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  1. when did a guard ever get 6 blocks, god damn.
  2. when was the last time he logged 30 minutes this is good
  3. what's up with the retards in this thread?
  4. it's like asking why doesn't FVV start over Lowry, smfh.
  5. something about immigration papers not signed in time, lmfao.
  6. bruh could have dropped 40 if he could make free throws
  7. off the bench with less than 20mpg? not likely.
  8. They also got rid of Jymycal Green, should be plenty of minutes for JV! Sad to see JV go as a Raptors fan, but should be a good opportunity in Memphis to produce.
  9. how epic is Porzingis and Doncic being on the same team
  10. dropping if he doesn't drop 30 pts in the second half