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  1. Certainly part of it is scheming, but I'd say that's actually an enormous part of it. AB has been swamped time and time again, and I think it's fairly extraordinary that he's had the production he's had this year. JuJu was obviously a better value get, but I think the decline of AB has been overstated by some. Of greater interest to me next year is the status of Big Ben.
  2. Agreed, although our league is a 20-teamer so limits are essential for QB. The main way we keep the WW alive is by restricting rosters. IIRC the only positional limit we have is 2 for QB, but we have QB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/IDP/D/K, then only a four-man bench. You also have to put out a full line-up in bye weeks, so you can't just ditch a week to stash people. The short benches also greatly discourage hoarding at positions like D/ST, and encourage trading. 20 teams x 13 players = 260 rostered players, of whom 20 have to be IDPs, 20 kickers, 20 D/STs.
  3. Yeah, this. He still has a ropey QB throwing to him. I think he's worth a shot in deeper leagues or if you have solid scorers elsewhere. I'm hoping that the Bears key in on Kittle.
  4. Not even close. Edit: I mean, it's Le'Veon Bell . And Fournette. There are far better candidates than DJ.
  5. Yeah, this is the one question left discussing for Yahoo leagues. If Conner is out, I just don't see anyone bar Kelce that I'd play instead. There are only five options. Ebron and Cook are dart throws, Kittle has a dodgy QB and the Bears, and Ertz has QB issues too. Even if Conner does play I'd expect him to (a) be limited and (b) have a good chance of exiting the game. If Conner plays I still start Samuels at TE over everyone bar the big three, and Engram in PPR if OBJ doesn't go. I just can't see the Steelers risking Conner now. More interesting in other leagues is where Samuels ranks at RB.
  6. Yup, Merry Christmas everyone! I wouldn't mind gong into suspended animation until late August tbh. Just wish I could draft Kittle for $5 again.
  7. Lost the first four games which essentially meant I missed the playoffs. Rebuilt my team almost completely (only retained AB and Kittle from my draft). Just missed out on the playoffs. If I'd got the #8 seed I would have already secured my place in the final, which would have been against a guy who has Keenan Allen and Sanu as his WRs. C'est la vie. How much does it suck to know that it's over nine months till next season's FF draft?
  8. Dalvin Cook to do a Derrick Henry. Or an Amari Cooper.
  9. I just noticed that a guy in my league (in the consolation ladder) has three players on his roster who started IRL but got negative points this week. He had Goff at QB, and Duke and Clement on the bench. I'm not sure if that's ever been done before in our league . By way of comparison only five players in the entire NFL got a negative score in our league last week - Chris Ivory, Kenjon Barner, Richie James, DeAndre Washington, and Blaine Gabbert. I think that's one heck of an achievement.
  10. Oh God, make it stop. Heading into the fourth quarter of the middle games. Keeping my opponent about 25pts away thanks to George Kittle, hoping that DJ or AB nab a TD or two to finish him off. He has the Dak/Amari stack. One play, he's back in the game. Two plays, he's favorite to win. Three plays, it's all over.
  11. After reading the last few pages I'm fully expecting Pettis to bomb this week . Way too much confidence out there. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  12. Agreed on the 4 teams. I quite like having divisions in our league, but only because it's 20 teams. We have four divisions of five. The winner of each division gets to draft their own division the following year in a snake draft. Each team plays their own divisional rivals twice and then five other guys. Of course, that adds an extra bit of luck into the equation too, but it spices it up a bit.
  13. I dunno. I think there's a balance to be struck, but I recognize that not everyone wants that balance in the same place. Personally, I think that head-to-head provides an essential bit of intrigue and frustration. I'm totally down with reducing luck by adopting auction drafts and FAAB, but I can live with the frustration of having to trot out an IDP and D/ST in my league. I just see it as part of the fun.
  14. I think you need to leave aside the notion of "fairness" - if all was fair then you'd just be choosing the guy who scored the most points as the winner, which is dull. Personally I think you should err on the side of smaller is better in playoffs. I'd always say 4 in a 10-teamer, and frankly I'd say 4 in a 12-teamer too. Six in a 16-teamer seems appropriate (maybe have a couple of byes) and then 8 in a 20-teamer. I think you should at least keep it below 50% to give some proper reward for the regular season. The caveat is how interested you want the rest of the league to be all the way through. If you have engagement issues make a consolation tournament with real incentives t win or disincentives to lose. I still think keeping the playoffs tight is the best policy.
  15. Mahomes was on the wire? Wow. You obviously can't beat yourself up over dropping Calvin Ridley - that's an amazing team you have there.