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  1. Barkley, Conner, Ju-Ju, and Godwin... F#@$ me.
  2. Never know if Shady aggregates it today in sloppy conditions.
  3. 🤣I've been drinking and oops on that. Ninja edited so you didn't misread at first lol
  4. Time to swoop is tonight after the Schefty/Rapport news drops at midnight and not in the morning after it's all over when your league mates are up.
  5. Schefter and Rapport usually start dropping information around 12am ET. Time to move is after that and not in the morning once your league mates are up to speed.
  6. Coach likes rbbc, can't start him, can't drop him, and no one wants to trade for him. I hate having these type of players on my team.
  7. Technically Vikes are paying Cousins, Diggs, and Theilen a ton of money. By my back of napkin math they account for 27% of the Vikes salary cap this year. Thats a ton of money for players that aren't a focus of the game plan. I'd like to say better days ahead but I am astounded by NFL coaches decisions year after year.
  8. LOL. Yes. 7thBeatles beat me so I deleted it... looks like he deleted his. Here you go: