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  1. Jaguars @ 49ers

    Thank god no. Man I turned the game off in disgust after the missed Lambo extra point. Fournette wasn’t even on the field for the last three drives. Why on earth was he even in there at the end?
  2. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    Word. I actually get to use Henry in my week 17 Championship game. I’ve kept the faith all year. Dont let me down!
  3. Kenyan Drake 2017 Season Outlook

    I have a week 17 champ game? Do y’all trust him next week?
  4. Jaguars @ 49ers

    Holy cow I won on the Fournetter check down!
  5. Jaguars @ 49ers

    WOW just lost on the extra point miss by .3
  6. Jaguars @ 49ers

    I need .3 from Fournette or Lambo. Someone tell me I'm gonna be alright
  7. Travis Kelce 2017 Season Outlook

    Anyone know what the deal is? Is his backup worth a pickup? I need him to win a Championship!
  8. Simple Question - Pick the week 16 DST Bears vs CLE or Minny @ GB THat's it. I want to win the $$$. Leave a link. I will help back!
  9. 12/17/17 LA @ SEA

    Yes. Anyone think Wilson leaves. I'm playing against Him, Baldwin and Graham.
  10. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    Forced to start him with Fournette out. Playoffs on the line. Pray for me
  11. Pick my FLEX! WHIR

    Burkhead... I WISH I HAD HIM!
  12. What do you think ?

    Murray and ALf Then go with DEDE help me
  13. I'd start Nelson now. Help me:
  14. Fournette is out and I need to win in the playoffs. Here are my options: Derrick Henry @ SF Peyton Barber vs ATL Corey Coleman vs BAL TJ Yeldon is on my wire but I'm not thrilled about it. Team is in signature. Leave a link back!
  15. Who has the edge ? Whir

    You should post their matchups but I think like the Brees team a little more. They are going to dominate this week against the Jets. Help me: