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  1. Best Regular Season Move

    On draft night, I made a big trade involving draft picks - turned out to be (I give) Gronkowski, Crowell for (I get) Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb, and Brandin Cooks I traded my 2nd + late picks for 4th, 5th, 6th
  2. Auction Draft Strategy Thread 2018-2019

    Something i never thought about, I will have to employ this strategy next season
  3. Auction Draft Strategy Thread 2018-2019

    Lots of excellent tips. Thanks. I did my first auction last week (went in blind.) I did not acquire any top players, but I was able to get some mid round targets for a good value. These were the results: 15 Chris Paul Hou, PG $39 26 Blake Griffin Det, PF $21 34 CJ McCollum Por, SG $24 41 Kyrie Irving Bos, PG $30 60 Paul Millsap Den, PF $9 62 Otto Porter Jr. Wsh, SF $16 73 Al Horford Bos, C $16 79 Aaron Gordon Orl, PF $11 82 Rodney Hood Cle, SG $5 87 Brandon Ingram LAL, SF $10 94 De'Aaron Fox Sac, PG $4 I was left with $15/200, Wish i went harder after a few top player, but oh well.
  4. Eric Ebron 2018 Outlook

    Does he always get nicked up this often? It seemed he was slow to get up a few times and even went to the bench in pain twice.
  5. 1.05 + 1.09 rookie picks for Joe Mixon?

    My team is bad and very thin at RB 14 team, 0.5 PPR I own 1.09, I could trade Alshon Jeffery for 1.05, then use those two picks to get Mixon QB: Stafford, Trubisky WR: Allen Robinson, Alshon Jeffery, Kelvin Benjamin, Mike Williams, Corey Coleman, Rishard Mathews, Keelan Cole RB: Mckinnon, Duke Johnson, Bilall Powell, CJ Prosise, Gio Bernard TE: OJ Howard, Eric Ebron +Various IDP Players Part of the reason my team is so bad is I have never had a high draft pick. Startup draft I had pick 12, Last year rookie draft I had pick 10, this year I have pick 9. I definitely over achieved last year, this is going to be my year to rebuild. edit: Last summer I traded away Shady for 1.12(Mike Williams), Duke Johnson, Kelvin Benjamin. I also turned down his Ameer Abdullah for my Corey Coleman
  6. Trade Duke Johnson for 2019 1st?

    Keep Duke, hes a FA next year
  7. 1.05 + 1.09 rookie picks for Joe Mixon?

    It's a dynasty league, we all keep around 15 offensive players. Best player available would be someone like Albert Wilson
  8. In a 14 team 0.5PPR IDP Dynasty League
  9. .5 PPR 14 Team Dynasty (Started in 2016) (very small rosters, something I've fought to change)(also IDP but I wont include IDP players) Because of the size of the league, RB depth is hard to come by, I was one of the unfortunate ones to end up thin at RB. In 2017, I traded LeSean McCoy for Duke Johnson, Kelvin Benjamin, and a first round pick (Mike Williams.) Im not sure where to go at this point, obviously I need help at RB. This team made the playoffs with the 2nd lowest points for, so I have pick #9. My thoughts are to draft an RB instead of trading for one. No one wants to part ways with RB's, due to the nature of a 14 team league. I Could try to overpay for an RB (Carlos Hyde?) by sending a combination of: Duke J, Mike Williams, Corey Coleman, Kelvin Benjamin, 1st round pick. Is that even worth it? My other option is to blow it up... Matt Stafford Andy Dalton (QB) Mitch Trubisky Jerrick McKinnon Duke Johnson Billal Powell (RB) Gio Bernard CJ Prosise (will be cut) Allen Robinson Alshonn Jeffery Corey Coleman Rishard Matthews (WR) Kelvin Benjamin Mike Williams Keelan Cole Eric Ebron (TE) O.J. Howard
  10. OJ Howard for Duke Johnson? WHIR

    I wouldn't. You should be able to get much more for Howard.