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  1. Yeah, I didn't realize Ryan Arcidiacono, probably the least athletic PG in the league, had such an impact on the opposing team's game plan.
  2. Thibs is so full of s---. What a pain in the a** Teague has been so far.
  3. The Lord tooketh a Thib from the Wolves and formed an even greater statline
  4. A moment of silence for anyone who may have him benched (not me, phew!)
  5. Why is this guy still not shooting his balls? no homo
  6. Jo-cuck, you need to be taking more than 3 shots a game. I don't care what the circumstances are.
  7. He is a spot up shooter who doesn't shoot when LeGiannis James and Middleton are in the game. Then when those guys sit he is only moderately aggressive, in a bench lineup where he is the only one capable of creating anything. I'd rather him come off the bench at this point.
  8. It seems he goes into every game feeling the need to justify that ESPN ranking.
  9. Thou shalt not covet thy opponent's FG percentage
  10. Mr. Glass got poked in the eye. He'll probably miss 20+ games.
  11. He has been dependable as far as missing at least three of his first four shots to start the game. I am beginning to dread looking at his box score.
  12. Lord Covington must bow before Prince Taurean
  13. Scary that this team is already so dysfunctional, and that is without Dwight being thrown into the mix.
  14. Bledsoe seems to be the guy I get subtle rip off offers for.