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  1. Snyderguaard, Hosmer for Rizzo, Corey Dickerson ??? whir
  2. We just had 1 team open up Being active and league chat is REQUIRED check us out!
  3. The previous guy backed out so we are still looking for 1 owner!
  4. Is there any news about Ware? I would feel better about starting DW over CJ if I knew DW was getting a full load. I hate these kind of decisions!
  5. Carson, Mixon, CJAnderson, DWilliams, McGuire, Ware. Pick 3 to start Champinship game! Thanks and Whir!
  6. I would go Williams Williams Mack thanks for mine
  7. I would go Luck and the first 3 listed ( unless Zeke sits) insert Gus saints Help?
  8. Good to know but I thought Ryan Griffin was a TE for the Texans. So screwed. I guess I'll go with Josh Allen for sure now.