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  1. 12 team standard Luck/Goff M. Gordon J. Mixon N. Chubb A. Brown R. Anderson E. Engram Rams D S. Gostkowski
  2. Colts Seahawks Chargers Eagles All road teams
  3. Cowboys D is better at home, Luck has been exceptional at home.
  4. I'm thinking this game will be similar to the Ravens at Panthers game, where the Ravens kept up for a couple series then started turning the ball over and got pounded.
  5. Chargers have played better on the road, cincy has a shot to keep it close by controlling the clock with lots of Mixon. The question is, will Cincy actually do it
  6. Pats have lost 5 out of 6 in Miami, Brady has been awful on the road. Just hoping for garbage time stats
  7. Good point, Goff has sucked in cold weather games.
  8. Silva has been as bad as Matthew Berry this year
  9. Got injured just in time for playoffs last year, this year he redeems himself