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  1. 19 minutes ago, smeeze said:


    He has a sprained ankle. 

    Ibaka (ankle) remains without a timetable, but he said Tuesday that his sprained right ankle is feeling "a lot better," Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun reports.

    Ibaka has missed the last five games since suffering the injury back on Nov. 8, and while the Raptors haven't commented on when they expect to have the veteran back, he looks to be moving in the right direction. Coach Nick Nurse had no update on Ibaka -- or Kyle Lowry -- as of Tuesday morning, however, so it may be a stretch for either player to return for Wednesday's game against the Magic. Either way, consider Ibaka day-to-day for the time being.


    thanks!!! that's good update for me!


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  2. 21 hours ago, Brandayz said:


    Well it's him who has proposed it.

    I can 100% get Gobert for Randle + R. Russell 


    Or Randle + Russell + Harrell for Gobert + OG anunoby & Warren


    That's 100% sure!

    If he wants it then I would do this first.

    Harrell + D. Russell = Gobert

    I wouldn't get randle involved to add a OG or Warren.

    In a 10 team league, quality is always prefer over quantity. your WW has potential players that can match an Ingles, Warren or OG.


  3. in my 14 team auction league, I got him for $5 and a steal compare to rest of the class because his numbers weren't jumping out in pre season.  He definitely settled in after facing Drummond and Deandre Jordan first 2 games.  His coming out was against Denver, that drive and reverse finish on Plumlee show me he's going to be special.


    Ayton went for $28, pre-season #s

    Bagley went for $10, hype

    Doncic went for $13 to me, I like rookies

    Jackson Jr went for $8, blks sell

    Trae went for $3, great deal

    Bamba for $9, blks sell

    Sexton for $7, hype

    Knox for $5, good pre-season


  4. 28 minutes ago, Code of Hammurabi said:

    Why woudlnt he just practice with the Clippers? 


    That's my question as well.

    Scenarios I can think of is that the Clippers are away from LA and he stayed back to practice with G squad or clips have a day off today for tomorrow's game and he's got to put in extra work.


    odd if you're assigned to G league and not playing real games.


  5. 7 hours ago, rotojoe said:

    I would stick with Noel’s upside a little longer.


    Im sitting at first in the league so I do have the time to wait, only reason I brought this up is Favors is in the waiver and he will be picked up by Monday by someone.  I'm just debating if I need to use my waiver on him.  This is a bet for the long term.



  6. This is a tough one.  I normally like to be the one doing 3 for 2 instead.


    you probably drafted butler in 2nd round and milsap around 3-4th.  Trading for Kemba (2nd), collision in the 100's pick, lavine out another 3 weeks... might need to have more patience.  Both players are studs and just adjusting to the team.  Collison dropped off a lot, scored 2,3,8 with a 25 pt game in there.


    i would probably wait for butler to have a bigger game and trade him for a better package, kemba lavine plus a better 3rd.


    good luck.