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  1. Not without a QB change.
  2. Whelp... I was obviously wrong. What a disappointing season for ARob. Dude looked legit last year... amazing how much things can change year to year.
  3. Miller!!!! Thank you god!
  4. Miller back in. Just had a carry.
  5. There's been no reports of injury but he's not playing.
  6. Marquees Wilson and Eddie Royal out. Looking like Howard should get a lot of touches today.
  7. I'm going to take a contrarian view... I think ARob has a good day. Hurns/JThomas are out and WR that complain typically get fed the next game.
  8. That's not how the Stealers have been utilizing Green. Quick passes likely means more AB. LOS is likely Bell.
  9. What's everyone take on him this weekend? AJ out, CLE horrible against the pass, nice production last week.... but cold, likely snowing, and forecasting ~15mph winds.
  10. Everywhere I look at rankings this week I see Olsen ranked high. I then go look at his production the last 6 weeks (averaging 7.8 pts in ppr) and scratch my head. This guy has vanished since the bye and the panthers are a mess. I don't get all the love in the rankings?
  11. Looks OK going laterally....
  12. We can pray... gotta survive this week first. Jeremy RauchVerified account ‏@FOX19Jeremy Dec 7 AJ Green doing a lot of quick lateral movement and light jogging on rehab field. @FOX19 #Bengals
  13. Yup... WR sucks all year and has tough matchup and everyone sits WR. WR complains and has meeting with QB to "get on same page". QB feeds WR and it does no one any good bc we all bench WR for the right reasons. I fully expect him to blow on my bench this week and then suck when I start him next week (if I survive to next week). "Just trying to talk through some things and figure out how we get on the same page," Bortles said Wednesday. "How do we get back to what we did last year and sometimes earlier in the season? But there was some missed throws on me, missed communications [against Denver last Sunday], so it was good to sit down with him and kind of go through and see what he was thinking kind of each time and each route and kind of talk through all that. "I think it helped and that'll continue because I'm going to give him all the opportunities in the world to make plays."
  14. Mary Kay CabotVerified account ‏@MaryKayCabot 3m3 minutes ago #Bengals Marvin Lewis on if AJ Green will play vs. #Browns: "We'll wait and see how the week goes.''
  15. I'd say this meeting is only ~10 weeks over due Ryan O'HalloranVerified account‏@ryanohalloran Bortles and ARob met the other day to get on same page.