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  1. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    with how bad redskins were last week, jags seem like a nice stream.
  2. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Getting ready for playoff in week 14-16. Current have both Chicago and Baltimore . should I drop Baltimore (@kc,tb,@lac) for Detroit (@ari,@buf,min), Jacksonville (@ten,was,@mia) or Washington (nyg,@jax,@ten)? Thanks
  3. DST stash for playoff week 14-16

    Hopefully it’s not on one of those bizarre snow storm days in Buffalo
  4. Rivers or Watson

    Rivers , titans just shut down Brady couple week ago
  5. Wentz or Mayfield? Help!

    Start Watsons
  6. Trade for Gurley?

    Of course, do it now before he realizes it’s a mistake
  7. Lamar is safer if Flacco is out
  8. Which one should I start?

    Landry and Ben
  9. Zuerlein or Lutz ROS?

    On same boat, own lutz but zuerlein is available, thinking of making switch
  10. I have Baltimore and Chicago defense but they both play tough team between week 14-16, I’m thinking of picking the 3rd dst to be safe. Which of the following should I pick up? Thanks! Redskins - NYG, @JAX, @TEN lions - @ARI, @BUF, MIN packers - ATL, @CHI, @NYJ Chiefs - BAL, LAC, @SEA seahawks - MIN, @SF, KC Bengals - @LAC, OAK, @CLE jets - @BUF, HOU, GB dolphins - NE, @MIN, JAX
  11. Kicker ROS

    Zuerlein or lutz ROS? Standard non-Ppr league
  12. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Which website I can use to evaluate the strength of dst from week 14-16? Trying to decide between redskin, lions, Seahawks , jets, bengals and dolphins. Thanks . Happy thanksgiving
  13. drop cousins?

    for fitzmagic or wilson? standard non-ppr league
  14. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    i picked him up on waiver, but where's the hype coming from? just based on comment from the coach?