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  1. holy crap 10 rebounds! and he's feeling the game. why can't he be like that regularly...
  2. well the curse still lives on. still no stats won and the gaps are growing. i feel like Karl Malone. and wouldn't you know it javale is also on that team...
  3. I don’t know which one I’m most upset at... -my team getting to the finals in a league where i’m cursed with 2nd place -my streaming strat is a flowing river of s--- and trash (not getting the stats i needed again!) -vs KD and Klay getting 5 games -javale mcgee is the penultimate killer of my other team
  4. Not really in my league. Also, too late to get another player. I’m only talking about Sunday.
  5. this guy's %s are crap in all MIL games (3) and hasn't had a steal in any (things i need right now). any owners benching him or the hell with it and hopes he finally gets a good game? also, is giannis not playing and is there a correlation with him and cedi o's crappy games?
  6. Warriors sitting your player who is part of your dead team while seemingly showing signs of playing two others you are currently against with your live team the whole 5 games...
  7. Well one of my teams is ultimately sucking right now. Been hanging around the 7-8 spots but it is surely gonna drop off. What a way to end.
  8. Traded for Myles turner 2 weeks ago to gain some blocks stats. Guess i didn't need to with this guy around now haha. Running up to 6 blks now! on a side note... He gets blocks and add that it's atlanta the stats-amplifiers they're battling. Who is he blocking there anyway?
  9. Are the hornets tanking? Because Frank is unleashed and eating up Zeller’s time... why now on such a crucial day!!!
  10. What a time to go cold. You'd think vs GSW he'd have a game...
  11. baaaaah. dropped him after he flops and now my opponent has him and is killing me now. 4 3PTM wtf!
  12. Yeah but if it wasn't for the foul on the 3 pointer it could have been just over or still OT but him on the floor longer with one less foul and getting more stats. Hahaha.
  13. He causes a 3 OT game yet he's fouled out. He could have gotten more...
  14. Wow the streamers i took are not giving me the stats i wanted from them...