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  1. Dynasty and Keepers for 2019

    Dynasty outlook for 2019 and beyond: 1. Obvious Barkley 2. Guice: from a pure talent aspect he is more than a “1st down, 2nd down thumper.” We are looking at workhorse back at a discount price that runs violently. I am trying to acquire him at all costs in all leagues dynasty and redraft. He can catch the ball and the competition for early down touches is no where to be found. Yes i understand Chris Thompson is there to swoop in and take 3rd downs as an elite receiving back. But if i had to bet on anyone being injured it would be Chris Thompson, he is already coming off a severe leg injury and his status to start week one is in question. If he can get the touches and workload Perine was receiving last year at the final quarter of the season we would have a high end RB1 on our hands. For 2019 and beyond I’m betting on him being a late first rounder in drafts to come.
  2. Mike Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    I think Mike Williams will have the opportunity for TDs and I’m watching him closely in OTAs and Training camp to hear for any updates of his relationship with Rivers.
  3. Nick Chubb 2018 Season Outlook

    Just watched that catch that was a beauty!
  4. Dynasty and Keepers for 2019

    Made a mistake*** Bryant is an UFA 2019 and Jordy is signed to a 2 year deal but could get out 2019. Bryant with that talent and upside in a good spot could be huge value.
  5. Dynasty and Keepers for 2019

    I’m starting to buy into the Martavis Bryant pickup. He can flourish into that TD role that Crabtree had once Jordy leaves next season.
  6. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    Sophomore Joe Williams?
  7. 2018 RB Rankings

    These Roto reports coming out for Jones and Booker are really changing the outlook for these rookies
  8. Dynasty and Keepers for 2019

    Tevin Coleman would be incredible probably back end RB1 production in a lead role on a new team. He has killed as a secondary option and as a spot starter.
  9. Dynasty and Keepers for 2019

    QB is so deep that keeping an upside QB like baker, Mahomes and Trubs doesn’t give that much of a statistical advantage to owners. I agree completely with Aaron Jones being the best back in GB. 2 red flags for me are first there was a marijuana possession over the offseason which can get him suspended or put him on the radar for goddell. 2nd is he played great with Rodgers but onceWilliams took over he shouldered the load also can’t forget about TY still being there. Hopefully that reduces his value in drafts. Foreman healthy i believe will be the lead back in a dynamic offense in buying in all leagues. Gio is a great ppr back but his YPC are miserable and reduces his attractiveness in a new team situation next year.
  10. Dynasty and Keepers for 2019

    Well there goes Chubbs workload being capped for the future with Duke Johnson being signed to a 3 year deal. The only upside is possibly having Hyde on another team in 2019 or injury opportunities.
  11. My league works that you draft players this year and only drafted players can be kept for future years. Which brings me to my question which players right now do you see going under the radar this year or are due for a big breakout next year? This is either due to contracts of players in front of them, older players in front of them retiring and just plain ascension to the top of the depth chart with supreme talent in either WR corps or RB corps. I will first begin with a few of my favorites. I think my top choice is Tevin Coleman. Afte inking freeman with a long term deal and then drafting Ito Smith this year it looks apparent that Coleman as an UFA will walk. I’m hoping he lands in a fortunate spot a la Jerick McKinnon. I’m starting to get on the Christian Kirk train as well. I strongly believe this has to finally be Fitzgerald’s last year in the league. I think Kirk is a perfect fit with Rosen the heir apparent to the Cards. On top of that JJ Nelson will be an UFA and Chad Williams has underperformed thus far. Potentially leaving Kirk as the WR1. Ballage is another flier that I believe has a chance at hitting if the Drake train falls out of favor in Miami. Gore is old and won’t be a factor next season. Ballage has raw abilities and can catch out of the backfield. Im also a Chubb fan. This years RB room is crowded and he is behind Hyde and loses 3rd downs to Duke. Next year Duke is an UFA so there’s potential here that Chubb as the best pure runner in this RB corps can seize the job by next year if not this year with an injury prone Hyde in front of him. He can be taken pretty late as well. Im primarily focusing on potential future starting RBs or WRs with talent. TE is jumbled and QB is as deep as ever. Getting a late round RB keeper like Jordan or Kamara puts teams as huge favorites. Let’s hear your best examples.
  12. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2018

    Out of the league 😂😂😂😂😂😂 are you kidding me?
  13. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2018

    More positive reports coming from OTAs with the latest Roto Blurb
  14. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2018

    I really think Davis can be a target hog for the titans. 8-10 targets per game is doable with red zone looks. He has a rapport with Mariota in the red zone already. Also he has the abilities to pull down those big catches and toe tappers along the sideline. I view him as a young B Marshall. Dynasty/Keeper leagues he’s gold, and for his current value in the 7th he’s a steal. I think he will be up a WR2 with upside, some WR1 weeks mixed in.
  15. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Season Outlook

    I agree i think you’re right that he will be overdrafted. I saw in a few mocks that he was landing in the 4th/5th. I know he has talent and break out appea but he’s still 3rd for Targets behind AB and Bell.