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  1. Gee, you think? He already has a diva reputation and his latest actions just validate that. Sure, he'll get a job because some desperate team will want to acquire him for his play and don't really care about locker room dynamics. It will be interesting to see if he is just as effective with a rookie or mediocre QB and to see how much of his success was tied to Ben.
  2. I'm curious why they haven't used Tyreek Hill at all this game...
  3. Michel is a top 30 pick next year.
  4. Karma is a beeyatch!!! Woohoo!
  5. Who are the hotties flanking Clark Hunt? Twins?
  6. Great INT, didn't fool them. Now let's see if Mahomes can get some touch on the ball.
  7. If it is this loud in the Superdome today, then why doesn't the crowd do it every single game of the year? I get that it's a playoff game and people are amped, but they should use this advantage to it's fullest extent all the time.
  8. If CJA is still on the Rams next year, then there's no way I would take Gurley with #1 overall. I'm confused why they think CJA is more effective. Is Gurley completely healthy?
  9. I'm always curious why people think one platform is superior to another. I have played on both Yahoo and ESPN, and I found Yahoo to be just fine and serviced our league well. I found ESPN to be a little confusing, but that's likely because I was already used to Yahoo. Why is Yahoo "easily being the worst"? What about the Yahoo platform or the functionality makes it a poor choice for a league? Serious question, I want to make sure I'm not missing anything. I think the Yahoo app is functional, and I think the desktop site is perfectly good as well. But again, maybe it's just what I'm comfortable with.
  10. Where is Conner and Bell in this list???
  11. For me, #1 is Saquon. He is the most explosive RB in the league and he’s a threat to house one every single time he touches the ball. But what convinced me is seeing how effective CJA has been since given the opportunity. I think Gurley’s touches go down next year.
  12. Seeing how much run CJA is getting tonight makes me think Saquan should be #1 overall next year.
  13. When finally healthy, in the last five games of the year, he averaged 19.5 points per game in PPR formats and 5.7 ypc. If he drops to me in the late second, I’m buying.
  14. He's going to be a top 50ish pick in PPR formats, and in bigger 12 or 14 team leagues, that's a late 4th or early 5th pick. That's just too high for a guy in an offense where they spread it around a lot and in a Nagy offense that has shown he doesn't rely on a workhorse. His floor could be 4 or 5 touches as we have seen. That's week killing if you're relying on him as an RB2 which you would be given his price.
  15. Offense is average at best. Can't rely on the defense to be perfect, that's too much pressure. The personal foul on Amos that extended the drive that led to the TD was a game changer. Parkey of course is pathetic. When the Bears realized they couldn't get the #2 seed last week because the Rams were stopping on the Niners, they should have put in the subs and let the Vikings win. Facing the Vikings would have been a much easier option than a dangerous Eagles and Foles team. Sigh.