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  1. I was wanting to take a flier on Duke Johnson in the hopes that he would get traded elsewhere before the season. But the article does bring up a great point about how with Hunt out for 8 games, they'll need somebody to spell Chubb. Don't know why I never thought of it that way. If Duke does get traded, maybe it is later on in the season, which of course makes him less appealing to own. Speaking of Hunt, I could see them trading him next season if Chubb continues to show well. No point having two alpha backs on the roster, right?
  2. Oh I totally get it. I'm just giving examples of circumstances that have occurred to owners in the past where they ended up being autodrafted for essentially their entire league. I think it's on all the league to make sure they are available and ready. And if your internet goes down, then that's just bad luck. I was not aware that Yahoo drafts could be paused, will have to look into that. The benefits of an online draft vs in-person sticker board draft- efficient, no nonsense, no hemming and hawing over picks, no hearing the timer go off but you still haven't picked and stall until you decide, etc. - are also sometimes what some may find to be inflexible. But that's why you choose one platform/format over the other.
  3. Hmm. Ours has never been paused, despite people having internet problems occasionally. Maybe we just weren't aware it was an option. The problem with online drafts of course is the unexpected internet slowness/outage. So if you're drafting at home and you get bumped off, unless you know the commish and call in immediately to get the draft paused, then you're out of luck. I'm going to guess that in most online drafts, the drum keeps beating and if you're not ready or able to draft when it's your time, then it's tough luck. Despite the issues or concerns, I much rather prefer an online draft than the old stickers and posterboard that we used to have where your draft would take you until midnight to complete.
  4. I'm not sure if it's true for other platforms, but one thing I dislike about Yahoo is that you have to select a draft time on Yahoo. I guess in theory it would make sense, so the servers don't crash because you have 1000 leagues trying to do their draft all at once. But it makes it very inflexible. Say two people are stuck in traffic getting home and can't get to a computer. The draft will start right on time no matter what, unless the commish decides to change the draft time to a later slot. And there's no way to "pause" the draft. I know some leagues still meet in person for a party even if you're using the platform to draft online. What if you want to take a break after four rounds after the pizza arrives so you can drink some beers and eat and chat to analyze the draft? Nope. No option. The draft goes on.
  5. There's no right or wrong regarding decimal scoring. To each league their own. If there's a huge uproar to change the format, then the league can vote on it. Simple as that. I think everyone becomes accustomed to doing things the way they've always been doing them, and they can't see any other way to do things. My league changed from rolling waivers to FAAB several years ago. Wasn't a popular suggestion. Took a lot of convincing on why it was better. League barely ratified the change when it was put to a vote. Now? People love it and can't believe we did it the old stupid rolling priority for all those years.
  6. These are all very bold. So super studs Julio, Green, Davante Adams, and Hopkins will all become second fiddle on their teams? I see maybe one of them becoming their team's #2, but I would venture that it would have to be due to injury.
  7. Oh yes, we too have had several matchups over the years decided by 0.01 and 0.02. Talk about the sweet taste of victory and the devastating agony of defeat. I don’t like that counteroffer idea at all. Does it happen in the real NFL? Teams announce a trade and then the rest of the league tries to beat it? Division rivals would just try to swoop in and make a trade to block their rival?
  8. And this is why it pays to do best ball drafts early...
  9. Surprised to see on myfantasyleagues that he is being drafted #7 or 8. Really? That's too rich, I think we would all agree. Those of us that owned him last year who get to keep him for a round 9 or 10 draft pick are doing a Snoopy happy dance now, am I right??
  10. Shades of Dalvin Cook from last year? Coming off an ACL injury, then he got this hamstring injury which supposedly wasn't related. Not to mention the veteran Latavius Murray problem. Ruined his whole first half of the season. I'm staying away. I'd rather have Kenyan Drake or Tarik Cohen at his price point.
  11. Zeke was deemed to be in the clear one day after meeting with Goodell. Now Tyreek doesn't seem to have met with Goodell but rather these NFL investigators, but he did meet with them a while ago and still no news. How does the league office determine who meets with investigators and who gets to go right to Goodfornothing? Seems so arbitrary.
  12. Well the mere fact that it is friends, even if they are casual acquaintances, makes it a lot tighter and closer than just a group of random internet people that you have never met. So there must be at least a little sense of culture and tradition. I'm sure that somebody in your league would have a buddy or co-worker that would want to join. As I said earlier, I don't agree with trying to adjust the teams. If you have a good league, people should want to play in it and will take any opportunity. Are your keepers at least limited in some fashion? Meaning, increasing draft round cost year after year, can only keep for one year, etc.? If the new owner knew that they just have to ride it out one year or so, and then get a better chance the following, it would be an easier sell, especially if the entry fee is reduced. Taking over a crappy dynasty league team however is a different scenario.
  13. I might be in the minority, but I'd prefer team B. Team A has no 3,5,6, or 7th round pick. That's tough. Kupp is easily replaceable and Vance is just a dart throw like all the tight ends. At least with Team B, you get all your picks except the 4th rounder. I think in any league that allows trading of future draft picks, the owner should be required to put down next year's entry fee as collateral. You quit, then you're forfeiting your entry fee. Maybe take half that fee and put it towards the prize pool for the upcoming season and allow the new owner to play at a reduced cost as sort of a payback for taking on a potentially crappy team. I know some leagues would just find owners to takeover teams, and whatever the situation is, it is. I think it's highly unusual to try to balance orphaned teams - it's not fair to the remaining established guys in the league.
  14. Too early to say. But ask me in about two months. My answer will be “everybody except these 15...”
  15. Garbage time points are fantasy goodness all the same. How many of us have been up against an opponent only to see the RB get 5 passes for 55 yards in the last three minutes and then your ten point lead evaporates and you lose by 0.5? I couldn’t care less if Eli sucks at real life football. Give 91 catches yo Saquon again and he will be money once again. In the majority of leagues, he will be the #1 overall pick, there’s no doubting that.
  16. Is this the thread where everybody chimes in with a bold prediction for their keeper players for the upcoming season? Ah yes, it is? Dalvin Cook - top 5 PPR RB Famous Jameis - most passing yards in the league. Along with 22 INTs. Carlos Hyde holds his own and finishes within 50 PPR points of Damien Williams.
  17. Really good point about a keeper league. Dynasty I assume he's owned. In limited keeper leagues, I doubt somebody would be using a spot on him this year given his draft cost last year. But if you can pick him up on the cheap this year to hold for next year? Yeah, that's golden. Basically however, you'll be sacrificing a roster spot the entire year. Are you allowed to practice with the team when you are suspended? Still allowed to sit in weekly meetings, etc.? Or are you banned from team facilities during that time? I seem to remember Zeke working out on his own - was he on a beach or was I just imagining that?
  18. Rethinking the issue. The question - assuming he makes it through the 8 game suspension without doing anything else stupid - would be what kind of role he comes back to in week 9. By then, let's assume that Chubb is a 3 down bellcow because Duke would be playing elsewhere. Does that leave Hunt with 10-12 touches a game? Would he become the "high end handcuff who will be a league winning monster in the event of injury"? 8 weeks of dead weight seems to be a long time to hold a handcuff.
  19. Yeah, I'm not sure what all the debate is here. The guy is a stud. Generational. Doesn't matter if he's on a crappy team. Remember those games last year where he got 10-16 dump-off targets? I'll take that all day and twice on Sundays. Barkley has the potential to house any carry he gets, that explosion is hard to find. You can't really go wrong IMO with Barkley, CMC, and Kamara. I think Zeke is always a thread for suspension so probably would put him fourth. But any of the others would be fine.
  20. He's an immature idiot. Seems very reminiscent of Dez when Jerry Jones wanted him to have a baby sitter. That's what this guy needs. Or he learns the tough lesson and gets dropped by the Browns and then out of the league. Despite being an idiot and seemingly not somebody I'd like anywhere near my family, I'll gladly take him if he drops to me in the 9th round. Because winning at fantasy football means you sometimes have to make morally questionable drafting decisions...
  21. By draft time, everybody will know that Chris Godwin is going to ball out that they'll even forget that Mike Evans is on the team. I think he'll be early 5th round material. I like this guy and want to own him. But I also want OJ Howard. Not sure I can put that much trust in knucklehead Winston's right arm and brain.
  22. From ESPN today... "Elliott was seen on video having an argument with his girlfriend when he turned his attention to the security guard. Elliott is subject to a fine or suspension under the league's personal conduct policy, which does not require an arrest or conviction for a player to be penalized." I guess NFL players are held to a higher moral standard than the rest of America. Any of us can argue with our girlfriend or spouse, and maybe even have a little drunken misunderstanding with somebody at a bar or concert, yet we still show up to work on Monday with nobody being the wiser. The takeaway here is that if you want an opponent's star player to be suspended, start having your fans follow these guys at all times with cellphone in hand and recording any possible egregious violations of this personal conduct policy...
  23. Interesting list. I could see Vance splashing. I still think the second tier is Henry/Howard/Engram/Ebron/Cook as I said up above. And if you have Vance #7, then you can totally take advantage of your league and his lower ADP and nab him later. I want no part of Kyle Rudolph. I know they paid him, not sure why, and he's never been exciting for me. Graham has said a lot of right stuff about wanting to be better in the red zone, but we all know Rodgers doesn't really look to the tight ends. And Reed? Just yikes. I'm curious what you mean by "decide when it's time to get a position". So you go into the draft saying "I know in the 7th round I want to draft my TE because I started out RB RB WR WR RB WR"? So if Vance is on the board you'd take him in the 7th even though he might go a little later?
  24. I wonder what this "massive amount of evidence" is to support his testimony? What could it be? Text messages from the mother admitting she was trying to set him up? Doctor statements suggesting child's injury not due to abuse and trauma but instead an accident? I thought the whole reason why he wasn't being charged was because there IS no evidence of a crime, so I'm curious what Hill could show that would back that up. If it is indeed a 4 game firm suspension to start the season, no appeal, etc... I'd take him in the late 3rd in 12 and 14 team leagues. I passed on Edelman last year because I was wary of the 4 games, and that was a mistake. It's easy to find somebody to fill in for the first few weeks of the year when everyone is presumably healthy.
  25. Big 3 (will cost you a pretty penny) . Henry/Howard/Engram/Ebron/Cook . . Vance/Hooper/Njoku/Walker (not exciting but probably could get you about 6-7 PPR ppg) . . . Whole bunch of garbage - old guys that you wish would just go away (Jimmy Graham, Greg Olsen, Kyle Rudolph, Jordan Reed), rookies (Hockensen, Fant), young guys with "ability" and "this could be a breakout" (Herndon, Gesicki, Burton, Dallas Goedert) Basically beyond the first 8, you're kind of screwed. Either nab one of the 4-8 guys, or just wait until double digit rounds and throw two darts and see what pans out.