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  1. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    I understand. My league scores return yardage and return TD's but is not PPR. Therefore, someone who has return yardage and also is involved to some degree on the offense gets a big boost. I was worried that the new rules would reduce return yardage but that doesn't seem to be the case. I was also just trying to confirm that Cohen will be returning punts/kicks this year. He did a great job last year but I'm not sure if they brought anyone else in to compete for those touches.
  2. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm assuming Cohen is expected to retain kick and punt return duties? I saw that some new kickoff rules were approved and they actually seem that they might increase return yardage overall. Summary: - increased number of players on kicking team that need to line up on each side of ball (potentially fewer onside kicks). - kickoff team has to line up within 1 yard of line of scrimmage (longer returns since kicking team doesn't get running start) - no more wedge blocks for return team (overall negative to return team) - ball dead for touchback if it touches the ground in the endzone (no change to returns) - a couple other positioning rules that are designed to increase safety but shouldn't affect return yardage much Cohen was an RB2 in my league last year and I can keep him in round 10 this year, but if he isn't returning kicks/punts his value decreases dramatically in my league (standard scoring with return yardage).
  3. Robinson Cano 2018 Outlook

    Nelson Cruz got better. The PED's were holding him back.
  4. Chris Carson 2018 Season Outlook

    I understand. And I'm not saying Carson is better than Zeke. Nor am I saying that he could have averaged 5.2 ypc for an entire season behind Dallas' O-Line. I was more in shock (from watching Carson's games) that he was able to get 4.2 ypc behind that O-Line. There were many carries where I thought he was going to get caught behind the line but he consistently made the first guy miss.
  5. Chris Carson 2018 Season Outlook

    It's obviously a small sample size, but a small sample size is just as likely to skew the results low as it is high. Also, I said "somewhere closer to 5.0" which, if you want me to give you an exact number, might mean 4.7. Behind Dallas' O-Line with the the way her ran before he was injured, somewhere around 5.2 maybe? But these are meaningless numbers that are pure conjecture. The point is IMO he looked like an excellent one-cut runner when he touched the ball last year and his YPC would have been improved with better blocking? Is that such a crazy take? I'm not sure if he could have maintained the same hard running all season if he hadn't gotten injured, but as others have said he certainly passed the eye test.
  6. Chris Carson 2018 Season Outlook

    I thought he looked good last year. He consistently made the first guy miss and ran effectively. That O-line was simply atrocious. I feel 4.2 yards behind that line equates to somewhere closer to 5.0 behind an average O-Line. If I knew he was not going to lose any explosion or confidence coming back from his injury, I would feel good about targeting him (unless Seattle drafts an RB early in the draft). But nobody knows that yet. I expect Seattle to add an RB via the draft but if it's a mid-to-late round pick and Carson is 100% healthy, I'll be looking to buy.
  7. Miles Mikolas 2018 Outlook

    Yes, and his xFIP was 3.00. He gave up 4 ER from 3 HR. He looked good to me.
  8. H2H League 8x8 with H, R, RBI, HR, AVG, BB, OPS, SB Gregorius has had the better spring and Eddie had a slightly better 2017. Both seem very close to me.
  9. Drafting Saves+Holds

    As some others have mentioned, the closers with elite ratios will still have good value (maybe slightly less than normal). Mediocre to poor closers will have significantly reduced value. Elite setup guys (D. Robertson, Hader, Betances, A. Miller, etc.) have greatly increased value and can usually be had more cheaply than they should. Also, there will always be some additional elite ratio middle relievers who appear out of nowhere throughout the year so you should monitor that. In my league, to combat streaming SP's (and because we are all older now with real jobs and families), we have weekly lineup changes (H2H). This adds value to elite SP's and all relievers in general as streaming SP's for counting stats is not a possibility. Works for us, but everyone is different and will find their preferred settings. There is still a lot of strategy when setting your lineup, it just ends up being different. I find I am looking much more at who my opponent is starting than I would if it was a daily league. The only thing I don't like about weekly leagues are mid-week injuries, so you need to be very aware of everyone's health on Sunday night.
  10. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    For me it's largely about opportunity and he he currently has the keys to the car. Additionally, he passes the eye test and has better measurables than people give him credit for. I don't think he loses the job unless he gets injured. Glad you like the avatar! It's not my fault being the biggest and the strongest...I don't even exercise.
  11. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    I think Carson does well ROS and could very well be the starter next season. As far as value, in my keeper league where we can keep up to three players (who are taken two rounds prior to where you drafted them the prior year) I was offered D. Hopkins and a slight mid round pick improvement for 2018 for Carson. Hopkins won't be eligible to be kept next year and Carson can be kept in the 15th round next year. It was a fair offer but it's standard scoring with RB's carrying a premium. I rejected the trade as I'm thin at RB (he is even thinner).
  12. 12 team standard scoring Who would you start at flex out of these three? I'm leaning towards Bryant but then I see all those targets Hopkins has been getting and you know they will be trailing all game. But then you know BB game plans around removing the opponents best weapon (Hopkins). Thoughts?
  13. Buy Low - Sell High 2017

    Lamar Miller's value seems to be very low. If you can get him cheap I think he could be a good add. He's still getting 20 touches a game and I don't think he ends up ceding all of the red zone carries to Foreman. The offense has been so bad thus far that they just haven't run many plays in the red zone. Once their QB play gets more consistent (and I think it will), Miller could be a solid producer.
  14. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    Definitely not. Best case scenario is that Henry runs away with the starting role. Since they like to run it so much, even if Henry gets 20-25 touches a game there will still be 5-7 left for Murray. Worst case (other than injury to Henry) is that Murray gets fully healed, comes back to a timeshare, and ultimately ends up going back to previous role of bell cow. This seems unlikely. The most likely scenarios IMO are the best case noted above or a 50/50 time share if Murray is ever 100% right. I think Henry has a good chance of running away with the job.
  15. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    I think Carson starts and gets 18+ touches, including being a little more involved in the passing game. I'm starting him at flex. After he passed the eye test early in preseason I did a little digging and I don't believe he is JAG. His measurables at the Combine were excellent (top 4 performer among all RB's in three of the four events he participated in) but he pulled something after the 40 yard dash and couldn't do the cone or shuttle drills. His 40 is actually decent at 4.56 (not great but not in the alarming 4.6+ range). To me it seems clear that Carroll is going to give him a shot to run away with the job, but it's possible I'm misreading the situation.