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  1. Johan Camargo 2019 Outlook

    I think the point is that I don't see why you would waste even a late $1 on him. Sure he may fill in for injuries and get 400+ at bats. But if he starts the season getting two starts a week, then there's no room on my team for that (even if I believe he is worth $10 over the course of the season). It's not like there's some huge hidden upside. He may be solid, but I can't risk a spot for that.
  2. Universal DH thread

    Look through this thread: plenty of fans who view it the same as I do. None of us are pushing the AL to change their game. Only you guys pushing for us to change. It doesn’t help anything; doesn’t help pace of game. Just a desire to be selfish by fans and a desire for more money for the MLBPA
  3. Universal DH thread

    No im not free to enjoy it (which I do) because you and many others are insisting that ALL baseball has to be the way you prefer baseball. Leave the two leagues as they are so both types of fans can enjoy the version of the game they love
  4. Universal DH thread

    Please don’t tell me which version of the game I enjoy watching better.
  5. Universal DH thread

    So why not have all the players decoupled. Pick nine of the best fielders and then pick the nice best hitters who may or may not be the same players. That’s your argument and in my opinion it’s conpetely stupid. Hitting and fielding are BOTH parts of the game. If you want to excuse the pitcher why not excuse Rey Ordonez etc
  6. Universal DH thread

    As for three batter minimum I have an easy alternative that I think is way better: 3 batter OR one base runner minimum You should be able to take a pitcher out if he is failing. It accomplished the same goal without making for awkward prolonged appearances for no particularly reason
  7. Universal DH thread

    Horrible horrible horrible. I hate the DH being implemented universally. NL games are so much more interesting right now. I don’t begrudge the AL and DH fans their league to enjoy mindless managing. Don’t begrudge NL fans what we like!
  8. Michael Brantley 2019 Outlook

    Where will he bat in that stacked lineup?
  9. Kyle Seager 2018 Outlook

    I've owned him multiple times the last few years when he was ... solid, and he always came up empty in the playoffs for me so I'm not sure about this. Some guys do seems to always own the weak competition (Buxton, Votto come to mind), but not this guy.
  10. Jakob Junis 2018 Outlook

    Yeah skip that one. But the schedule shapes up as follows for standard leagues Last week regular season: @Clev, @Min 1st week playoffs: MIN 2nd week playoffs: @pit championship: @cin, CLEV (but a long sinced clinched cleveland)
  11. Jakob Junis 2018 Outlook

    Well that was fun. Lets up two runs and they still allow him to complete the game. You dont see that much anymore. Junis has been hot lately, maybe what a lot of us thought we were getting before the disastrous middle portion of the season
  12. Justin Upton 2018 Outlook

    The word five days ago was return when eligible. Zero updates since but it’s not a particularly interesting injury so not much is changing I don’t think
  13. Chris Sale 2018 Outlook

    Would you call it a data point, or the GM literally saying he’s resting for the playoffs? skip a start or two, sure. You really need to take two months off? Really happy I traded for him August 1st
  14. Eric Hosmer 2018 Outlook

    All of that being true, he sure would be a lovely player to own in Coors...
  15. Carlos Martinez 2018 Outlook

    100% true. Andrew Miller is historically good. Add to this that Carlos Martinez is notoriously not sharp in the first inning of his games. The past few years his K:BB was sub-2 in inning #1. Even in last year (his best year), his ERA was north of 5.00. With no time to settle down, one could easily see his RP experiment being a rocky road. Certainly its easier to imagine that then that he becomes Andrew Miller (or any super reliever)