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  1. Shin contusion. Not sure what happened to him. I’d guess drilled by a grounder. Not watching the game, but shin contusion is what it said on the ticker.
  2. Don’t want to name names, but someone in this thread some pages back said Baez was his first cut if he needed someone off waivers. I really hope he didn’t do that. He’s been fun to own all year.
  3. Dascha Polanco being the catcher for a bit certainly livened up my night. Jamie Foxx was hilarious and anything with Tim Kurkjian was awesome. Was definitely entertaining.
  4. Such a cool moment for Nimmo. Seems like a genuinely good guy.
  5. Slower than Tim Wakefield. Just kidding. Or am I?
  6. Goldy with an oppo taco on a fastball up and outside part of the plate from Lugo.
  7. Foot. He tried to walk it off, but went into the dugout and into the clubhouse, it appears.
  8. Scroll down a bit. He’s supposed to be good to go for his next start. Hammy and abductor.
  9. I only asked about his defense because some MLB managers like to have solid defensive players in there. But, if he keeps hitting and getting on base like this, I think Davey’s hands might be tied.
  10. If he’s your next drop, your team must be loaded. ?
  11. I don’t watch him regularly. Does anyone have any info about his defense? Range, arm, etc. ?
  12. I feel like his steady Avg. makes up for some other guys that are slumping or underperforming in that category. I may be looking at him through roto goggles, admittedly. But he’s definitely useful.
  13. Battletoads was...very difficult to say the least. I think I made it to the Robo Manus fight and got destroyed. Good times.
  14. I suppose that’s true. But it’s just something I do. When a pitcher is first activated from the dl, I tend to watch the first start and see how they respond to the layoff. If all seems well, then I throw them in the lineup. Not taking that approach in this case, though. Maybe because it’s a weekly league. In a daily, I would bench him Tuesday and if he looks good, I’d throw him in for the second start. But I digress. Didn’t mean to derail the thread.
  15. Only 5 games. Not too many pitchers going. I guess go baseball? ?
  16. And for what it’s worth, in a normal scenario, I would keep him on my bench due to possible rust, possible pitch counts, etc. But, since it’s a possible two start week, and the opponents appear to be favorable, in a weekly league, I’m locking him in. Hope this isn’t too bench coach. Just my opinion.
  17. I think he might have meant Yadi’s second rehab game, but it’s poorly worded.
  18. Try your alternate Fox channel. For me, golf is on channel 5. Mets are on 20. I have Optimum, if that helps at all.
  19. His batting average is not where it should be, but I’m sure it can be accepted when he’s on pace for 30+ HR, 200 R+RBI. OBP is where it should be, if not higher than expected, in relation to his BA. 100 or so points better. So if/when his BA corrects to say .270ish, OBP should be in the neighborhood of .370. What’s not to like, other than the average? Also, I think he has a SB or 2 as well. Not sure about his metrics. Someone that knows more than me could look at it. @garlando , perhaps? I greatly enjoy his posts. ?
  20. It is a pleasure to watch Aaron Nola pitch.