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  1. in my 14 team auction league, I got him for $5 and a steal compare to rest of the class because his numbers weren't jumping out in pre season. He definitely settled in after facing Drummond and Deandre Jordan first 2 games. His coming out was against Denver, that drive and reverse finish on Plumlee show me he's going to be special. Ayton went for $28, pre-season #s Bagley went for $10, hype Doncic went for $13 to me, I like rookies Jackson Jr went for $8, blks sell Trae went for $3, great deal Bamba for $9, blks sell Sexton for $7, hype Knox for $5, good pre-season
  2. just traded ibaka for him last week, not feeling very smart. with Wilson chandler coming back, will he eat into saric's minute? minutes played was the main reason I made that trade.
  3. I know he has block upside but only 2 blks this whole season. Is it the minutes or his athleticism not translating to production? Mamba has way more.
  4. I know he's not exciting and aging rapidly (maybe from his false reported age) but the man deserves a thread. What's your take on his 18-19 season? I got him late in the rounds along with Jonas V. thanks,
  5. Even if he's cleared medically, doesn't he have to get a few practices in? Wouldn't that be another week after he's cleared?
  6. That's my question as well. Scenarios I can think of is that the Clippers are away from LA and he stayed back to practice with G squad or clips have a day off today for tomorrow's game and he's got to put in extra work. odd if you're assigned to G league and not playing real games.
  7. Gallo is assigned to G League, I've been seeing a lot of that lately. What does that mean exactly? Playing a real G League game with the squad or just practicing? If just practicing, why not practice with the real squad? I checked G league boxscore and don't seen NBA assignments.... anyone?
  8. I have Gallo and now rondae, Nike needs to make better hip cushions.....
  9. Austin rivers should never get that many minutes... prob won't ever get that many if not on the clips...
  10. Does he look slower than normal? Watching him play against Parsons and yet they look like they're on the same speed...
  11. I'm not sure I can hold him anymore... favors just got dropped....