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  1. 9 minutes ago, dfstout said:

    He's still IL eligible so I stashed him there and letting the chips fall, play out, basically scooped him as a tryout against my second tier guys like Elf, or products of a Davis trade like Jah, or maybe Zizic, for refererence, but at this point I'd rather own all three of those guys over Slo-Mo...however, Slo-Mo can fill it up, albeit at a slow pace, and he's a lil' inj prone, but dude was having the best stretch run of his career before going down...also a lotta moving parts in Memphis potentially coming soon, so he may find himself in a leadership role...I'm not concerned with Holiday...Slo-Mo is Memphis' guy and I believe he can be a productive member of anyone's team especially if he is your 13-15th guy...I am in a points league, but in a cats league he contributes everywhere as well.


    Why do you say he is injury prone? He's played in at least 72 games past 3 seasons . I just dropped Favors to pick him up. A little less blocks and rebounds, but better stocks and a sprinkle of ASTs is perfect as the last player in a standard h2h

  2. Dunno if this was already posted here, but a redditor on /r/fantasybball ran the stats before the season started, predicting who would be the best rookie defenders. Numbers show Melton is the best defensive guard in the 2018 draft class. If PHX doesn't bring in a PG (most likely they will), Melton should be given a chance to see how he fits alongside Booker.


  3. I like both, but prefer J rich for his defensive stats. Their FG% are both terrible. If you’re trading for Jamal, you’re betting that he will live up to his ADP post-ASB. I’m not sure that will be possible this season with a healthy Nuggets roster because there are too many mouths to feed. If you want to risk it and buy low, go for it


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