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  1. Nah, you wrong. It's not as easy as you think. The ability to read the game is what makes him who he is also. It ain't as easy as you think. Look at Goff, they tell him exactly what to do and can't read sh!t.
  2. Not the prettiest game but showed up when needed I guess. You can't give an MVP award though to an offense player when the score was 13-3. lol
  3. as much as I hate to say this, as a Pats fan, this is a major concern. Don't think the game will be as easy as people suggest. The so-called experts are picking the pats but I think it's because of the respect they have, but as a football team, Rams seems to be better. Obviously, I hope i'm wrong but damn, I'm so nervous already
  4. Pats made you go crazy. The hate in your veins is waaaayyyy too much buddy. But you gotta see a doctor though
  5. why would he? He ain't injured unless I'm missing something? He missed half the season already
  6. this is getting annoying, and I've been very patient with him
  7. dude what are you even talking about? From 10/17/2017 - 02/01/2018 he was ranked no 75 From 02/01/2018 - End of the season he was ranked no 7 9-cats So just cause he played a few games bad at the playoffs, didn't mean it was trending down..
  8. hasn't even done 5on5 so even this week looks unlikely
  9. he'll shoot 42-45% more or less. With jabari out and probably lopez at some point, he'll see more minutes in C maybe too, so rebounds and blocks will be there along with the 3's. FG% should improve a bit but it's not like y'all didn't expect this. Still rusty though and obvs won't shoot 20% ROS
  10. yeah of course, I ain't talking about the trade, just about his stats
  11. You can't really say for sure. I mean, I don't see any reason why he shouldn't keep this up. Last year he shot 57% and now he is shooting 59% so it's not like it's gonna drop by a lot.
  12. bridges has the worst +- in the team every single game, but gets the minutes. Need him to give me more stocks though