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  1. That's way too low in my opinion. You will need to go top 40 if you want these guys for sure, especially Rendon (who you might have to reach higher towards the top 25) to get.
  2. Head to head is so variable. The purpose of the big names is to get you this far. When it comes down to any one week, anyone can go off. Do research on which team will be facing a terrible batch of pitchers or be in Coors for each week and piece it together. Find a lefty killer who faces a bunch of lefties, etc. I have been doing that a bit and this week selected Eddie Rosario, and he has been amazing (I only mention this because maybe he can even be a full set replacement? I'm sure he is available)
  3. Hmm, he seems nothing like Pineda to me. They have the opposite problem (Pineda sometimes too much in the zone yielding too much hard contact and homers; CMart sometimes losing command and getting done in by wildness and lack of focus)
  4. For me it's because yahoo is right 99.99% of the time. It's not worth checking a another site every day. If such mistakes were more frequent I would consider changing platforms but once a year isn't going to do it (but permit me to whine a bit about it lol). Oh well: looks like the start of was poor anyway!
  5. So its been four plus months and no thread for Eddie. He's a Twin outfielder not named Byron Buxton so I guess no one really cares, but he has been quietly very good this year. And this week, not even so quiet (3 homers, and a steal already lately). Anything to see here? Is he a legit .290 avg, .810 ops type guy with a little speed? That's not too bad for someone I picked up recently in a 16 teamer!
  6. Oh wow that's a disastrous mistake ..: also have him on the bench and he was my best matchup of the week
  7. Also didn't he shift to 3B that year to accommodate Prince Fielder? If so, that's really an incredible thing for an aging slugger to do, and I think he was deserving of the award as the most valuable to his team. Again, its not a "best player in baseball" award. Intangibles and special circumstances are allowed to creep into the MVP voting (and I personally am OK with that)
  8. Bonds and Trout are in another conversation where ichiro simply does not belong. Griffey and Pujols I think are both clearly better. Arod's career is better but his issues bump him down from this circle I think. then the next level is where I start talking about ichiro. Among the people like chipper jones, who are no doubt first ballot hall of famers and inner circle guys. But the HOF is like a goddamn nesting doll with circles, and ichiro just isn't good enough to be in the innermost ones
  9. No he would never be in the conversation just like Pete Rose isn't in the conversation. Don't get me wrong, he is an immortal player but there is no arguments that could put him near the value of the Ruths, Mays, and Bonds of the world
  10. I guess you made this post while I was looking up the date for mine (slightly below yours). In the years 1991-2002 when Glavine and the Braves were at their peak, the Braves average runs/game was slightly below league average for that 12 year stretch. So, indeed, the dominance of those teams was coming from the pitchers and those 300 wins are pretty legit (and not because he was pitching on some amazing offense or anything)
  11. You are falling victim to your own argument, trying to discredit his wins because of his team. But saying he was the 3rd best SP on his own team is a (more severe) judgement based on teammates. Being the 3rd best SP on the team due to your team having 2 inner circle hall of fame pitchers is not a valid argument against someone.. And while we are at it, why were the Braves so elite? I would argue it was precisely BECAUSE they had 3 hall of fame pitchers. The fact that Maddux and Smoltz were amassing wins like crazy has no effect on Glavine's wins or losses. In fact I just looked it up, and the years that the Braves and Glavine were great were approximately 1991 to 2002. In those 12 years, the Braves were a slightly WORSE than average offense if you compare R/game to league average. So discrediting Glavine's 300 wins because of his great team is not even accurate: they were great because of their pitching, including Tom Glavine. (Just to provide stats: Braves in those 12 years averaged 4.719 R/g; league average was 4.751)
  12. Maybe you are judging him by this eras standards? In a 16 year stretch is ERA+ was above average in all but one season (his age 37 season), and it was well above average in 13 of 16 years. Consistently very very good for an abnormally long time = greatness. It's a different type of greatness than inner circle guys or those with dominant peaks like Koufax, but it's hall of fame worthy greatness all the same
  13. I think that is crazy!! A 300 game winner who was a six time top 3 in Cy young voting and a world champion? How is that not a total obvious case? (And I hate the Braves)
  14. I may be missing someone but here is my list of current players lock right now: pujols miggy ichiro Beltre (moved to lock with 3000 hits) likely in right now: beltran lock assuming nothing catastrophic occurs: trout kershaw trajectory means they will be in assuming normal aging curve: cano votto Posey bumgarner scherzer altuve (long way to go obviously, along with the rest here) goldy stanton harper machado a case can be made but not sure utley mauer Mccutchen (pending rest of career) yadier Greinke king Felix special cases, steroids cloud: Ortiz (in, people love him anyway) braun (out)
  15. Rosenthal is the official closer if he can get through the bottom of the order in the ninth