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  1. He cant be in the doghouse forever. I expect him to be more involved this week.
  2. Picking him up for a bye week fill in or use in case of injury type guy. There is probably one team in every league that could take a chance on Chark, never know how it will turn out.
  3. The condescending tone of this post has not aged well.
  4. I picked him up. Thin at WR and had an expendable bench player to drop for Dorset. Willing to take the 3 week wait and see approach until bye weeks begin.
  5. Same here. Got him at pick 29 of my dynasty draft as well. I'm not high on him but thought the value there was amazing. Smooth cat that had a great combine, looking forward to watching him in week 4.
  6. I've looked into this in the past. There is little to no correlation between a contract year and increased level of play.
  7. Best value to me in that 5th tier of WR's including Allen Robinson, Pettis, Watkins, Kirk. I'd love to load up on RB's early and take 3 of these guys as my WR2, WR3, And WR4. This tier of WR's isnt underrated, its exactly where they belong. However, I feel they all offer a respectable floor, and have an exciting ceiling that we fantasy players chase later on in drafts.
  8. B. Saquan+CMC is a nasty combination and you still get a WR1 in Thomas.
  9. Mike Williams. Value is too good to pass up. Please help with mine:
  10. These is really interesting replies, thanks everyone. So far: One of the TEs - 8 Aaron Jones - 6 Mike Williams - 4 Split pretty well down the middle. I myself would consider Aaron Jones least valuable considering the opportunity cost so its interesting to see most of you consider Mike Williams as the drop.
  11. Mike Williams for sure And Christian Kirk or Watson? Thats a toss up, I love Watson more, but I like the opportunity cost less. This year's late round QB's seem a lot better than previous years, however they wont have top 3 upside like Watson. I'd go with Watson today, but keep on eye on them both leading up to your draft.
  12. Like others have said, OBJ for the shelf life. Chubb's injury history and DJ's age would be my concerns long term.
  13. 12 team - 0.5 PPR - 25 round IDP redraft league Im keeping Chubb for a 6th, pick 2 others: Aaron Jones (5th) Mike Williams (12th) OJ Howard (16th) Hunter Henry (18th) (not a TE premium league) A few top 15 RB's are also going to be kept (Barkley, Kamara, Connor) as well as Michael Thomas and JuJu.
  14. On draft night, I made a big trade involving draft picks - turned out to be (I give) Gronkowski, Crowell for (I get) Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb, and Brandin Cooks I traded my 2nd + late picks for 4th, 5th, 6th