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  1. I have Lowry too and I would take that trade right about now.
  2. I would drop smart for Richardson, it's very deep in Boston with Rozier playing well and Morris back. jj hmmm, what categories are you needing?
  3. Jamal is safe but I feel Donovan has more upside, his def stats will be there. if fg% are going to suck for both of them, I want the one with more upside. Mitchell can be a special player.
  4. hi all Both painful to own but in 14gm 2 center league, I am debating dropping Noel for favors. my team and setting in signature. thanks!
  5. I know it's not the AC forum but wanted to see how favors owner feel about Noel vs Favors. Both painful to own but in 14gm 2 center league, I am debating dropping Noel for favors.
  6. Austin rivers should never get that many minutes... prob won't ever get that many if not on the clips...
  7. Does he look slower than normal? Watching him play against Parsons and yet they look like they're on the same speed...
  8. I'm not sure I can hold him anymore... favors just got dropped....
  9. Lol right on the dot.... I'm holding maybe 1 more week... just don't make sense to play dirk or Powell ... just don't get it.....
  10. to be fair, his game last year was not pretty...I picked him up late this year hoping for defensive stats, the offensive is a bonus!
  11. I have him on my 14 GM league, he's not helping in % but I really like his upside and his aggression. I believe he's got the highest usage among rookies more than 20 mins (read in roto). I had a chance to use my waiver to pick up J. Murray and dropping Donovan but I want to see where this kid will grow into., we already know what Murray is. Mitchell reminds me of Kobe with his extreme confidence in FGAs. Shooting stroke looks fine, just a matter of time till the game slows down enough. For a rookie to average 11 fga in 22 minutes is green light for success. Given same minutes shooting at 43%, he can creep to 12ppg level with 1.1 st and .6 blk. He will only have more minutes with JJ out.
  12. Don't think oladipo will sustain first round value after Turner returns. Lowry is at his lowest so it's even there I've entertained that 1 for 1 in my league. dray over milsap all day. You win out.
  13. Not concerned, took 18 shots and played 38 minutes. Shots will fall. He had the ball in the last minutes. Give him time.
  14. if you can get davis for cj/lopez I would. If you are trading Wall for AD, I would think twice, wall play more games than AD since 2013-2014.
  15. No No No You don't stack DJ with Beal and Durant's awesome FT%. Also, on smaller leagues, quality over quantity as waiver has more options.
  16. I like DSJ. Who knows what Portis will do next. kidding aside, Mirotic/portis occupy the same position with a Lavine coming back, Lauri is in his highest usage for the season while DSJ is warming up.
  17. nice trade, grab a beer that's what I would do next. As for the next next move, that depends, are you overkill on Blks? Are you really bad on 3's? If you trade Turner+1, you might have a more balance team but in H2H, I like to dominate 6 categories.
  18. I would offer DSJ too to start but if you said the GM wanted Oladipo for Chriss, you're probably looking at a no trade here.
  19. i would stick with lowry. Morris might cut into Tatum's growth.
  20. hi gents, 13 categories (fgm, fg%, ftm, ft%, 3pt, 3%, Pts, Oreb, Dreb, Ast, stl, blk, to) 14 gm. I am lacking centers and want to cut Taj loose...He's probably the least productive per minute player out there so far. There's the following on waiver: 1.) Dedmon 2.) Dieng 3.) Noguiera 4.) Poeltl 5.) T. Maker 6.) C. Swanigan 7.) O'quinn which should I pick up and why? thanks!
  21. although I think lowry is at his low right now, I think Blake (if healthy) will put up the best numbers in the group thus being the best player in the trade. Would try to get Ibaka for warren to balance it more.