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  1. yeah. seems like his game is on and off hahaha..
  2. is he for real. 5-10 3pts last game and now 7-10 3pts and its only 2ndQ. a good pickup now for 12-Team league? it seems that coach likes him and he replaces what redick did to this team.
  3. The other team offered Adams for my Tatum. I need C/FG% and he needs PF/FT%.. Fair trade, right? Thank you in advance.
  4. I am also about Gasol's health and rest issues but Gasol > Horford+Vonleh.. so get Gasol . Thanks in helping mine.
  5. I like this trade as well. MIN will still need to adjust to the new coach so we are not sure how Teague will fit in the system. Allen is a decent big man who will help you on your blocks and FG. Thanks in helping mine
  6. The other team offered White for my Barton. I need PG and Barton is still not returning. Good trade for my team right? Thanks in advance.
  7. so far so good.. Sato did good on his 1st game on my team and Nance was relegated to bench role and was limited on his 1st game w/ TT back.. I know Nance will still bounce back but so far, I am satisfied with Sato right now...
  8. Yup I know.. its a 10-Team H2H League and its quite competitive and active so I may not be able to get Sato if i waited that long for me to trade Nance. I've been trying to trade him weeks ago for a 6-8th round value but no one's biting because they are also afraid of the TT-Love-Nance timeshare scenario.. .. BTW, i am PF/C heavy and i only have 2 PG (Jamal Murray + Rose) so this also affected my drop decision.. my other possible drop were Rose, Barton and G.Harris..
  9. I actully just dropped Nance just to get Sato right now... i know Nance is really playing crazy well right now and I really like him but I am worried on the TT/Love return plus Sato fits my punt-assist team... hope i did not make a mistake....
  10. will he play this week? no update yet on his status... seems like a minor injury..
  11. as much as i like the underrated harris, conley/adams combo is the better choice here. thanks in helping mine.
  12. of course. i like 1-on-1 trade of conley and beal. no need to add wall and lou unless he wants Conley+Teague+GAllinari for Beal+Wall+Lou thanks in helping mine
  13. Harden side as well.. always get the best player in the trade.. but its quite close because of Covington's recent improvement in MIN.. help me with mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737453-my-lowryportersga-for-his-embiidredickharrell-fair-trade-whir/
  14. i like conley for beal. it will give a boost on your STLS/BLKS/3s category.. though not sure if you can pull it off help me with mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737453-my-lowryportersga-for-his-embiidredickharrell-fair-trade-whir/
  15. 14-Team ROTO Cat-9 League I need points and rebounds and the team needs steals and assists. Fair trade right? Im just worried of Embiid injury/rest issues. Thanks in advance!