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  1. This is actually relevant from an outsider view: I own Nova and started him today because he was against Musgrove
  2. This is what you paid for: certainly if you took Kinsler's stats right now anyone who drafted him would be ecstatic that he had accumulated them by August 22nd. Most, including myself, would have signed for his current statline for the year. He's done is job: if you want to sit him while he is moderately slumping that's your prerogative
  3. Oh my god, did you watch the 5 minutes of SnapChat videos that were linked in there? I mean, it seems like THEY are having fun, but it also simultaneously looks like a 7th rung of hell to me: He just spins in circles with his phone screaming while everyone in the room also screams. Maybe thats what kids do these days? Seems awful.
  4. Yeah but also no injuries. I'd much rather this than years past where he hits a dozen homers in April or hits .350 for a few months here or there. Its been nice, steady production
  5. This is one of my favorite sentences I've ever seen on the internet lol
  6. Stupid offer for him... why would anyone even consider offering that? Mine:
  7. So in a fairly deep 16 team keeper league (7x7 H2H extra categories of K's and OPS for hitters; CG and K:BB for pitchers), I traded $15 Danny Salazar for $15 Xander Bogaerts. We keep six per team so both will be kept. This made very little sense for my team but I couldn't pass up the value (Bogaerts is ranked #8 in the league). What/who would you trade to even this team back up? Current keepers: Correa $10, Bogaerts $15, Kluber $22, Betts $15 Plus 2 of these: Encarnacion $24, LeMahieu $4, L. Cain $9, Brantley $18, Harvey $20, Carrasco $31 Just to give you a pricing idea, on the open market top pitchers were Bumgarner ($52), Strasburg ($49), King Felix ($40). Top batters available were McCutchen ($48), M. Cabrera ($47), Braun ($38)
  8. Damn he has only had 33 at bats vs. lefties this year??? I guess the Sox have just faced a ridiculously disproportionate number of righties on the season? Bizarre. Anyway its a very small sample size; last year he hit .311 vs. lefties (better than righties) so I would not be worried. In summary: "U crazy."
  9. Or even better, it's called and Kluber gets the CG SO W QS. Doesn't matter in my league. It's a drag being robbed of another inning or so on a day he was pitching so well. Terry?
  10. Its a Christmas miracle: rain delay will force Kluber out after 6 superb innings. (Or will Francona have the audacity to throw him back out there even still...)
  11. Well May was certainly a lot better than April, eh? This is not really typical for Seager. Usually he is the most boring, steady person. This year is a little more boom or bust, but the stats always end up the same.
  12. Missing the K('s)
  13. Can you be specific? Getting hit hard? Not spotting his pitches? Getting behind in the count? Velocity of only 90 mph? It's everything: he is pitching the way you'd think Bartolo would pitch if you just saw him for the first time. As if he is if he is a literal sack of demoralized lard throwing things towards the plate when he should not be allowed to and generally making me want to vomit.
  14. Well, at least he didn't get obliterated yet... still looks generally like dog sh*t.
  15. I wonder how many people had him on the bench tonight against a dominant Sale (pick me, pick me)