way, look out!
  6. Nats announcers just said the Nationals have also acquired Hunter Strickland.
  7. But what if he is a fluke? His value can’t get much higher.
  8. First career grand slam and not a peep in here tonight? Vladdy is getting hot!
  9. Remember that development is not linear. And comparing one player to another has limited value since no two players ever develop in exactly the same way. Vlad hasn’t had the success in his first 250 ABs that many of us were hoping for and I don’t begrudge anyone dropping him in 10- and 12-team redrafts. But he doesn’t all of a sudden suck at hitting the baseball. He’s just not adjusting as quickly as we thought he would. I’m personally holding in my redraft because I can afford to let him sit on my bench, and I’d hate to see him hit .325 with 15 HRs in Aug/Sep on someone else’s roster. IMO, it’s a matter of when, not if, he becomes a fantasy monster. It could be this season, it could be next, it could be 2021. But it is going to happen.
  10. He looked really really good today. Other than a couple of Wrigley summertime solo shots (at least one was a first pitch ambush by Bryant and Russel’s might have been as well), Sonny was filthy and unhittable. Kept everything down in the zone, induced a ton of ground balls and lots of swing and misses. This is the first time I’ve seen him pitch this year and I was very impressed. He looks confident on the mound and his stuff looks elite. Buy now if you can.
  11. Batting 4th today against the lefty Keuchel with Moustakas and Grandal out of the lineup.
  12. Keston Hiura with a bomb to deep right center of the facing of the upper deck. Dude can mash.
  13. For those looking for any sort of hope, he did get a bit unlucky in the top of the 3rd. (Obviously he had a rough 1st inning but he settled down in the 2nd with a clean inning and 2 strikeouts.) He started off the 3rd by striking out Sandoval. Dickerson then doubled. Then Crawford hit a high pop up to shallow left that Trevor Story lost in the sun and let drop for a "hit." I was listening to the game on the radio and the announcers said Marquez looked stunned after that. He had mostly shaken off the 1st inning barrage but was completely lost on the mound after that point. Maybe if Story catches that ball, Marquez ends up with 5-6 innings pitched and only 5 ERs and 7+ Ks? Either way, I think you get what you deserve if you came into the season relying on a Rockies SP as your SP2. Coors always wins.
  14. They should’ve induced her on Monday so he didn’t have to miss any actual games for us. So selfish of the Realmuto family.
  15. I think Senzel is in for a big second half and I'm loving that he gets to kick it off in Colorado this weekend. I regularly look him up on Twitter to see what the fantasy guys and locals are saying about him and he's clearly already a fan favorite in Cinci. They love the guy and are amazed by how polished of a player and hitter he already is. I read a recent interview with him where he was saying that he's been taking his time feeling things out but he's getting more and more acclimated to the big leagues and feeling like he's ready to really show what he can do. Coors, then Wrigley, then a homestand....Giddyup!
  16. I don’t think I could possibly love or agree with your post any more than I do. From your fingertips to God’s ears!
  17. Poor Travis Shaw. I heard he even got ousted as the Mayor of Ding Dong City.
  18. He fouled a ball off his knee two nights ago and was in lots of pain. He didn't leave the game and was able to DH yesterday but maybe it hurt too much to actually try to lumber around out in the outfield today? Hoping it's related to that and not anything worse. 🤢
  19. FWIW, Pitcher List’s rankings on Monday debuted him at #66 overall, one behind Alzolay and a few ahead of Logan Allen.
  20. Sorry for the lack of clarity. I do think he’s an ace (or at least a near-ace) but I was trying to say that those who traded for him thinking they’d have a top 5-10 bonafide stud on their hands who will just mow down everyone he faces (and even the bonafide studs don’t do that), they need to remember that he’s still young and still needs to learn how to fight through adversity. That’s what I was getting at. I’m a big fan and think he’s going to be just fine the rest of the way.
  21. One doesn’t just become an ace overnight. It was naive of anyone who traded for him to assume they had an immediate ace in their hands. Giolito cruised through May and was the most dominant pitcher in the league that month but he didn’t really face much adversity. He just mowed everyone down. What makes guys like Verlander and Scherzer complete studs is that they know how to find that extra gear to get out of trouble when they don’t have their best stuff or when they allow a couple of men on base to lead off an inning (which is going to happen to every pitcher at some point). Last night, for example, Gio faced Chavis with the bases loaded in the 6th and was within an out of getting out of the inning with a 3-2 lead and a QS. It was probably the most nerve-wracking at-bat he’s dealt with in the last month and I think the nerves got to him. He lost the feel for his fastball and wasn’t even close to the strike zone for balls 3 and 4, walked in the tying run, and got pulled. If he gets out of that jam, most of his owners would probably today be saying that he had a solid start, 6 IP, 2 ERs, 9 baserunners, 7 Ks, a QS and maybe a W. He’ll hopefully learn from it and have some experiences to build on the next time he finds himself in similar tight spot. Bottom line: with the way pitching is going this year, he’s still a guy I’m happily rolling out there every start in the even the shallowest of leagues unless there is a complete collapse down the road.
  22. I'm loving the throwback look.