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  1. How long you think auction will last ? Is yahoo auction better? just wondering haven’t done a auction is several years. is it 4 make playoffs or 6 ? I am in your other league (points league $) thanks
  2. Could be interested but a few things: draft date and time is crucial, if I can’t make draft then I will leave the league. determining draft order, I would think members would want to know draft slot before draft. trades should be moved back to something like July, just gives owners peace of mind on last minute trades. if you think these things can be worked out then, then don’t hesitate send me a invite.
  3. I am not commish but he told me draft date was flexible tentatively set for March 17th
  4. Interested need details though
  5. Yes that’s probably the reason, thanks for responding i am in if you need one other
  6. I Checked the settings SP settings says 12 starts per matchup, also espn is very light onhandling those situations, we LM be adjusting starts that are over the 10? Is playoff criteria already setup? It says 2 rounds, 2 week rds. just wondering thanks.