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  1. I got Bacon at round 10 in my 18 team league. If you are desperate for points late in the draft, he is a gold. The lack of talent in CHA gives him the opportunity to be the 2nd/3rd option on offense. He is youngso therr is room for him to improve. Hopefully it will translate to more counting stats because he is strong and athletic.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts. I already dropped Davis for Thrybulle and now I was thinking if I should move DJJ for someone like Caboclo/NAW/Holmes/Garland(they just drop him).
  3. I got Beal autopicked at 10th and pair him with Vuc, Aldridge and LeVert. Wven without a pg in the 1st 4 rounds,I am still pretty competitive in assist. Overall,I think I did a pretty good job in my 18 team h2h league.
  4. I was also hoping Beal would get the PG eligibility when he plays point during the season.
  5. Im on 18 team H2H. Should I go punt assist or try to trade for a PG and habe a balance one. Beal and LeVert is the only guys that can give me assist. thoughts? 18 team / H2H 9 Cat. Im short PG - Derrick White SG - Bradley Beal, Caris LeVert, Norman Powell, Dwayne Bacon SF - Robert Covington, Derrick Jones Jr. PF - LaMarcus Aldridge, Zach Collins, PJ Tucker C - Nikola Vucevic, Ed Davis
  6. who is better fantasy player in H2H? ill help in return. Thanks!
  7. I dropped Nance and pick up Chriss before knowing Nance would play. How's that?!
  8. Anyone holding? Playoff starts next week for me.I am thinking of dropping him.
  9. Anyone holding? Playoff starts next week for me. thinking of dropping him.
  10. Beast in a punt assist team. Only weakness would be 3pts.
  11. I tried to sell him high even before the demotion to the bench, here are the offers I made that my trade partners accepted. Kanter + Matthews = Klay (before his record setting 3's) Kanter + Matthews = Ibaka (before ibaka going nuts) but it got vetoed in the end. I can say my league sucks.
  12. i packaged him with Wesley Matthews to get Serge Ibaka.
  13. Both are struggling, Is it okay to trade Irving for McCollum? Thoughts?