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  1. I understand why some people want to avoid Westbrook, fg%, ft% and turnovers, but he's a walking triple double that gives you 2 steals a game and can get you over 1.5 3s a game. And if you like quality games, the Rockets have a ton of them this season.
  2. i made that judgment based off the turds in this thread. if he gets center eligibility that increases his value more.
  3. he's playing in pre-season, that's a good sign his injury is not serious.
  4. I'm in this situation, i have PG kept in the 2nd/3rd round with Irving. There's no choice but to keep him, I'll draft no one close to his level if I don't keep him.
  5. bruh i have Irving and PG as my keepers, I might be in trouble this season
  6. You really think Clippers can afford to rest those guys significant amount of games? They're not that stacked, they will struggle to win games in the West without those two.
  7. when did a guard ever get 6 blocks, god damn.
  8. when was the last time he logged 30 minutes this is good
  9. what's up with the retards in this thread?
  10. it's like asking why doesn't FVV start over Lowry, smfh.