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  1. Let's not forget Callahan was known as a "gunslinger" while head coach of the raiders, for example in a game they led, Oakland had 1 rush attempt thru 3 quarters vs the titans in the afc championship game
  2. If back week 7 and Ramsey is active he's an easy sit for me, Green has almost always under performed when matched up vs a shut down corner
  3. Looks windy on tv, anybody in the stadium got a weather report? Bench Nugent?
  4. Rain after 11pm and 15 mph winds forecasted. s--- on waivers, so probably starting him
  5. I'll make my decision just before kick off, u should do the same
  6. As others have mentioned, Julio takes himself out of games way to much, and it seems like as soon as he's on the sideline they target his replacement, Hardy. At least the Texans began sitting on the short over the middle routes that Ryan seems to be in love with, hopefully other teams will as well forcing Ryan to throw outside, and hopefully Julio will stay in all 3 downs. Ryan's the #2 QB in fantasy currently, over 300 yards a game, defense keeps putting them in big holes this should be a recipe for success, but it's not
  7. So you're getting a wr who is 3rd in pecking order on his terrible team, and a 2nd string rb who fumbles, and you're giving up a starting rb and the #1 pass option on his team. And you're talking to me about trade value?
  8. Same injury last year cost him 3 weeks
  9. He has little trade value, at this point we've just gotta hope the defense can keep games close and get some short fields.
  10. Poor match up anyway, keep him out so he'll be ready after the long break between games
  11. Please fire Koetter and hire Gruden
  12. Not practicing this week and all ready ruled out for Sunday.
  13. Up 10 with San Fran D, defense starts with 20, so I'll be up 30 at kick off, going against Landry, who's going to be covered by a 2nd stringer
  14. Koetter still using his Tampa strategy, run for negative yards on 1st down, short pass to make it 3rd and long, then block nobody and take a sack? Did they throw even once on 1st down?
  15. When these teams play early on Sunday Baltimore usually wins in a blow out, so I'm hoping he puts up points