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  1. The hard part with that is if you did get your bell rung would you have the where with all to grab your leg.
  2. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Divisional Game

    You couldn't. However my original post was not about you being unhappy it was about Goodell being unhappy. Goodell most assuredly cares about TV ratings.
  3. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Divisional Game

    Because TV ratings.
  4. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Divisional Game

    Goodell might have a stroke if the Super Bowl ends up the Jag's vs Eagles sans Wentz.
  5. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    For anyone facing Gurley
  6. There is an entire quarter left. A TD does more to secure the game than running clock and kicking a field goal when you are first and goal. Me thinks you know nothing about football.