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  1. As a man who made the mistake of getting romantically involved with the Francisco Liriano saga, what we are seeing with Rich Hill is still child's play
  2. Well put it in the books for Hill: 7 strong and 100 pitches. That's very encouraging. With all the blister nonsense, his arm should be fresh for the rest of the year. Mind you, I'm not counting on health, but if it happens then he should stay fresh. We all know he has the talent.
  3. Why do people say he is a slow starter? Just because last April was bad? His career splits look pretty even across the board.
  4. This has been a brutal first ownership of Miggy. But as long as things don't seem out of whack, you have to figure he comes out of it. For example, my random collection of fantasy players just had a week hitting sub-.200 with a .600 OPS. That's 200 at bats, and obviously they aren't correlated to each other, so bad luck can just bunch up like that.
  5. Luke Weaver for a St. Louis SP getting injured
  6. ...he lives! One clean inning in the books
  7. I'm a teacher and Harvey is like that annoying "trouble-making" kid in class that annoys the hell out of you. Not trouble in terms of something serious, but 99% of your effort and aggravation goes into dealing with this one person who can't get in line. When someone has some excuse about missing a homework deadline, yea its that kid. When someone had a complaint to the dean about something, yea its that kid. When someone's exam wasn't graded correctly for some reason, yea its that kid. When someone has a death in the family and misses an exam, yea its that kid. Now, any ONE of these things doesn't sound so bad at all. But its ALWAYS ALWAYS that one kid. Harvey's that kid. Time and time again its him. Whether its being out of shape or injuries or missing games or controversy over innings limits or being only there to talk about QualComm or whatever the hell it will be next. It's not just one thing, and its not just bad luck. Its Harvey, time and again.
  8. He looked like a pitcher who would be a nice back end starter if he pitched in the NL. If he got traded straight up for Ivan Nova, then their respective fantasy rankings would literally get exchanged in my mind
  9. Stud!
  10. Shouldn't be any real difference from when you drafted him. He's old, there's some obvious risk with that, but a mild groin strain isn't going to linger. Seems like he was over it a few days ago.
  11. As a long time Mets fan, their medical staff is such a joke. And here's the thing: Not only are they incompetent, but they are deceptive! Its infuriating. If they were just bumbling, happy-go-lucky f*&!s, then ok, I would just want them replaced. But they consistently all act like they are trying to pull a fast one on the public. Why do they do that?! They are the worst. But on a brighter note, we are blessed with the best broadcasters, who make the fumblings of the Mets nearly as enjoyable as when they are winning.
  12. Looked dominant but maybe went too long with him on back to back days and gives up a two run jack to Lindor... in line for the loss now
  13. Well of course RPs throw a lot less pitches than starters. And it may very well be that his blister get aggravated if he throws too much in a given day. Sadly this move may make sense for the team
  14. You are correct: tough pull for Fiers though
  15. Well the White Sox scored 33 runs in the four games after Kluber and Carrasco shut them down, so a complete game shut out is still impressive. Anyway he has usually been blah in April, and he has a poor fastball so yeah sometimes he can look hittable. Not worried