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  1. I'd do the Castillo and Swanson side by far
  2. 20 team dynasty H2H each cat offer I give up Stanton and receive B McCann, Donaldson, and Yandy Diaz. I have a legit chance to win the league this year. Cats are R,HR,RBI,SB,AVG, and OPS... what are y'all's opinion on this? Here is my team:
  3. I'll take Blazers Hawks or Blazers Grizzlies if Hawks are taken...
  4. I'll take Team 1, my email is
  5. I'd go with either Horford and Harris or Horford and Randle. Randle will have a big year with the Knicks and horford will continue to put up good numbers bring surrounded by everyone else. Harris is there if you want a little bit more scoring/shooting
  6. 20 team H2H most cats 13/15 keeper dynasty league I got offered fox, shamet, dejounte Murray, and Tony Bradley for PG13 My bottom 3 keepers at the moment are korver, vonleh, and jj barea so this would help my depth a lot. Thoughts??
  7. What kind of chat do y'all use? I am interested...
  8. here's my team if that helps. not sure if it is private or not.
  9. I would be giving up Benintendi, La Stella, and Newcomb and I would be getting Clevenger, Keuchel, and J Up R,HR,RBI,SB,AVG,OPS K,QS,W,SV,ERA,WHIP are the cats Should I do this or try and get more for Benintendi?