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  1. Holding Robinson for this week. Can't afford having the other manager grab him and I'm also punting PTS/3s/FT.
  2. Collison is a drop if he doesn't play tomorrow IMO. Pacers don't play again until Sunday and they don't play until Wednesday next week. Lots of days to stream his spot.
  3. He's up for 3rd team with gobert/lma/vuce Jokic should be 1st, embiid 2nd
  4. Yup Jimmy has been useless except for steals Trash a**
  5. This man is avging 6 blocks next year. It's already been written in the stars.
  6. hes worth a pick up in punt pts/ft teams to see how the situation plays out
  7. he'll pretty much be the top fantasy player ROS with ad's lame situation