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  1. I added him in 3 leagues. I have a championship to win. At this point it's all about maximizing the use of your games and targeting statistical needs. I think with 35 + minutes he can at least give me 12 / 5 / 3 with some steals.
  2. Huge disappointing finish. Literally did nothing but hurt my FG% over the last 2 months
  3. I have AD in one of my leagues, where I'm a bit nervous that he won't suit up again this season. Thank god it's just a $25 league. However it's a damn shame since I been 1st, on top all season with 88-45-2 in H2H Pelicans can literally send him home and trade him in July. I sure as hell believe they ain't falling to the Lakers demands and look like idiots. They'll be smart to wait until the summer to see what teams has the draft picks in order to make the best trade. Then again, I think if they do send him home and shut him down, the Pelicans would get a bad rep around the league and players would be reluctant to play there to see how they treat their players. Also interesting to see I was offered AD, Kevin Love and Dennis Schroder in one of my Yahoo Pro leagues for my Paul George and and Millsap. what to do what to do........ugh this waiting game is painful.
  4. 6 blocks....wtf Beginning to think I slept big time. I was one of those believers last season when he got traded to Brooklyn and went straight to the wire for Okafor within a minute.. Now this.....
  5. I didn't get him for shooting, and on a team where I needed to replace some of John Wall's contributions in assists and steals, he's really coming through lately.
  6. I don't think he'll be as good as 4th-5th round value like he was while he was in a Bulls uniform, especially given he was playing near 33+ minutes. However I think he'll have a lot of nice and better looks from 3. I'm going to hold for now, and if all else fails I'd stash Melton for his roster spot.
  7. Oh this kid is never going back to the waivers again. He challenges and contests shots, rebounds, and can finish around the rim. Let's hope the Wizards dont shake up too much roster changes or bring in a big man via trade.
  8. I think he'll produce enough to be owned in all 12 + team leagues. Likely a top-70 asset. Question is if Wizards goes fire sale mode and starts to trade pieces away for future.
  9. That's hilarious coming from a Knick fan who took Frank Ntilikina.
  10. So so glad I didn't drop...Was deciding between him or Huerter in terms of ROS value since I had DBook coming back from IR.
  11. I bought low and gave away RHJ for him in a $50 pro league lol I own him in 4 of my 7 leagues. Trying to buy low on the rest of them.