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  1. Yes it is better late than never. The other league filled up. So do you want snake or auction draft?
  2. Draft is at 9pm eastern tonight during nfl game. will set roster manually, don't worry Superflex, 1PT PPR, $25, 14 TEAM DRAFT AT 9PM EASTERN TONIGHT 8 teams if there 14 teams in league. Playoffs will be 2 rounds each. 3 rounds total. If you want to see how they worked go league office and change year from 2018 to 2017. Regular season weeks 1-13 Round 1 weeks 13-14 Round 2 weeks 14-15 Championship weeks 15-16 Also if regular season is head, there is a good chance there teams tied for final spot, much more diffcult to have teams ties when they play 13 games per week. Tied teams will essentially be in a head to head playoff that counts the final 2 weeks of the season as the tiebreaker, or if there are more than two teams tied it will be all the teams whoever scores the most points in weeks 12 plus 13. Breaking down roster size, this is why it is smaller than standard... 14 teams * (11 starters + 5 bench) 16 players per team = 224 14 teams * (11+4) 15 players per team = 210 players Take a look at espn size league with 9 starters (standard size on espn) + 6 or 7 bench size 12 teams * (9+6) 15 players = 172 players 12 teams * (9+7) 16 players = 184 players Last year, innone other league.. With 14 teams, 11 starters + 5 bench players (there was barely any free agents at all, the teams who drafted well did well all season and thr bad teams did bad, so if you drafted a team riddled with injuries, there was no chance to repair you team in free agency) There are 11 starters per team 1QB 1(QB/RB/WR/TE) 2RB 2WR 1TE 1(RB/WR) 1(WR/TE) 1K 1DST + 4 bench + 1 to 2 IR will discuss in draft room hour prior to draft. And there is a 2 QB max so there should technically be 4 starting nfl QBs available each of the first three weeks, then the bye weeks start. You only are required to start 1 qb but you with 6 pt TDs passing, it should push everyone to start 2QBs when they can. And the IR spot is not specifically for QBs but that 8s the main reason it is there because of QB injuries that are only one week or so long wont cripple your team that week
  3. Superflex, 1PT PPR, $25, 14 TEAM DRAFT AT 9PM EASTERN TONIGHT
  4. Ok I created one more league. Draft is at 9:00 pm eastern.
  5. Invite sent. There are no reservations. The people who pay 1st are in. So while your seat, of paid should be the final seat, there would still be 4 other seats curreently unpaid.
  6. Possibly five, someone just sent me message with two emails I sent invites too, another guy from last season in a diffeent league said he was going to pay this morning and if you join that would leave onlyone seat left open.