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  1. I’m facing the same situation. Rolling with McGuire. I’m not letting Fournette ruin my championship week when I’ve made it here in spite of him.
  2. 14-team Standard QB: A Luck RB: L Fournette, M Mack, E McGuire (FLEX), L Miller (BN), N Hines (BN), J Williams (BN), A Blue (BN) WR: S Diggs, L Fitzgerald, D Pettis (BN) TE: E Engram D/ST: Dolphins K: H Butker
  3. Steelers home 1p against an inferior opponent? Browns can definitely win this.
  4. pdog, buddy, go take a look at a couple still shots of Tracy and come back. You'll feel better.
  5. We get it. Fournette is ruining your season. Move along.
  6. They discussed audio on the fantasy focus podcast where LF "heard a pop" in regards to his hammy. That's all I need for him to be an automatic sit for the week.
  7. What a waste of a draft pick. I'm still waiting for this guy to show any sort of resemblance of being an "ace." Pathetic.