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  1. Lol not a chance. Load management two players that are under 25 with no injury history. Nuggets will be fighting for a top 3 seed the entire year
  2. If the guys I wanted at the turn were sniped in H2H I'd consider grabbing him and pairing him with someone like Gobert/Drummond and commiting to a triple punt build.
  3. I miss the 2011-2013 Batum, one of my favorite players a true Swiss army knife with 1/1/1 potential.
  4. Delon's value will depend on whether Carlisle likes him or not. He can be a guy that gets 28+ minutes or someone that gets only 20 minutes. I'd manage expectations.
  5. ^ also curious about this. Yahoo probably still updating stuff.
  6. He was top 70 in total value last season. If he can get 28-32 minutes you should see the same output with a decent chance of improvement.
  7. JOKERS STAY SLEEPING Coming for that #1 seed & MVP trophy
  8. Gallagher is basically the new Bruski at rotoworld.
  9. Hes gonna bounce back 1.4-1.6 stls with 2 treys
  10. Wizards play in the western conference though. And Otto Porter is still on Washington of course they will be better then the Heat
  11. Jokic gets his s--- together and finally averages one block per game on his way to an MVP and #1 seed Mitch averages 4 blocks 1.5 stls and hits a three
  12. I'm talking about real life. Butler is still a top 12 player in the NBA. There's a difference between teams wanting a specific player because of upside, youth and etc and a players actual ranking when compared to their peers. I'd want to build a team with KAT and Booker over Butler, but as of right now Butler is probably a better player then both of them. It's also not a stretch to say Butler is ahead of Beal as well considering his two way impact. That can obviously change this year if Beal makes a jump and gets the Wizards into the playoffs.
  13. Butler is a top 12 player in the league and you can make an argument for him being in the top 10 depending on your criteria. Here's a life tip though, if you find yourself in a room where everyone is disagreeing with you and you call them out for being idiots, it's very likely that you are in fact the fool. 🙃