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  1. Seriously? Frick fantasy I’m done.
  2. It’s just a shame he can’t throw touchdowns to the receivers people actually own.
  3. Probably not. Run first offense and Cousins is trash. I’d start Godwin over Diggs any day of the week.
  4. Seattles offense can’t support fantasy relevant receivers.
  5. Yep regretting this too. Fantasy is a joke.
  6. Hahaha and all the experts were against Rodgers. Start your studs.
  7. McCaffrey will probably finish #1 overall and I’m not sure it will be even close. He’s a monster.
  8. I could make some of the throws Newton is missing. Just wow. And I’d do it for a lot less money.
  9. Cam Newton is horrible. Time to grab Josh Allen.
  10. I remember I drafted Julio over Thomas. Solid.
  11. Malcom Brown needs to be owned everywhere.