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  1. It’s gotta be last year with Rams against the Vikings.
  2. Gone for me as well. This is a floor I don't want to deal with.
  3. Good lord, what's the time of possession this first half lol?
  4. I agree with the potential of a Thursday night stinker. Streaming them this week in spite of the matchup.
  5. If I were opponents, I would throw at the center of the field against the Steelers. Every. Single. Play. That dumbass defensive coordinator is never going to adjust his scheme.
  6. Finally get to watch a terrible Thursday night game with nothing at stake. Woo!
  7. Agree with the majority here. Dropping Preston for Brown is the move.
  8. Regardless of the circus, I have to accept this offer right? 12-team league .5 pt PPR.
  9. This honestly makes the most sense. No competitor will sign him. Tanking teams with lots of cap room with the $ to throw around is the only scenario that will work. It’s not like AB is going to take a discount.
  10. Plus 2/3 of the killer b’s back together would probably generate some headlines.
  11. I don’t have a cable/dish service (cord cutter). If I want to watch out of market games, is there a legal online service available? I just want to watch Steelers games on a quality stream service. Reddit can be trash on sundays.
  12. Title says it all. These guys are going pretty close together in the 6th round in 14-team mocks. Who do you take? I'm leaning Sanders as my FLEX.
  13. I’m facing the same situation. Rolling with McGuire. I’m not letting Fournette ruin my championship week when I’ve made it here in spite of him.
  14. 14-team Standard QB: A Luck RB: L Fournette, M Mack, E McGuire (FLEX), L Miller (BN), N Hines (BN), J Williams (BN), A Blue (BN) WR: S Diggs, L Fitzgerald, D Pettis (BN) TE: E Engram D/ST: Dolphins K: H Butker
  15. Steelers home 1p against an inferior opponent? Browns can definitely win this.
  16. pdog, buddy, go take a look at a couple still shots of Tracy and come back. You'll feel better.
  17. We get it. Fournette is ruining your season. Move along.
  18. They discussed audio on the fantasy focus podcast where LF "heard a pop" in regards to his hammy. That's all I need for him to be an automatic sit for the week.
  19. Not again! Didn't they have to build a second Josh Gordon thread one year because of all the comments?
  20. Took the stillers by 4. Ben will proceed to s*** the bed against a NFC road opponent. Sorry Ben owners.
  21. True. After the Bowe and Britt signings, they'll probably never sign a FA WR again lol.