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  1. Looked dominant but maybe went too long with him on back to back days and gives up a two run jack to Lindor... in line for the loss now
  2. Well of course RPs throw a lot less pitches than starters. And it may very well be that his blister get aggravated if he throws too much in a given day. Sadly this move may make sense for the team
  3. You are correct: tough pull for Fiers though
  4. Well the White Sox scored 33 runs in the four games after Kluber and Carrasco shut them down, so a complete game shut out is still impressive. Anyway he has usually been blah in April, and he has a poor fastball so yeah sometimes he can look hittable. Not worried
  5. Yes but to be fair he also has let up a infield chop, a broken bat seeing eye single, and a pop up bloop double. I think the line is a fair representation of how he has pitched, badly but not atrociously
  6. Yuck what an ugly outing from Kluber. Some cheap hits but also some good luck so on balance this is what he has deserved
  7. Very disappointing week so far given the circumstances. sad story for both me and Rendon: Facing him and Trea Turner all week in Coors I was worried they'd combine for like a dozen runs, a dozen RBI and a couple of homers. And that's exactly what I faced....
  8. The answer can be summed up as 27-2 still...
  9. What's the ruling on a run scored this way, earned or unearned? walk out reach on error but the guy on first then tried to advance an extra base and got caught in a rundown double, run scored out this almost happened to shoemaker and wondering how it would have been scored
  10. Only seven pitches for two punch outs and a full inning? since baseball already took the first step and allows people to just gesture for intentional walks, they might as well allow managers gesture through a assumed Devenski strikeout. "Robert Perez up? Eh, just come back to the dugout, it's over: speed this game along"
  11. I actually missed Votto homered so its actually a 13-way tie. FYI number of people with 7+ homers in all of March/April the last few years: 2017: 14 + (pending next few days) 2016: 15 2015: 6 2014: 12 2013: 14 (Upton had 12, last person with more than Thames' 11) 2012: 8 (Kemp 12) 2011: 14 2010: 10 ... 2001: 24 (including Chris Truby, who the hell is Chris Truby) 2000: 26 1999: 14
  12. 7 homers is in a 12-way tie for second most yes
  13. This is the truly encouraging thing. Like Buxton went on that September binge, and you look at the numbers and say "oh, well as soon as they just start making him chase he'll quickly stop running into homers and go back to striking out". But when you look at Thames underlying, you say "oh, well if they stop throwing him strikes and walk and score every time up until they go back to throwing him strikes again"
  14. No one has posted about him for a long time but he did just hit his 6th homer today. He has a .170 BABIP which is fueling the bad average (although he has very few line drives). However, the extreme fly ball approach may leave him with a .245 average but 25 homers seems quiet reasonable, especially given the home park. Any love?
  15. Watched the game last night and he looks lost at the plate. K-rate is very alarming, and bottom line is I dropped him in a 16-team league. Maybe when he sorts himself out I'll try him again, but he was a disappointment for me this year.