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  1. Scored 175.78 points in a week where the second-top scorer scored 118.02. Did so even though Kamara was my last guy to go, so at one point I was actually projected to score nearly 190pts. I will add - it's been great to do two very different leagues this year. My main league is a 16-teamer, auction draft, short benches, IDP, FAAB, ESPN. My other league is a 10-teamer, snake draft, no IDP or Kicker, no FAAB, Yahoo. Both 0.5PPR (which I prefer). The requirements are very different, and my despair at losing narrowly in one league week one was greatly mollified by winning in the other. Haven't got time for more than two proper leagues, but I think two is pretty healthy.
  2. Bit late again but here were the highlights from last night. 16-teamer, short benches, $100: Demarcus Robinson $40 (beat out $31, $20, $17 etc) Kenyan Drake $31 (beat out $10) Nelson Agholor $31 ($20, $10) (guy who got Agholor also was the only bidder for Trey Quinn $16) Frank Gore $15 ($10) Wil DIssly $9 ($8, $6) Matthew Stafford $7 ($6, $2) Damiere Byrd also had some interest.
  3. First half was painful. Feels like they need to strip the offense back to basics and focus on moving the chains quickly with all the talented receivers they have. Baker is taking too long with the ball and seems reluctant to take easy 5-6 yd outs when there's a needle to be threaded. Offensive line is...not great. But. There are signs. A handful of really good sharp passes. Chubb helping out by magicking yards out of thin air. Fewer penalties. It may still be that we are watching a young team ironing out wrinkles, and a young quarterback learning that there's more than one way to play. I'm ever so slightly more optimistic, particularly as other QBs are dropping like flies.
  4. Yeah, I didn't draft him for the first four weeks, I drafted him for bye weeks and trade bait later on. Thinking of that first week as a bonus.
  5. So listen to my first sentence, not my last.
  6. The Browns to not Browns it up. I have Baker, Landry, Myles Garrett and the Browns D/ST and am 33.2pts behind. I reckon I basically need a solid game from Baker and a couple more sacks from Myles. Projected score is 43.2pts. Not at all convinced by that.
  7. Quite. We're getting exactly what we expected, aren't we? Not sure why people are surprised/disappointed.
  8. I'm starting to hate Monday Night Football. Last week I had a comfortable lead but got done by 15mins of FF madness. This week I got screwed by the late game. Now I'm playing catchup tonight, with various Browns. Projection says a 10pt win for me despite facing a 33pt deficit right now. I can almost taste the agonizing defeat already.
  9. In a smaller league, sure, but I'm not seeing many better options on the wire in my 16-teamer. I see he still got five targets. Anyone actually see how he played?
  10. ...during the 30seconds at work when I could actually check the scores. Couldn't believe it. Impression I'm getting is he played well and it just didn't quite fall for him this week, mainly due to penalties. Anybody confirm?
  11. I'm tempted to give him to the bye week to see what happens. He's started slowly before. Mind you, I can afford to as he's been on my bench behind Lamar. If you're rolling him out as your QB in a smaller league I would be very tempted to cut bait. If he can't do anything against Arizona next week it doesn't look good .
  12. Interesting video, and plausible, but it's a bit distracting seeing my own Kent State up there against him. Not exactly intimidating. His points still stand though.
  13. Yeah we do too. We just have one general IDP slot, so customize our scoring a fair bit to try to balance things out. I think we've ended up over-rewarding sacks as a result so I went for Myles Garrett and he hasn't disappointed so far.
  14. I think he's right on the cusp. I knew I'd benched him in my 10-team (for John Brown) but actually did so in my 16-teamer too - for Jarvis Landry. One good thing is that the Texans D doesn't exactly look amazing right now. I just don't know how things will pan out with Minshew and would be more comfortable taking a look for a week.
  15. I dunno man, I can see it in an 8- or 10-teamer, but a 16-teamer? You definitely can't start him this week (and I didn't last week either) but presumably they'll do some work with Siemian or whoever in the off week and then he's fresh and ready to go ROS. He's still a good WR.