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  1. Derrick Favors (rest) practiced on Friday and is expected to play Saturday vs. the Hornets. Favors has missed two straight games with what the team has termed "rest," but has also been held out of full-contact practice this week as well. Favors is clearly not close to 100 percent. He was averaging just 9.8 points and 6.4 rebounds in the five previous games he appeared in. Favors return will reduce Trey Lyles and Boris Diaw's playing time. wonder how many face palms i'm gonna get this time around...
  2. playing in a competitive 20 teamer where the WW is pretty thin, i scooped this guy up soon as he was dropped. 10 6 3 1(blk) are hard to come by...besides i've got favors and hood so i'm used to the headaches lol
  3. got cp3 and p.gasol 1 of my 20 team leagues. thought I can ride it out until PO but then goes the Utah hood and favors too. and nelson got ejected yesterday...dang it.
  4. got favors for plumlee (por) in 1 of my 20 team leagues. thought i won the trade, apparently..........
  5. seems like Watson is ready to unleash this young blood. minutes are trending are up the past 2 games despite the unfavourable matchup. hope I don't jinx it lol own the guy in 2 competitive 20 team leagues..definitely a hold on my end.
  6. remember when a debate was up on this page re: bebe for nurk? everyone was calling the guy who shipped nurk for bebe an i**ot. well look who's laughing now lol
  7. well done guys he's now got PF eligibility in yahoo
  8. hope thibs keeps this winning formula in mind when lavine comes back.
  9. a moment of silence...for the most undervalued, underappreciated player in nba fantasy
  10. 2 of my big 3 only have 3 games this week and i'm going against curry AND green. Hope my waiver wire pickups for this week (portis and winslow) put up decent lines.
  11. nope How do you guys feel about him next year if he finishes off this season as is? as a len owner,can't help but to be stoked with this kid. we also have to keep in mind that he gets heaps of ball as BK and bledsoe are out. and we also have to see if his ankle holds up.
  12. time to hop on the len train!!
  13. booker 19 mins and len 21 mins? talk about player development