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  1. I dropped Nance and pick up Chriss before knowing Nance would play. How's that?!
  2. Anyone holding? Playoff starts next week for me.I am thinking of dropping him.
  3. Anyone holding? Playoff starts next week for me. thinking of dropping him.
  4. Beast in a punt assist team. Only weakness would be 3pts.
  5. I tried to sell him high even before the demotion to the bench, here are the offers I made that my trade partners accepted. Kanter + Matthews = Klay (before his record setting 3's) Kanter + Matthews = Ibaka (before ibaka going nuts) but it got vetoed in the end. I can say my league sucks.
  6. i packaged him with Wesley Matthews to get Serge Ibaka.
  7. Both are struggling, Is it okay to trade Irving for McCollum? Thoughts?
  8. Wou would you rather have? Thoughts?
  9. I don't recommend selling high on LeVert but if you can get someone in the top 50, go for it. Traded LeVert for Jrich for my punt ast build. I feel pretty good about it.
  10. Who wins in this trade? I am puntig assist and currently have Vucevic/LeVert. Thoughts?
  11. Who would you rather have? I'll help in return.