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  1. Was that a fumble credited to Mahomes on the fourth down bobble?
  2. If the fullback gets you down to the one, come on, give him the ball again and let him get in!
  3. If Darwin has more upside, then why isn't he playing? I really want to hold a lotto ticket for longer than a millisecond. Said I was committed to holding Darwin long term. But doesn't look like it's happening for him. Has he even been in the game? Dude won't even need a shower. May look for a late game lotto ticket.
  4. My alert says Edelman was sent to the locker room...
  5. What are the Edelman and Gordon injury updates?
  6. I need Dallas to lose, it would crush Survivor pools.
  7. Let’s end this stupid Darrell Williams experiment. Bring on pocket Hercules.
  8. I’m looking long term. Not picking up this Darrell garbage.
  9. One slip on that wet ground and Shady could be out for weeks with the ankle.
  10. I picked him up as a season long league winner!
  11. I hope Brady feeds JG today. Gave AB all the attention last week when he was in the game. Now it's time for Flash to rise again. Brady to JG: "No hard feelings about last week. You can understand why I wanted to date the hottest girl in the class. But now that she's moved to Alabama, you're the next best thing. Do you want to go to Homecoming?"
  12. If it's ever going to happen, it's going to happen today. Williams out. McCoy either doing a serious acting fake-out job or is truly hurt. Now if somebody could find Tonya Harding to take care of Darrel Williams' knee, we'd be golden...