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  1. If he doesn’t suit up for the Chargers, he doesn’t play again (unless he gets traded). He will perpetually have one year left on his rookie contract unless he reports around week 10.
  2. I thought MVS looked good. I felt the Packers were trying to scheme him the ball a bit and you could see his game speed. I think those signs are encouraging for his outlook. If he and ARod continue to develop their rapport, I think he could be a fantasy viable weapon. That will help Rodgers as well.
  3. He has the arm talent. I don't think there's anything wrong with having him as a backup QB. There is some potential there and he has shown flashes of being really good. I wouldn't bet on him being excellent this year, but I wouldn't be surprised either. He has the tools. He needs to remain more calm under pressure and improve his feel in the pocket.
  4. I think the hype train went something like this: -Glowing reviews in training camp -Split carries with 1st team offense (while Drake was healthy) -Drake gets injured, uncertain status for week 1 -Ballage looks to have clear shot at starting role (here is where things begin to turn) -Poor preseason performances, but Dolphins looked pathetic in general -Drake recovers sooner than expected I think he's still a hold in keeper leagues as Drake's contract is up after this year. If Ballage does well when called upon, he could be in line to be the 2020 starter. I don't have him in redrafts, but I would probably still hold for a week or two to see what kind of usage he's getting.
  5. Leonard Fournette Valdez-Scantlilng Darwin Thompson (will probably only hold in my keeper league, but want to see him week 1)
  6. To me high stakes starts at $500 buy-in. That being said my long time keeper league only does a $200 buy-in. We have some poors in our league, but I love them so it's okay.
  7. I would have agreed with you all summer. Now I'm not so sure. He's listed at both positions on all depth charts, but it's possible Penny or Amadi contribute to the return game as well. They don't really have anyone else.
  8. With McKissic cut, Lockett is in line to return both punts and kicks. Last year he returned punts and only returned kicks occasionally. He could be in for a monster year in return yardage leagues (I should say another monster year as he was WR7 last year in my league) unless they have Penny assist with kick returns.
  9. I'm not sure what you're asking, but Yahoo does allow you to have a starting roster spot designated as RB/WR/TE. You can customize your league to have a whole bunch of them if you like.
  10. He was splitting 1st team reps with Drake before Drake got hurt, so despite Ballage's mediocre preseason I would hold at least until after week 1 in redraft to see what kind of usage he is getting. I will probably give him a longer leash because it sounded like Ballage was impressing in practice and the only league I drafted him is a keeper league (Drake is most likely gone after this year).
  11. I draft best player available the first 4 rounds but adapt to what is happening in the draft. When Zeke was a clear top 4 pick, in my full point 10 team PPR league I drafted him 4th. I was thinking that I would take an RB in the second (or Kelce if he fell), but JuJu was available at pick 17 and I couldn't say no. I then got Fournette in the 3rd (who I had been considering at 17 along with Gurley). The draft is a dynamic thing and managers value players drastically differently, even in the first two rounds. My drafts never go according to ADP. Someone might reach for Mahomes or draft D. Henry at the beginning of round 2 because they don't think he will come back to them in standard and they believe he will be a top 5 RB this year, etc. Be prepared to change your plan.
  12. The worst WR I would potentially trade him for is Mike Evans (depending on rosters). Arguments could be made for AB, Thielen, and K. Allen, but I prefer Fournette over those players this year, particularly in standard. I've been hoping to get Fournette around pick 24-30, but am looking at him as early as 18. Cooper wouldn't come on my radar until the mid-30's. I've ended up with Fournette on all three of my teams and Cooper on one. The team that I drafted Cooper to was a 1 point PPR league and I drafted him 13 picks (at 37) after I drafted Fournette.
  13. He's the one RB I've been reaching a little for. I think he's in for a big year, despite owning him last year in what was a debacle.
  14. The hypothetical was based on Zeke missing four or fewer games. You don't get 0's in your lineup for the 1-4 weeks missed by Zeke in this scenario. If you drafted Pollard, who can still be had late as of recently, let's assume you get 75% of Zeke's production while Zeke is out. Let's assume Zeke averages 20 fantasy points per week in full point PPR. So for 1-4 weeks you get 15 pts/week from Pollard and then you're back up to 20 per week moving forward. You could easily argue his value as a top four pick in this scenario. It's just math!
  15. I agree with that. The fines are typically an illusion anyway and are waived once the player shows up. However, I think everyone has a bit of recency bias in our minds from Bell and this is a very different situation (ie. Gordon has less leverage). It's still unusual for a holdout to drag out very far into the regular season. I don't begrudge Gordon from trying to get paid while he's still a very productive RB, but it sounds like the offer is pretty fair ($10-$11 million per year). Worst case scenario is he shows up week 9 or 10 (depending on the Chargers bye week this season). Well, the technical worst case scenario is that the Chargers further punish Gordon at that point and put him on the roster exemption list for a couple games, but that would be harming them as team. But they have done it before with Vincent Jackson so who knows.