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  1. I'm annoyed...he's really putting a damper on all my J-Myke investments.... kidding! JJJampionship!
  2. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    The Sox have the Yanks Barca has Real Madrid Maggie has the One eye browed baby I have jamaal99 and I've accepted that...
  3. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    Hype Beast: Approves this message...always fresh...
  4. a man can dream... but a realistic dream at that... good stuff!
  5. Great question...I heard rumblings that Minny wants to relieve themselves of Gorgui (Why I don't know) and in part this is why The Butler trade has been held up...My 1st instict would be the Clippers and that was a target team for Butler originally...not sure if the Clippers want Butler though...
  6. Low key: Bazemore getting traded to make room for Huerter... And Okogie taking over full time at the 2 from the Butler fallout... And Gorgui Dieng getting moved somewhere he can play so I can scoop him and use him full time! Miss havin him on my squad...
  7. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    SGA- Avery Bradley ruled out again and in a boot, the SaGA continues Glenn Robinson III- deep league, starting again over Stanley Johnson, could be 12 teamer quickly Bogdan Bogdanovic- the man so nice they named his twice, ramping up his activities for the Kings, may play realllll soon... Rundball rantin' baby! Gtta lve it! Gd luck tonight to most of you! lol
  8. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    Wow, Lolllllllll ok buddy you have a good day, if you don't want to read them......then don't! But they'll be there in case you change your mind... I am curious, what's with the hate...I mean do i know you? Just relax... this is all for fun and hopefully to get each other better...if I see a potential sleeper I'm going to put it out there... be well champion...
  9. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    Take this guys advice about taking advice with a grain of salt...geez, sippin on the haterade pal...Huerter scored 23 fantasy points last night (pretty good)...who knew he'd be out with a personal issue...but some of us know about personal issues better than others seeming as though you obviously have one against me... if you don't like my advice don't listen to it...
  10. Trae Young 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I traded away Jarrett Allen for Trae Young...i love Jarrett Allen...its well documented....but Trae man, he s a league winner down the stretch I feel... wait til the turnovers cut down... whoaaaaa baby
  11. Trae Young 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Please tell me you did!
  12. Brook Lopez 2018-2018 Season Outlook

    I just dropped Dedmon for Bro-Lo, Bro-Lo was dropped this morning after his big game (head scratcher) Bro-Lo plays Thurs Sat Sun...fun...Bucks are rollin and the bench looks great...could be a real fine scoop! He and Ersan are ballin as my friend Dezedandconfused pointed out... Br-L!
  13. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    I'm sweating...
  14. Waiver wire thread- week 4 ending 11/11

    hahaha I knooooooowwww....im battlin who to drop for Klavin Huerter...