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  1. 60 games seems to be his ceiling and 70 for Kawhi. Yeap, gonna be tough if someone drafts him early 2nd
  2. Went 2nd round in one of my leagues. Too risky for my likes but I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes with 2nd round value
  3. I'm down cause of his age but yeah, you could be able to get him with a discount it looks like
  4. and you think carrying them during summer will help him throughout the season? If anything it hurts him cause he didn't get any rest
  5. nah man. Ibaka should be playing 27-30 per night given Marc's age
  6. In almost all of the money league drafts he was off the board by early 2nd round, saw him go 1st round too in a couple of drafts so dunno
  7. Scott brooks recently said that beal will facilitate the ball more this year which is why his projected assists went up
  8. Anyone managed to build a good team around Beal? In all the mock drafts I end up being around the last positions on the Yahoo rankings. Main concern is, you pick up a good PG with your second pick and then by the time you get to pick again, all the good big guys are off the board and you are stuck with the likes of Zion, John Collins, JJJ and not sure if that's good enough.
  9. Aight lets talk more about Trae. You get him in front of Kyrie, Kemba or Jrue? TO the only thing that is worrying me
  10. You're new here. Ask this question in the AC Forum
  11. You see, I don't 100% disagree with this. Obviously Kyrie is better, but in a Roto league I would imagine that Kyrie misses more games than Trae so who knows
  12. lol he is good but pump the brakes a bit. I agree though that he could be better choice than those guys
  13. seen him go a lot in the second round. Dunno if I can do that. Upside is there but not sure about consistency
  14. You might have something there. I'll try it out through some mock drafts