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  1. Seth has been hit or miss but I believe in Mo because he can bail out his line with defense
  2. Dropped him for Bryant’s 4 game week over his 2 game. Should balance out and if anything can scoop by Thursday.
  3. I said white because he was recently dropped in my league otherwise the rest are all rostered and I’m stashing Jones and white myself.
  4. Tyus Jones and Derrick white. Tyus Jones is sneaky, rose and Teague haven’t been healthy season if both don’t progress or have setbacks you’re looking at a stud steal specialist. Derrick white should be good to go post ASB
  5. I agree were not getting the Harris of previous years, this season looks to be a lost one. I’ve already made the drop
  6. I wasn’t taking a shot, didn’t mean for it to come off like that. I just meant my league is aggressive that’s why i consider him must add. He wouldn’t last on the wire cuz his per 36 numbers are great and like i said with grizz going into full rebuild, it wouldn’t be surprising Conley is shut down and Wright goes off.
  7. My league is very competitive where if the player has the upside to produce at a good level across the board numbers then he’s a must add. I guess you’re in a league where guys allow waiting and seeing.
  8. He’s a must add, his game alone should make him an add with the increase in mins to the 25-30 range and if Conley is shut down we’re looking at 36+.
  9. Pretty much agree exactly on point, with Mack being moved now he should get all back up PG mins immediately with growth for more. Harris is on the downturn this season.
  10. Delon Wright biggest winner today, good all around game too.
  11. I’m taking a shot I added him in both leagues. I even dropped Gary Harris for him. I think he’ll be worth it. Conley should be a shutdown candidate rest of the way and even if he doesn’t he should get a good amount of run at the backup guard position
  12. Cedi Osman continues increased value, more shots more usage on offense
  13. I’m not worried about DJs mins and him starting because Robinson produced with only 17 mins per game. Robinson just needs to remain in the rotation to produce
  14. Initially i picked up Powell but i realized kleber offers more value so i made the flip. Kleber contributes high blks compared to Powell who is more of a double double