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  1. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    If you're good at 3pts, you can get a guy like D. Murray or Fultz. Tyreke, LaVine, Brogdon, Bradley, Rozier.
  2. Which side would you prefer? Curry+Porter or Irving+Walker?
  3. R. Gay or K. Andresson. WHIR

    I would go with Anderson easily.
  4. who would you rather have? team on my signature. I am punting assist anyway.
  5. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    What if someone is also punting assist and they snagged those PG that your're targeting late like Beverly/Bradley/Brogdon/Rozier/Fultz/Tyler Johnson/Smart and you ended up with either Dunn, Payton, Schroder, Fox, Augustin? That is not a good fit. For me, I still think its best to get at least 1 PG to fit your punt assist build in the 1st 6 rounds or you'll end up weak in PTS. If you did get 2 bigs in the 1st 2 rounds, going for PG in the 3-5th rounds is a must (Bledsoe, McCollum, Booker, Richardson, Williams, Dragic, LaVine, Murray) because I think it is easier to round out your roster if you have elite guys on each position.
  6. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    I really love punting assist and here is mine drafted at 17th pick, mine is a little deep 18 team competitive league. 18 teams H2H 9 cat PG - Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving SG - Buddy Hield, Wesley Matthews SF - Tj Warren, Dillon Brooks PF - John Collins, Larry Nance, Trey Lyles C - Jarrett Allen, Enes Kanter, Mitchelle Robinson Obviously I'm a little bit weak at steals and 3pts. Hopefully I can trade some of my bigs for a guy that boost my 3pts and steals. I still think I am in a pretty good position to compete.
  7. Who would you rather have?
  8. Trade help! Trying to get Dunn. WHIR

    The trade got vetoed. They say I am giving too much for two injured players. I am currently at 3rd place and he is at 10. Dont knoe why it got vetoed.
  9. Trade help! Trying to get Dunn. WHIR

    I was thinking with that trade I can lock up Assist,Steals,Rebounds while still being competitive with Pts,3pts,Blks,Ft%. Its like I'm trading pts,3pts,ft%, for rebs,ast,stl which I'm fine with coz I'm over at points.
  10. Jarrett Allen or John Collins ROS ?

    If you need stocks, good % and low to, I'll go with Allen. If you lean more on Pts and Rebs go with Collins. Imo, id go with Allen because blocks are rare.
  11. Aldridge for Barnes and Mirotic?

    Stay put. In a 10 team league it is always better to make a 2 for 1 trade to get the better player since you can get a good replacement from the free agent.
  12. Who wins whir

    Butler side since you are getting the best player in the deal.
  13. RHJ or Jarrett Allen? WHIR

    Keep RHJ. Try to trade 2 for 1 and pick up Allen.
  14. I'm in a 14 team league H2H. Im giving away Josh Richardson and Carmelo Anthony for Kris Dunn and Lonzo Ball. Team on my signature. I am punting fg% and TO. Thoughts?