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  1. Jaylen you selfish bitch, toss the ball to Conner /s
  2. That would make him WR17 in 1/2 PPR last year. I feel like he's got potential to do more given that the OAK offense didn't look like complete dog**** last night, but I'll be more than happy with 1k yards and 7-8tds.
  3. Running the ball all day sounds like a good game plan until the Rams drop 14 points within the first 5 minutes of the game
  4. lol still slinging it on 4th down up 31, I have a feeling the football gods will strike again in the playoffs like last year
  5. I feel quite uneasy about this. Seen this play out too many times this year w/ Fournette, Cook, Mack, Coutee...
  6. Rams just picked up Fowler to help with the pass rush but the upcoming schedule is pretty rough - NO, Sea, KC, BYE Talib would be eligible to come off IR the first week of December, week 13. Are we holding? I'd hate to drop them and have another team pick them and ride this defense to the ship...
  7. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000980498/article/detroit-lions-seeking-midround-pick-for-golden-tate
  8. Playing against Oakland is considered practice, which makes today the maintenance day
  9. please refrain from freaking out until Friday
  10. new orleans has the best run defense in the nfl, ypc and yards/game, not surprised that he had a below average day he'll fare better next week against Carolina, plus his schedule after the bye week is easy, better days ahead. Cin Oak @Atl @KC TB @LAC
  11. fml what a ******** nightmare costed owners 2 games by playing a quarter each wasted roster spot for 10 weeks comes back splitting carries with another workhorse back