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  1. THIS^^^^ it was 43-0 2 defensive TDs and outside of browns TD it was all rbs which was expected. Cmon now. We haven’t received the sample size yet to actually worry.
  2. I am not even a juju owner and I’m pretty confident in juju right now especially with his value and price dropping with all these qb concerns. I’m buying heavy on juju. I think rudolph likes to lock on to his #1 not so much Washington himself. More of the role he plays
  3. If James white is definitely out then we def have to roll Rex out as an upside flex option. As seen from last week there’s going to be plenty of opportunity to run all over this defense in garbage time, like Gus Edwards last week.
  4. No doubt he can reproduce his numbers last year when he was a WR2 for his time with the Pats for 10 games. I just think people who drafted him expecting this gronk takeover and beast to blow up games need to expect last years numbers.
  5. It really just comes down to your expectations, WR1 taking over Gronks target share and being the 1st look is def over. But WR2 numbers from last year are still in play 100%. If you drafted him as your WR2 or WR3. You’re going to be fine
  6. Is this anything to worry about? Or is bell going to still get his 20+ touches per game
  7. Definitely think this is attainable possibly his ceiling this year
  8. I’m guessing if he stays healthy we’re looking at 1100 rush 500 receiving 60 catches 8 TDs total.
  9. What stat line should we expect from Leveon at the end of the year if he plays 16 games?
  10. Looks like a 10 from me dog. Also I like the Gordon mistake cuz you mitigated the risk with Ekeler and already have a lot of RB depth.
  11. Currently I was leaning Bell because I believe 3 workhorse RBs will be steadier and a better advantage over my opponent. But I was also thinking OBJ for the balance. This is why I am torn. They are neck and neck in my rankings as well. I think there are some decent WRs later
  12. A little background on the situation. This is a .5 PPR league, 2 RB 3 WR lineup 1 flex. This is a shallow pool keeper league so my first round option I am stuck between is OBJ or Bell. I also have Freeman, Fournette, AB or Evans available but they’re lower on my rankings. My keepers are currently CMC COOK GOLLADAY GUICE Who would you choose and why?
  13. Guess I was right last year going over 8 TDs, yes I’m that petty
  14. Seth has been hit or miss but I believe in Mo because he can bail out his line with defense
  15. Dropped him for Bryant’s 4 game week over his 2 game. Should balance out and if anything can scoop by Thursday.