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  1. in my 14 team auction league, I got him for $5 and a steal compare to rest of the class because his numbers weren't jumping out in pre season.  He definitely settled in after facing Drummond and Deandre Jordan first 2 games.  His coming out was against Denver, that drive and reverse finish on Plumlee show me he's going to be special.


    Ayton went for $28, pre-season #s

    Bagley went for $10, hype

    Doncic went for $13 to me, I like rookies

    Jackson Jr went for $8, blks sell

    Trae went for $3, great deal

    Bamba for $9, blks sell

    Sexton for $7, hype

    Knox for $5, good pre-season


  2. 28 minutes ago, Code of Hammurabi said:

    Why woudlnt he just practice with the Clippers? 


    That's my question as well.

    Scenarios I can think of is that the Clippers are away from LA and he stayed back to practice with G squad or clips have a day off today for tomorrow's game and he's got to put in extra work.


    odd if you're assigned to G league and not playing real games.


  3. 7 hours ago, rotojoe said:

    I would stick with Noel’s upside a little longer.


    Im sitting at first in the league so I do have the time to wait, only reason I brought this up is Favors is in the waiver and he will be picked up by Monday by someone.  I'm just debating if I need to use my waiver on him.  This is a bet for the long term.



  4. This is a tough one.  I normally like to be the one doing 3 for 2 instead.


    you probably drafted butler in 2nd round and milsap around 3-4th.  Trading for Kemba (2nd), collision in the 100's pick, lavine out another 3 weeks... might need to have more patience.  Both players are studs and just adjusting to the team.  Collison dropped off a lot, scored 2,3,8 with a 25 pt game in there.


    i would probably wait for butler to have a bigger game and trade him for a better package, kemba lavine plus a better 3rd.


    good luck.