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  1. Well its not the hitting hall of fame, its the baseball hall of fame. Edgar only played half the game. That's not to say he isn't a hall of famer (I think he is), but I certainly think his case becomes more borderline because of the DH and therefore I understand that he has to wait longer then what the back of his baseball card suggests.
  2. Good analysis in this post but boy was it confusing. I think by "low" you mean low numbers, where as mostly "low" would refer to a poor draft standing. But then this Betts analysis confused me back again because you were talking about him being #1, and then only put 3 people ahead of him so 4 seemed right lol. What a confusion. Happy holidays!
  3. The truth is somewhere between the two though. Yeah, he won't be a "laughingstock". But "everyone" didn't just forget about Morneau and Reyes if that's what we're comparing him to today He would have needed one hit and they did give him a pinch hit appearance to try to get it, but he made an out.
  4. But his September pace would still be to lead the league in K's, and he has been doing a lot of damage against what amounts to AAA pitchers. I would have very little confidence in him against anyone that is a reputable pitcher.
  5. I should bring this logic up to my employer when a co worker misses time for medical leave. I mean, I assume DJ still wants to get his paycheck this week right?
  6. BABIP this year of .375. That's just not going to happen again. K'ing 170 times is going to catch up to his average. No interest in the first two rounds.
  7. I love the list, but I would hate to have to take Bogaerts at the turn with pick #12 as you alluded to. This year he was really good and finishes ranked just inside the top 40, and you gotta figure next year his counting stats take a bit of a hit without Ortiz in there. Even Correa at #11 seems steep. I think at that spot I'd bail and go with Kershaw, Bumgarner or Sale.
  8. F'ing ridiculous... Hope Murphy comes back the last game and wins it
  9. Move had plenty of injury concerns in spring training yield huge profitable discounts. Anyway, not sure how much of a discount he will be: ESPN ranked him too 100 for next year fantasy this week
  10. Well he is in there today. If you want to have him helping your team this weekend, hope for a lot of early hits to pad that batting average lead lol
  11. I mean I remember when Reyes got a lot of s--- for his batting title when he laid down a bunt hit in the first to lock it up and took him self out of the game in the 1st inning of the last game of the year. FIVE game sit? that would be ridiculous! That's 3% of the entire season. I can MAYBE get behind him sitting the two games in SF (including against Samardzjia and Cueto) to prevent being dominated and let him tear up the Brewers team at Coors Field all weekend. Even that is lame too because you should put your best team forward when playing teams where the playoffs are at stake.
  12. Omg that would be ridiculous. Maybe they will just play him at Coors where hits come a-plenty?
  13. He was given a complete game for 30 minutes and now he doesn't have one he better get it: I really need that cg
  14. Its been incredibly moving, like out of a storybook (though, in reality, I would wish God to create good drama without taking Jose away)
  15. Sure now Wilson Ramos gets hurt... In a 16 team league he still managed 29 hits against me this year! (my entire team produced 16 hits cumulative from the catcher position lol)