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  1. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    I dropped AP for this guy and I hope I won’t regret it... browns have juicy matchups in the final few weeks
  2. collin sexton rodney hood cedi osman one of these 3 should be the second scorer day in day out beside kevin love, wondering what you guys think about them ROS. in standard league no %. thanks!
  3. White for woods?

    NFL team: 10 team standard league QB: rothlisberger, cousins RB: zeke, conner, mixon, mccaffrey, peterson, lindsay, white WR: juju, golladay, baldwin, edelman TE: burton K: lutz DEF: baltimore, chicago D: kiko alonso, jj watt
  4. His Robert woods for my james white I need wr badly and don’t mind losing one good rb, hope I won’t get burned later . Standard league
  5. Chicago Bears Defense 2018 Outlook

    Lol I benched Baltimore for Chicago . A difference of 85.9 points in standard league. Lol at me bad at picking
  6. Mohamed Sanu 2018 Outlook

    How bad his injury is? Anyone watched the game?
  7. peterson was dropped?!!

    i think both breida and AP will find a way add new injury to hard to judge who's less of an injury prone
  8. peterson was dropped?!!

    so tempting to pick him up, but the most droppable at this point is matt breida, who has multiple injuries too
  9. did i miss any news on peterson? he was dropped in my standard league....
  10. Yes or no? Standard league
  11. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    Both him and Peterson are weak
  12. Coleman for Thompson

    i would take thompson over coleman
  13. aaron jones, smallwood, morris in the order
  14. Conner & Carson for Hunt

    take it and run!!! right now
  15. Who to Start?

    edelman for sure, i will go with brown, jeffrey in the order